'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: 'And the Abyss Gazes Back'

Photos courtesy Fox

Last week on "Sleepy Hollow," Crane came to the realization 250 years too late, that a relationship based on secrets and omissions might not be the strongest foundation for a marriage and the Abbie-Ichabod-Hawley love triangle deepens. Let's do this.

What does one do when the crushing realization sets in that one cannot trust one's wife? Yoga and barring that, beer. Alas, Abbie and Crane's libations are interrupted by a bar fight perpetrated by none other than former Sheriff Corbin's son Joe home from Afghanistan. No homecoming cheer though as he has a major mad-on at Abbie for siphoning off his father's attention as a charity case. Well, this has been a fun chat. Abbie's forlorn as she used to baby-sit him but no time to reminisce, there's a creature on the loose that tore Joe's party apart. Joe's okay...or is he?

Captain Irving finally confronts Henry for stealing his soul. Don't think of it as stealing, think of it as a lease with an option to buy. To get it back all you have to do is take a life. That guy there who put your daughter in the wheelchair, he's a good candidate. Researching modern wood-dwelling monsters yields very little other than Sasquatch and Smokey the Bear and neither of them steals and eats organs. Well, Daniel Boone's brother had some cannibalistic tendencies which is why Squire Boone wore a raccoon on his head. Name drop so drink your drink. He's not just a cannibal, he's a Wendigo! When the appetite is triggered, the transformation begins which means we need to keep Corbin locked down. Oops. Too late.

They're off to search young Corbin's apartment where little is found except the Sheriff's last will and testament, entrusting Joe with important and valuable secrets that I shall not-so-secretly detail on this map. Crane and Abbie follow the map and find Joe digging in the woods where he uncovers a box. See, nothing good ever comes from digging in the woods of Sleepy Hollow. You should have visited home more often Joe. Their offer of help roundly rebuffed, they chase Joe through the woods until Crane cuts his hand, unleashing the beast within. Um, run. Abbie takes Joe down but now where you gonna go with a Wendigo? To Hawley of course. And no, you can't sell him. What can turn him back to Joe? Organs, natch. Mmmm. Sushi.

About two weeks ago Joe figured out that blood was the trigger which seemed to coincide with his honorable discharge from the Marines after the rest of his platoon was killed in a most mysterious manner. He received a letter covered in white powder. Strange, Henry was grinding the bone-flute to powder. Might it all be connected? Of course it is as Henry wants whatever is in the box. Fine, I'll bite. What's in the box? Jincan, a deadly poison from China. Yes, I can see why we would want to keep this out of Henry's hands but first, a cure to keep Joe from Henry's control is in order. Yeah, sorry about my son cursing you and all; teens, amirite? Do you love your son? In spite of everything, yes. Well then do one thing for me - tell him. Folks, we've had a breakthrough! Uh, Crane? Some bad news: the wendigo has four transformations; the last is permanent and Joe's changed three times already. Should we bring in Katrina? Eh, not so much. Hawley knows a guy (of course he does) at a biker shop who's down with the Squire Boone secret handshake and may be able to help them out.

Abbie and Joe have a heart-to-heart - Sheriff Corbin was so proud of his son and Abbie wanted to be a part of that. His heart was so big that he wanted to help everyone. This is all fine and good but it doesn't explain when he buried deadly Chinese poison in the woods. Sadly, they're interrupted by Henry barging in with his goons. Dammit, man, don't you ever knock? And doesn't anyone ever lock the doors? Joe my boy, I can lift the curse if you give me the Jincan. Which of course he does and is repaid for his efforts by Henry cutting his arm to drive his change as humanity is the real curse. Can someone please wipe the smirk off of Henry's face now?

Driven by something (and by 'something' I mean 'Henry'), Captain Irving confronts the driver whose callousness over Maycie's fate drives Irving to a homicidal rage which is exactly what Henry wants. He barely pulls back in time but our dear Captain isn't leaving the confines of that ward for some time to come.

What do you need to reverse a Wendigo curse? Well, a skull, an obsidian knife and Joe Corbin's blood. Eh, two out of three isn't bad. They need to find Joe before he kills again or else the curse will become really really permanent. How will we do that? Cut your hands to draw him out on three now...Three! We have contact, go, go, GO! They trap Wendigo Joe and get the blood but the incantation isn't doing anything. I'm sorry Leftenant, we were too late. This reason number 324335 that ritual bloodletting is a bad idea. No! He just needs more time which is precisely what they don't have when a bloodthirsty monster is after your liver. But Abbie's faith is rewarded and the curse is broken. Because you survived Joe and the fact this this is your father's cabin, you are hereby granted entrance to the secret evil-fighting lair where we plan to save the world but not before Crane gets fragged by HaloIsMyBitch12 in online gaming. Ah, progress.

Irving finally brings Abbie into how evil Henry is by fessing up that his soul was stolen. But Crane's loyalty has shifted from Katrina to Henry - you didn't give up on Joe, I won't give up on my son. Very admirable but seeing as he's plotting to destroy you in the most painful way possible, I'd recommend a Plan B.  You know, just in case. So they freed Joe from the curse but Henry has the Jincan which he's using to make a poison spider. Why'd it have to be spiders? Where you going with that poison spider Henry? Oh, to poison your mother? Is this because she didn't get you a new Xbox for Christmas?

Next week on "Sleepy Hollow," Katrina is dying (again). Do you still think that your son is worth fighting for Crane? Because I have my doubts. Tune in next Monday at 9 p.m. ET on Fox for 'Deliverance' (cue banjo jokes) as we rapidly approach the mid-season finale.