'The Strain' Recap: 'Occultation'

Courtesy FX

Last week on "The Strain," Eph went on the run, Mama Martinez had the best plan for busting out of the nursing home and Vasily strongly reconsidered ever going back into the tunnels again. Let's do this.

It's the countdown to the occultation and the crazy is gaining strength. I just hope they bring back Elvis. We finally see who is the mostly naked chained up guy. It's no one we know but Eichhorst has him as his own personal soda stream. Geez man, couldn't you have put your face on for dinner or something?

The FBI is looking for Eph so they arrive at Kelly's house. She has no idea where he is because separated, remember? Plus the live-in boyfriend thing. But they're not stupid as Eph is skulking around the cars to get to her. Across town, rival exterminators taunt Vasily about being scared of what's in the tunnels. Yeah, pretty sure he doesn't care what you think guys; he's got his notebook and that's that.

Training at the boxing gym, Eichhorst's representative comes calling with another job that Gus isn't thrilled about accepting but does because dumb. Once the FBI clears out, Eph runs into Kelly's house trying to get them to leave the city. Matt however, hears him and calls the FBI who catch him there after all. Kelly doesn't understand what's going on but if Eph is this freaked out about something then maybe you should start to worry too. Dude, you can be replaced you know. And Kelly dear, we need to talk about this whole 'rebound' thing because you are doing it so very, very wrong.

Abraham is still the only one actually doing something as he arrives for another home visit. Jeebus, doesn't anyone lock their doors anymore? No matter, the remains of dinner still on the table points to one thing: party in the basement. The excitement of beheading one of them is too much for the old boy and his heart starts acting up which really complicates him escaping the basement. Okay, Plan B. We've got candles and gas so boom goes the dynamite.

Now that Eph's in custody, the FBI goes after Nora but Jim is able to warn her though considering she has Mama to think about too, it might not make that much of a difference. She does do an excellent job of packing her Samsonite under hurried conditions, I must say. There may be hope for them yet.

Gus and Felix arrive in the tunnels to meet Eichhorst who has a pretty simple job for them: remove some refrigerated remains from the hospital and dispose of them. For this delightful event I'll give you $600 and you can keep your mama here. Gus is a wee bit tired of having the deportation card played so takes a swing at Eichhorst who tolerates a flurry of punches before sending him into the wall. Gus, you either need your money back from the gym or up your sessions; it's your call. Now, go wait for your ride.

The FBI interrogates Eph wanting to know why he took Captain Redfern's body for a walk. Fancy Coif takes exception the Eph's tone and story and man, people will go to any lengths to deny when bad things are happening.   Any guesses as to who is playing chauffeur to Felix and Gus? That's right, it's Jim! The man is going to lose what little sanity he had remaining, continuing to serve two masters like that. Nora and Mama Martinez's great escape plan involves a phone booth and the subway as she's finally thinking through the blind panic. Meanwhile, Vasily heads back to the office which is eerily empty and finds the supply room with no lights but the rest of the staff. He has no silver and no swords but he does have one thing working in his favor: Venetian blinds!

Tired of having his head banged against a wall, Eph finally decides to play 'show and tell' with the bodies. This of course is different from the previous story he told so suspicious agents are suspicious. Back at home, Kelly pours out her woes to a girlfriend and a large glass of pinot. She feels guilty for smacking Matt down but maybe she moved too fast and I don't knowwww.

Jim, Gus and  Felix suit up to dump the body when Felix opens the bag and gets an eyeful of flaccid stinger. Dumbass.  Vasily visits his folks but his mom isn't there. Dad is though and wastes no time berating him for giving up a graduate scholarship in architecture to be a rat catcher. Hey, the road less traveled worked for Jeff Goldblum in Independence Day. You guys need to get out of town; there is great evil here. But I'm going to be published! Vasily, stay for your mother. Dad, go for me. Pops, did you not see the abject fear in his eyes? I would listen to him. Go find Ma at the market and leave! But inertia is a powerful force as Kelly decides to have a staycation with Zack instead of leaving the city. Oh Kelly, I hope this doesn't come back to bite you in the neck or anything.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are go for an eclipse! With Eph cuffed in the back seat and traffic snarled, they spot the Manhattan medical examiner attacking people. You know what is smart? Getting out of the car. The ME is so pleased to see them that he gives Fancy Coif and Mustache a little kiss. Eph gets the keys to release the cuffs from a dying Coif but makes certain to take time to gloat. Classy, Eph, really classy. Matt feels bad after his fight with Kelly but not as badly as the employee who falls into the breakroom missing most of his neck. Now's not the time to grow balls Matt. Oh dear, he did. Outside, Gus and Felix walk the streets and run into Doctor Feelgood. Gus gets him about the head but too late, the worms found Felix. So of course now the cops show up and arrest Gus and Felix. Way to be on top of things there guys.

Out of options, Eph heads to Setrakian's - he's ready to talk. Abe leads the way to his secret chamber where Eph and Nora are reunited. Now can we all finally agree as to what the problem is? But what are we going to do? Listen up kids, Abe's got a plan.

Next week: shenanigans in the paddy wagon, the team will finally start trusting Abe and Eichhorst is more than ready to shed his skin. Tune in to FX next Sunday at 10 p.m. ET for "For Services Rendered."