'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: 'The Kindred'

Courtesy Fox

Last week on "Sleepy Hollow," Abbie was released from Purgatory, Jenny was saved from Henry, Ichabod escaped from the coffin and after all that, Katrina remained lost. Let's do this.

Abraham is ready to seal to Katrina in every way possible so goes for the blood tie first with a little help from Henry and his flaming sword. Oh, wait, it's just Ichabod dreaming again, now convinced Abraham will stop at nothing to make Katrina his. Yeah, that's great and all but I have a meeting with the new sheriff so later gator. Sheriff Reyes comes across as a competent hard-ass which is great except this is nothing like the drug cartels. Oh, and she knew Abbie's mom. This will go one of two ways: her by-the-book manner will scuttle every action or her double-agent gig will.

Having deduced Abraham's base of operations on this dimensional plane, it's time for a little 'come to Jesus' talk during the drive; are we still focused on Moloch's master plan? If so then why are we chasing Katrina? Well, she's a witch of extraordinary power, can tip the scales either way in this war, blah blah blah. Oh, And Ichabod still loves her. Okay, we're here, now where are they? You guys really think hiding in the bushes means Abraham doesn't know you're there? Very well then, I'll leave you to your delusions. Yes, Ichabod, she's there but down boy! You need to strategize first.

Back at the clubhouse, the debate on how to counter these monsters rages on so naturally Ichabod invokes the Codex and cross-referencing it with Franklin's sketchbook suggests making the Kindred, a kind of golem to contain the Horseman of Death. Ben Franklin (of course) pieced together one from the limbs of the fallen soldiers, lacking, alas, the spark of life and a head so he hid the partially assembled monster away. We shall now refer to him evermore as "Franklinstein." Wait! We can use the Horseman of Death's head! Oh lordo. Abbie is the only one who sees this as the very bad idea it is: creating a being that can rival the Horseman of Death is not raising a weapon, it's raising a monster. But it's the best plan we've got so let's go. Dammit Abbie.

Henry mirror-travels to meet with Moloch and grovel for forgiveness who basically warns him: don't fail me again. Eh, Darth Vader did it better. Jenny's having a hard time coming to grips with the 'why' of the plan - in case anyone doesn't remember, the last time we went to save Katrina, it didn't end well. Truth girlfriend. Speaking of Katrina, must we? We must. Oh, fine. Okay, Abraham's trying to get inside her head that Ichabod doesn't love her anymore so she might as well get over it and come back to him as Moloch has a plan for them to be together forever. At this point the finality of death sounds pretty darn good. Meanwhile, here's the plan: Jenny, you go to the tunnels and get the weapons, I'll get the head's location from Captain Irving and Ichabod, try not to start the Revolutionary War again, okay? Break.

Captain Irving! Orange is a good look for you. Sir, we need to know where you put the head. He doesn't even blink as that's clearly the first thing anyone says when visiting someone in prison. He put in in a safe-deposit box of course. Field trip to the bank time! While Abbie gets access to the vault, Ichabod does his 'man out of time' thing again over a chained pen and a credit card. Retrieving the head, they return to the club house to meet up with Jenny but Sheriff Reyes got there first, finding Jenny with the motherload of weapons. You know, it's a good thing Jenny isn't paranoid or she might start to think that Abbie is setting her up. Reyes is playing hardball with the crew: why exactly do we need a history professor on staff here? Guys, Captain Irving isn't around right now so you need to toe the line for a bit. The good Captain is having a rough go of it, being deposed about the murders. He straight up tells Reyes about the demons and goings-on of Sleepy Hollow and she counters with the offer of a relaxing psych ward stay. We'll get you the best treatment: drugs, electroshock, whatever you need. Man they've got a great health insurance plan.

Ichabod and Abbie hit the tunnels to search out the Kindred and the bats bring back memories of Moloch's cave in full force. She had a lot of time to reflect there and her faith in Ichabod is her greatest weakness as evidenced by her immediate trusting of him in Purgatory that ended up to be a demon in disguise. Ah. So, uh, do you think Katrina is my weakness? No, that's just crazy talk. This bit of self-revelation is interrupted by the discovery of engravings which is the key to finding the Kindred. Just press the button and *poof* instant coffin. Let's open this bad boy up and meet our new best friend: Franklinstein's monster. Katrina eavesdrops on Henry talking to Abraham but gets caught. Jeebus Katrina, what kind of witch are you? My dear, your blindness will get your husband killed. They are coming to save you, yes but who will save them?

And now, live my monster, live! The Horseman of Death will come for his head so you better hurry it up guys. Abraham chains Katrina up to go deal with the problem while Henry activates his magic suit of armor. Go go Horseman of War! Ichabod performs the incantation and...nothing. Did you do it right? I followed the instructions and besides, I'm not the witch in the family. Okay, from the top. Katrina tells Abraham that she wanted it to be him; but she needed time to get over Ichabod and in his impatience, he didn't give it to her. By killing Ichabod now, he's going to screw it up again and she will never be able to give herself to him of her own free will. Abraham seems to buy it at least but he's pretty dumb. You're playing a very dangerous game her Katrina. Outside, Ichabod puts the finishing touches on the Kindred incantation and it arises. Splendid, it worked, now go find your wife and hope that she doesn't choose to stay and attempt to wield influence over the enemy. Oh, she does? How shocking. Well, I for one am glad that we went to all the trouble to resurrect that monstrosity for you to stay undercover.

Henry directs the battle of the Horseman of Death and Horseman of War against the Kindred and Abbie jumps into the supernatural fray to try to even things up. Uh, Abbie? You do realize you're human and are armed with only a gun, right? Not exceedingly helpful but a distraction nonetheless for Ichabod to free Katrina who of course declines to try to save their son, to turn him back to the good side. Now go! Abbie finally gets Ichabod to leave but not before giving Katrina the 'eye' for wounding Ichabod again. Abraham returns from the battle to find Katrina free but she plays it off as being a witch. She's ready to commit to him now but he actually doesn't seem to be falling for it. Sadly, he's not as dumb as you think he is.  Okay, you guys realize that you unleashed a third monster out into the world who will remain loyal to you just long enough for Henry/Moloch to use him, right? Good, as long as we're all on the same page.

Abbie grudgingly admits that the whole Kindred thing wasn't a terrible idea as they've got Katrina on the inside but Ichabod is not to be assuaged. All righty then, I'll leave you to your pity party; I gotta go make sure Jenny knows we appreciate what she did for us which in the end was an exercise in futility but maybe I won't bring that up quite yet. Now committed to a psych ward, Captain Irving is fighting a losing battle against Sheriff Reyes for dominion of his mind when Henry shows up in the guise of a lawyer and serves Reyes with an injunction against any unnecessary treatments. Reyes is pissed. To make this legal Frank, I just need you to sign this contract saying that you are retaining my services. Here's a pen; watch out, it bites. Oh dear, you're bleeding. No matter, just sign the page and we'll be out of here. Tricking him into signing a contract in blood? You're an ass Henry but well played indeed. *Slow clap*

Next week Moloch tries to subvert from within using a coin to change the deepest loyalties leaving Henry to manipulate everyone so business as usual. Tune in next Monday at 9 p.m. ET on Fox for "Root of All Evil."