'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: 'Root of All Evil'

Courtesy Fox

Last week on "Sleepy Hollow," Sheriff Reyes locked up Jenny, Ichabod and Abbie raised the Kindred and Henry became Captain Irving's lawyer. Let's do this.

Abbie and Ichabod go to visit Captain Irving but alas, they aren't on the approved list courtesy of his new lawyer. After locking Jenny up for having the weapons, Sheriff Reyes then gets her released for community service so that was a pointless exercise altogether. Abbie and Crane track Henry via the cab service he used to right outside the bank. Their amusing different world interlude over same sex relationships versus wearing hats indoors is rudely interrupted by the sound of shots fired. Investigating, Abbie finds one of the tellers has snapped but her efforts to talk the woman down are upstaged by Sheriff Reyes taking her down. That's one way to end a standoff I guess. But what is that that fell from the dead woman's hand?

Outside the bank, a man's face goes in and out of shadow so good news, its not our eyes. But what does it mean? Going through the security camera footage shows Henry changing coins for cash and the teller pocketing one of the coins. Suspicious. But wait, Crane has seen this before (of course). Name dropping time so drink your drink. This explains why Benedict Arnold turned so suddenly and ruthlessly; he was possessed by a demon coin that their commando team was supposed to get rid of. Naturally. It's telling that Abbie accepts this rewrite of history with little more than a shrug. She's going to start correcting the local populace soon at this rate. This means that Henry is circulating this coin to turn the tide of the war.

Over (down, under, whatever) in Purgatory, Katrina holds up her end of the bargain by spying on Abraham and Henry if by spying you mean standing in the doorway and hoping they don't see her. Henry catches her and admonishes her to not attempt to complicate Abraham; it will kill you. Aw Henry, you do have some feelings for your mother. That's so sweet. Jenny arrives back at the clubhouse to start searching police files while being filled in on the corruptible nature of the coin. I've got a friend that deals in old coins like that. Go see Hawley. What's that you're doing there Jenny? Oh, using your sister's log-on to access the sheriff's personnel file? That won't blow up in her face or anything. But Abbie, she's the one whose testimony put mom away in the psych ward. Abbie, you can't reason with crazy; don't even try. Jenny storms out to go to graffiti detail and Abbie and Crane make contact with Hawley who ain't giving nothing away. Crane immediately distrusts his blond surfer dude good looks and obvious gunning for a payoff. They're able to get him to categorize the coin as a shekel and from there naturally make the leap to the coins being Judas's 30 pieces of silver. This is all very fascinating but there's a man disguising a bomb with roses so you might want to pay a bit more attention to things. Too late as boom goes the dynamite.

How does one relax after a long day of being a Sin Easter and the Horseman of War? By reconstructing the town out of Legos of course. Waltzing back into the police station, Reyes knows 'Abbie' has been accessing her personnel files so thanks a lot Jenny. Trying to avoid being seen by the sheriff, Crane runs into Henry and after the requisite posturing on both sides, the lines are drawn. The coin doesn't turn anyone, merely reveals what darkness is already there. This round goes to Henry. If that's not bad enough, Reyes catches Crane in the station and cuts off his liberty speech by reminding him that he can't actually prove he exists. Meanwhile, Abbie visits the evidence room for the stuff of the flower bomber but all that's there is a regular quarter. How can this be? Oh, his lawyer Henry Parrish went through it already. Damn but he's good; Abbie and Crane are forever playing catch-up. Oh, but he's not done yet. For his next trick he'll plant it where Jenny can find it and find it she does. As anger and resentment take over, Smirky McSmirkerson watches from nearby.

Hawley calls Crane and Abbie for a meeting at the local watering hole. Did you know that the guy on the Sam Adams bottle is Paul Revere? This is blasphemy! And drink. Anyway, Jenny came by to get a gun from him and when he wouldn't give one to her, she stole a rifle. Oh dear. But also, if you do manage to get this coin, how exactly do you plan on keeping it from affecting you? Stained glass from a church of course but we'll need a distraction. Anyone up for a little confession? I hear it's good for the soul. But how to find Jenny? Use your police buddies of course! Abbie's able to track Jenny to a hunting area where coincidentally Sheriff Reyes is also hunting. Look alive Sheriff, Jenny's got a gun and it's open season on assholes. Okay, who thought that Jenny was going after Abbie? Show of hands.

Abraham doesn't trust Katrina and doesn't get why she's not terrified; well see Abraham, she's Henry's mother and that's a bond that can never be broken. Ugh, this whole storyline just needs to go away. She's got the sheriff in her sights so we need to distract her. Closing in, Abbie jumps in front of Jenny and the gun, asking to take the shot. Wait. what? She talks Jenny down, Crane tackles her and kicks the dropped coin into the stained glass coin-catcher. Good teamwork guys! Swallowing his pride, Crane apologizes to Hawley who disappeared with the coin. Fine Ichabod, you were right.

Later, Crane employs some subterfuge to gain access to Irving to basically tell him: don't trust your lawyer (duh) and stay in here where you're safe. But his family needs him so what are you going to choose Captain?

Ultimately, Reyes gives Abbie the file on her mother and discovers she was tormented not crazy; Moloch pushed her into darkness. Needing to wash this down with a beer, they run into Hawley again who now wants the whole set of Judas coins. One quest at a time please. Anyway, he has a gift for Crane - a fake ID. Congratulations Crane, you now officially exist.

Next week in more name dropping action, the Pied Piper was really a Revolutionary war assassin and car chases galore are in store. Tune in Monday at 9 p.m. Et on Fox for 'Go Where I Send Thee....'