'True Blood' Recap: 'Love is to Die'

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Sam decides to hit the road with Nicole so that he can see his baby grow up. He leaves Sookie a touching note. He tells her that he and Nicole are heading to Chicago and that she is invited to come up after the baby is born.

Bill refuses to explain why he won’t take the antidote from Sarah to Sookie or Jessica. Jessica is sad and Sookie is pissed and keeps slapping Bill. Jessica makes Bill release her. Bill delivers a lovely speech then lets her go.

Ol' girl is having a pretty bad day. First she has to endure Bill refusing an antidote to his Hep-V then getting the Dear John letter from Sam. She delivers the other letter to Andy, and offers to stick around in case he needs a shoulder to cry on. Turns out that it’s just a resignation letter.

Sookie is too depressed to join the little celebration at Bellefleur’s. Sookie asks Arlene how she keeps moving on since she’s had so many failed relationships. Somehow Arlene’s five minutes of advice perks Sookie up, and she joins the table for dinner.

Bridget is up Hoyt’s butt about Jessica and her googly eyes. About that time, Red shows up to confess to Hoyt about the past. Bridget tells Hoyt that if he goes outside to talk to Jessica, that they’re done. Of course, he goes running to Jessica. She tells him that Bill released her, and Hoyt was the only person that she wanted to go running to. Awwww.

Jessica and Hoyt seem to be working out all their differences even if he doesn’t even remember their differences. They end up boning. That played out nicely.

Bridget calls up Jason for help since he’s the only other person she “knows.” He freaks out when he finds out that Jessica talked to Hoyt. As Jason goes up to Hoyt, Hoyt knocks him out. Jason wakes up with Bridget driving him to the hospital, but he suggests that she just take him home. He tells her on the way there that he’s not going to have sex with her. She tells him that there’s no way she would do it with him anyway since she’s heartbroken. She doesn’t know him very well.

She tries to schedule a flight home but has trouble with the airline. Jason offers to talk to the airline lady for her and gets her flight fixed for her. Oh my, the tables have turned. Since she’s got that glimmer in her eye, Jason takes himself back to the living room where he ices his nether regions and black eye.

She wakes up braless in Jason’s boxers and t-shirt. She tells him that she’s hungry, but he said that all he has are those same sad frozen peas that have been sitting on his junk and beer. Beer, of course, is great for that whole “no sex” thing.

Jason tells Bridget the story about Hoyt and Jessica and how he broke everything up. He follows it up by telling her that Hoyt and Jessica belong together. She ends up taking Jason to bed to teach him how to not have sex. They exchange a couple of confessions. She tells him that she once let someone cheat off of her test. Jason tells her that he likes the color “pank” then also admits that he wants to have children one day, but he’s concerned about having a daughter and having her meet a guy like him. Bridget tells him that she'd be lucky to meet someone like him and maybe these two will end up having babies together? Damn, they'd be gorgeous kids.

Eric & Pam
Eric goes to Bill after they leave Fangtasia and tells him that his reluctance to take the antidote is due to the corrosive effects of the disease and to take it for Sookie. Bill tells him that he’s NOT taking it for Sookie so she can move on. Then he tells him about the creepy death baby dream.

Pam dyes Sarah’s hair back blonde to make her more attractive for when they pimp her out for Nu-Blood.

Eric goes up to Sookie at Bellefleur’s and tells her to go talk to Bill because he is dying for her. You know the whole spiel.

Once Eric returns to Fangtasia, he encounters Ginger. Ginger is pissed because he didn’t tell her that he was healed. He apologizes to her then tells her that he’ll make it up to her by banging her. Quickest bang ever.

Eric looks for Pam and the Yukuza, but they’re downstairs keeping Pam and Sarah captive. Gus, Jr. asks Eric a bunch of questions about what he had been doing, but Eric keeps denying anything he asks. As he lies to Gus, Gus cuts a rope to drop a giant sharp object over Pam’s heart. Eric finally admits that Sookie knows about Sarah. Gus, Jr. asks how to get Sookie’s house.

The last scene shows Bill walking up to Sookie’s house.

Smaller Bites:
-Ugh! Only one episode left.
-Is Bill going to die before he can talk to Sookie? Nah, they can’t let him go out like that.
-Is Eric going to let the Yukuza kill Sookie? Nah, he’ll end up killing them first or die trying.
-I’m sad that this is the last season because it has finally gotten good again and gone back to the roots.
-Bye, Sam!
-HELLO Jessica and Hoyt!

The last drop of "True Blood" airs next Sunday on HBO at 9 p.m. Here's a peek at "Thank You"...