'True Blood' Recap: 'Thank You'

Courtesy HBO

Ummm, no thank you. This episode of "True Blood"…well, I will let you make your own assumptions. Keep in mind that this is the last episode you’re ever going to see.

Bill & Sookie
Sookie is pissed off with Bill because he won’t seek treatment. She sees his nostalgia as regret of letting himself die. Bill tells her that he loves her so much that he wants her to have a normal life. He tells her that she’ll never have that with him, and he requests that she use her fairy light on him so that she can have a normal life, and he can die quickly.

Sookie has flashbacks to when she was a little girl hanging out with Tara. Even back then she couldn’t see a future for herself. She goes to see Jason about Bill’s request and runs into Bridget. She reads her mind and finds out that they didn’t sleep together and that she’s a little torn up about Hoyt, not to mention that she thinks Jason is sweet.

Since Bill is dying, Sookie can hear Bill’s thoughts. Or, I guess that is why she can hear Bill’s thoughts. I guess that makes her feel less hateful towards him. She tells Jason that Bill was thinking everything that you want a person you love to think.

Sookie goes to talk to the Rev, then makes her decision to off Bill and give herself a normal life. I can’t say that I agree with her as I think being a fairy is pretty cool. Before Sookie gives Bill the light treatment, he goes to crawl inside of his coffin and finds a photograph of him with his daughter.

After Sookie conjures up her light, she decides that she doesn’t want to let go of that part of herself. She asks Bill if he still wants to die, and he responds that he does want to die. So instead of throwing a light ball at Bill, she breaks a shovel handle off and stabs him through the heart. Christ. Afterwards, she just sobs in the giant pile of goo in Bill’s coffin. So long, Bill.

Jessica & Hoyt
Jessica and Hoyt decide to get married since Bill is about to die. You know, for Bill. Hoyt asks Jason to be his best man despite punching him in the face the day before. Jessica asks Sookie for a dress to pass as a wedding dress. They call Andy to perform the wedding, and Bill talks to Andy about making sure that Hoyt and Jessica get the house after Bill’s death.

Since Bill has a super fancy vampire house, they get married during the daytime? I don’t understand why they didn’t just do it at nighttime, but alas it happens.

Eric & Pam
Eric and Pam scheme to let Sarah free so they can kill Gus, Jr. and company. Pam gives Sarah some of her blood before they set her free so they can find her later. They kill all of the Yukuza including the ones setting out to kill Sookie. Pam later catches up with Sarah at the amusement park where Eric turned Willa. Sarah offers for Pam to turn her into a vampire and be Pam’s lover which Pam declines. She does, however, get vaccinated with Sarah’s blood.

Sookie tells Jason that Bridget is “sweet on him” and that she wouldn’t mind it if he accidentally slept with her on the way to the airport.

Fast Forward:
One year later Eric and Pam have New Blood. Fast forward three years later, and it’s being exchanged on the stock market. They tell everyone on the commercial for New Blood that Sarah escaped, but on the down low they’ve kept Sarah in the basement of Fangtasia where they pimp her out to rich vampires. Sarah is still seeing visions of Steve Newlin. Gross.

Into the future, Sookie is pregnant and Jason has three daughters with Bridget. They don’t show Sookie’s husband.

So what did you guys think about the finale? It seemed rushed and a little trite to me. So, thanks for nothing, "True Blood." I was hoping for a little more from the finale.