Reflections on This Week's 'The Walking Dead:' 'Consumed'

Courtesy AMC
This week's "The Walking Dead" aka "The Carol and Daryl" hour was one of the best if not the best episodes of this season. Their symbiotic relationship and the symbolism of fire throughout, made the action-packed "Consumed" have a hell of a lot of heart. On their quest for Beth, demons were resurrected but then (presumably) laid to rest with Carol's determination to start over.

The chemistry between Reedus and McBride is evident and this helps give clues into their character's deep relationship. Their interactions are effortless and even little exchanges give clues. I want to bring up a brief interaction I observed when they were in the temporary housing facility that I noticed no one is really talking about. Ready for me to get nit-picky and a bit controversial? Here I go...

Regarding the bunkbeds, I noticed the top bunk had a blue blanket and the bottom had a pink blanket and when Carol said to Daryl, "I'll take the top bunk. I think that one's more your style." a little light went off. Why did she say that to him? Has Daryl previously expressed that he's a fan of Pepto-pink bedspreads? Is it because of the flannel pillow case and lack of stuffed animals? His response was a quick, "Heh." but it seemed like a comfortable/friendly/playful little jab from Carol and he didn't seem to mind.

Was this a hint at all of those "Daryl might be gay" rumors? Was I just reaching here as a behavioral therapist who notices every little thing? Does it really matter? In a show where pretty much every little nuance means something, it possibly does. Also...why the hell didn't they hook up in that tightly sealed room? It's the zombie apocalypse! Get it on when you can and blow off some steam, ala Abraham-style! Perhaps their history of being abused by people who were supposed to love and keep them safe is a factor? Will Carol even survive her accident thanks to Beth? We probably won't even find out until the second half of the season anyway, will we?

Discuss if you'd like but only after you check out the video that takes us inside this week's episode and then watch the sneak peek of this Sunday's "Crossed."

Here's a look at the November 23 episode which finds us back in Father Gabriel's church with (ironically) Carl giving him a much-needed lecture about the world in which they currently live.

-Larissa Mrykalo