A Pilot for a Follow-Up Series to 'Bewitched' is Coming to NBC

Courtesy IGN
It's been 50 years since its debut on ABC (September 17, 1964 to be exact) so it's about time "Bewitched" wiggled back into our living rooms. Or is it? Deadline is reporting that after a bidding situation between ABC and NBC, NBC has landed a pilot for a follow-up series to the supernatural sitcom. Sorry, ABC.

It's not really a "reboot" or a "remake" since the series will focus on Samantha's granddaughter/Tabitha's daughter. Deadline describes the comedy, "It centers on Daphne — Samantha’s granddaughter and Tabitha’s daughter — a single twentysomething witch who has always used her magical powers to conjure herself the perfect life. But she soon realizes that the one thing she cannot conjure and control is the one thing she wants most — real love."

If you recall, the original series that ran until 1972 featured Elizabeth Montgomery as an adorable witch with a colorful family who married a repressive mortal man (played by two different men named Dick). Seriously, he wasn't the most supportive husband now was he? The bore a sweet daughter (Tabitha) who possessed magical powers and mayhem ensued. Oh they had a son too in season six but no one remembers poor Adam.

Was "Bewitched" a favorite of yours? It was a fav of mine and I was even bestowed the middle name "Samantha" in honor of the lead character. Will you be watching the follow-up series? I'm curious to check it out if only for the sake of getting all nostalgic. We'll keep you posted on when the pilot will air and any casting news.

-Larissa Mrykalo