'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: 'The Weeping Lady'

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Last week on "Sleepy Hollow," we followed the Pied Piper to his underground lair of revenge and Captain Irving discovered just how slimy lawyers can be. Let's do this.

Finally we discover how Crane keeps the same clothes - he has a period reenactor make them for him but alas, Miss Caroline is falling hard. Oh that Ichabod, so smooth with the ladies. Speaking of ladies, his main lady Katrina sends him a crow message right before Abraham barges in. Let me get this straight: you don't trust her but still want her to choose you willingly? Uh, yeah. Threats are vair sexy. How much does Abraham not trust her? Enough to engage Henry to put the kibosh on her witchcraft so she willingly plays the part Moloch wrote for her. A chance to cause his parents pain? It looks like Christmas came early for Henry.

Somewhere in the woods some teens are making out when a black figure whooshes by. Scared, they high tail it out of there. Meanwhile, Crane and Abbie are on a stakeout of Miss Caroline's house as Crane feels terrible that he may have led her on. After being friendzoned in the nicest way possible Caroline is accosted by a strange weeping figure in black. Man is Crane hard on his friends

Down by the river Crane sees Abbie and he's distraught that Caroline is dead. But how did she get to the river? Their smart detective work yields tire tracks which of course means teenagers so back to high school we go. Well it was the Weeping Lady of course. A legend Crane knows little about? Library, ho! While Abbie encounters Hawley in the stacks *coughstalkercough*, Crane gets his bird message and goes immediately goopy. It's gotta be said: Hawley sucks at flirting. Abbie hears a person crying and upon investigating is attacked and dragged underwater. She resurfaces in the river before bouncing back to the library. Crane gets her out but didn't get CPR training in Washington's army so Hawley ends up saving her while Crane yells her name. Is it time to ship these two? Hm, creepy weeping lady is attacking all of Crane's lady friends? Henry is definitely an asshole.

Eh, Abbie's tough, time to get cracking on this mystery. She got a piece of the shawl the Weeping Lady was wearing when she was underwater and naturally Crane identifies it as Scottish cotton, made with painstaking care for a woman he was promised to. I retract my earlier statement: there is apparently no legend he is not involved with. Flashback! Crane was engaged to a woman named Mary but met Katrina who was engaged to Abraham and when Mary surprises him with a visit while he's flirting with Katrina, he's forced to confess that he doesn't love her like that. Mary is a tad high strung and takes it very well by which I mean not at all. But it's cool, she sent him a Dear Ichabod letter releasing him so out of sight, out of mind. However, the Weeping Lady stole Katrina's letter out of his pocket when Abbie was in the water which means Katrina's now at the top of the hit list. Yay! I mean, we must save Katrina! But the ghost has been around for centuries and always harmless; what changed? Altogether now: Henry. Raise your hand if you are Team Weeping Lady right now.

And Operation Save Katrina 3.0 is go. They go to Hawley for help and no, Abbie's not for trade. They do get a nice crossbow with an iron bolt so there's that. No charge as being able to needle Crane is all the payment Hawley needs. You guys just need to duke it out over Abbie and be done with it. Mary's found Katrina but not to fear, Abraham has left building and she'll resurface in the river. Underwater fight! Eh, "Top Secret" did it better. Anyway, Katrina can stop Henry's dark magic but she needs another witch to anchor her soul. Abbie, you up for this? Sure, why not. Crane, you go see if you can slow Mary down. Oh dear, shooting her just made her cross. Ladies? You might want to hurry up the chanting.

Katrina disarms Mary in the nick of time but as Crane comforts Mary, he asks why did she do this. A fading Mary points straight at Katrina and disappears. Crane may be slow but he's not stupid; Katrina knew Mary was trapped there in the woods, what did she do? Ooh, was Mary not the only jealous girl from his past? Confession time: Mary met Katrina in the woods and tried to attack her but fell and died. Katrina faked the Dear Ichabod letter as she knew that Crane's sense of duty would have had him return Mary's body to London and he'd be gone, never to return. Well that was incredibly selfish of you Katrina. Crane is finally getting the picture: he has loved her with everything he had but she chose to keep so much from him - being a witch, his son, what happened to Mary, Santa Claus.... Good thing that Abraham chooses to show up now. Katrina sacrifices her freedom (again) to save Ichabod and return with Abraham but it may be too little too late.

Jenny visits Hawley; she was voluntold to come by and tell him that the crossbow bolt didn't work. Oh, they used to have something but Hawley isn't biting because he has it bad for someone. Man is Jenny going to be pissed that he's crushing on Abbie. Crane organizes a period reenactment for Caroline's memorial service and regret that his friendship brought her to this fate. Their mission as Witnesses puts those they care most about in most terrible danger so their only duty can be to each other. Sounds like someone is having some serious doubts about his relationship as without trust and honesty, there's no way for a marriage to survive. Not 250 years ago, not today.

Katrina thinks Abraham worked with Henry to pull Mary there to torture her. No, he was at the river because he cares for her. And shes starts thinking that hey, maybe this isn't such a bad thing after all. Or Stockholm Syndrome. Either one really. Moloch is pissed at Henry, Katrina was not to be harmed, she is a Hellfire Shard, a chosen vessel. You're a soldier Henry, you don't make plans, you obey them. Finally someone puts him in timeout about 250 years late. Really Moloch? You're surprised that using the incredibly disgruntled son of your sworn enemies as your agent of chaos backfires? See, this is why good will always triumph because evil is dumb. But it may not matter because if Katrina sides with Abraham and thus Moloch, the battle is all but lost and she senses Ichabod slipping away from her due in no small part to her own actions.

Next week on "Sleepy Hollow", Hawley continues to exist to annoy Crane and Henry becomes even further unhinged. Be sure to head to Fox next Monday at 9 p.m. ET for "And the Abyss Gazes Back."