'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: 'Mama'

Courtesy Fox
So many feels this week you guys. Let's do this.

There have been a rash of suicides at Tarrytown Psych where Jenny, Irving and Mama Mills all spent time so Sheriff Reyes assigns the case to Abbie with a free reign. Naturally. Her usual trusty sidekick seems to have fallen victim to the dreaded man-cold and the inability to open child proof containers, clearing the way for the Mills ladies to work their magic. Their allies? A lovesick Hawley, a felled Crane and Captain Irving who is fighting his own demons. Literally.  Viewing the security footage of the most recent suicide, they notice a figure in the the corner and it's Mama Mills, back from the grave. Hoo boy. Well, we know that Mama's demons were real but why cause others to choose the same death she chose?

When one white man falls, another will rise to take his place. Enter Hawley, purveyor of maps, charts and special matzoh ball soup for Crane. Clearly in Crane's time this would have meant that they were engaged. General Washington is named-dropped so drink your drink. Not you Crane, you're going sleepy-bye.

Katrina interlude. Yay. Henry goads her into picking up the baby because you never hugged me mother and even knowing FULL WELL that this is a terrible idea, to sell the deception she does. Henry looks hella disappointed that she seems to be a natural and more than a teensy bit jealous. You're right Henry, this child is a demon right away; you took much too long to come into your own. Next on "Maury": can Henry reconcile his abandonment issues with raising his dark lord? The lie detector results are in!

Jenny, Abbie, Hawley watch the video feed at the hospital and see an inmate about to off himself after Mama appears. Jenny, we've  got to stop our crazy mother from killing anyone else. Oh, and maybe help her find some peace. They're able to save the man but not before Mama materializes and whisks Abbie off to somewhere. God, I hope it's not Purgatory again. Nope, still this plane of existence but you don't need to bust the light fixtures to get my attention; I'm already here. Well look who it is, Nurse Lambert in the abandoned wing of the hospital. Fancy meeting you here. Jenny and Hawley split up to find Abbie which they do but not before Mama leaves a message to check her files. Oh goody, a trip down memory lane.

I don't care what Henry thinks, Katrina is terrible at supporting a baby's head. Maybe this is why its touch is changing you? Man, if she's supposed to be powerful, I'd hate to see what a weak witch looks like.

Abbie and Jennie watch one of Mama's depositions and even though she's trussed up like a turkey, she doesn't come across as crazy, instead it's desperation and she outs Nurse Lambert as the one who is trying to make her kill herself. Wait, that's the same woman as in the abandoned wing...and who was with the patient who tried to kill himself earlier! Oh crap, she's got to Irving. Don't take the meds Captain! Dammit man, stop trusting people in positions of 'authority.' The voices are telling him to drown himself and he's fighting back but needs the cavalry to arrive which it does in the nick of time. The toxicology report showed that he had psychotrophic drugs in his system which opens the mind to influence. That right there is the last straw, Irving ain't got time for that. But who is Nurse Lambert? Well, in 1958 she was executed for dispatching patients as an angel of mercy and now she's back for more. And Mama's trying to help them stop her! Back to the abandoned wing for redecoration. First we'll start by tearing down this ugly paint and find a portrait of Mama with the song 'You Are My Sunshine' which triggers a memory in Jenny of the time that Mama tried to kill them both via carbon monoxide poisoning in the closed garage. You mean she was trying to kill us to keep us safe? Yeah, nowhere is safe girls.

Mama warns them about Lambert (yeah, got that) and tells them in her possessions is a family journal of enormous power. Now why wouldn't her possessions have been returned to her kids after her death? Doesn't matter right now as Lambert takes Abbie and Mama has to rely on Jenny to step up and find her journal. Lambert straps Abbie in a chair and clearly Nurse Ratched is powerful indeed. Jenny, Hawley? Now would be a good time to find that journal. Seriously, are there no other employees anywhere around that they can just go traipsing through storage like that? Whoa, it's not just a journal, it's Grace Dixon's journal; as in she who delivered Henry lo those many years ago. Too bad you didn't drop him then Grace; would have saved us all a lot of trouble. Okay Jenny, interpret quickly as you are on the clock. Abbie fights back but Lambert gets her mouth open to take the meds when Mama jumps her from behind, pulling her away from Abbie. You done messed with the wrong family here Lambert. Jenny's chanting up a storm and it's weakening Lambert until she and Mama disappear. You go with your bad self Jenny. Katrina who, amirite? Abbie wishes she could see their mother once more to thank her. No worries Leftenant, Jenny's got this. With Crane finally on his feet thanks to the magic of the 'matzoh,', let the seance commence. The girls get to see her and finally, finally Mama Mills has peace. She always did her best to protect her daughters and now they know. Oh, and there's a special weapon hidden in the pages of the journal. Find it for you are meant to win this war. Gah. So. Many. Feels.

Driving away, they almost run Irving down. Wait, what? Well, he escaped from the institution. Now Mills, you said I could trust you so save me the 'aiding and abetting' side-eye and get me out of here. Looks like the Scooby gang is back in action. We can't go without visiting Katrina (yes we can; must we really? Dammit.) and she's preparing a special formula for the baby...who is no longer a baby and is now a really cute little first grade boy who's hungry for bread. Eh, tell him it's a dipping sauce and be done with it. See Katrina? This is why you are a terrible spy.

Holy crow folks, we are rapidly approaching the Fall Finale! Choose your weapons wisely as the fight for mankind is on. Join us next week at 9/8 p.m. ET on Fox for 'Magnum Opus.'