Ryan Buell to Release 'Power Rangers' Graphic Novel

Courtesy Ryan Buell's Facebook
Over the past week, former "Paranormal State" star, Ryan Buell has been making several announcements over on his Facebook page, namely that he has a new comic book hitting stores on November 25. Below is what he posted on November 20:

My first comic book hits stores next week. I love "Power Rangers" so I jumped at the chance to help add to the canon. This issue tells the back story of the green ranger. We all, as kids, wanted to know more about him. So, Saban Entertainment, Stefan and Papercutz allowed me to play god and create his backstory. Oddly enough he looks more and more like me. Mwahahahhaaha! Just kidding. If you're a Power Rangers nerd, give me a shout out! And please buy the issue. I tried to make it funny as hell. And some inside jokes also!!! http://papercutz.com/shop-all/mighty-morphin-power-rangers-vol-2.

Here is the description for the comic:

This is the story Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fans have been waiting over 20 years for—the untold story of the origins of Tommy—the Green Ranger! How did Rita Repulsa choose this teen over others to wage war against the Rangers? This is the only place to find out.

Note to fans: This graphic novel takes place right before the classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode “Green with Evil.”

On November 21, he let his fans know that he got up the nerve to write to Jason David Frank to let him know how much the Power Rangers meant to him:

Ok, I just did something that I've always wanted to do but been too nervous to do. I wrote to Tommy aka the Green Ranger aka JASON DAVID FRANK. Since I announced that my first comic book comes out (and it happens to be a "Power Rangers" graphic novel), many of you have suggested that I reach out to him on his fan page. So, I sucked it up and wrote to him. Told him my first movies that I directed were called "Jordan Ranger" (I basically made my brother, Jordan, do whatever I needed to make my own version of the Power Rangers. Sadly, I had no budget so it was practically child enslavement, but oh well!) and that it was an honor to get to contribute to his character and create answers to his back story that many of us geeks have often wondered about him. It's funny cause I've at times been assigned to sign autographs right next to him but I would never approach him out of respect, but I hope he reads it and knows that a true fan wrote it with love, loyalty and respect for what he and the Rangers have done. I felt like an 11-year-old again! If he does respond, well, hell yes! But I wrote to him with the expectation that I wouldn't hear back, because that wasn't the purpose. I just wanted him to know he and that show actually inspired me to film and hence I discovered my love for filmmaking and writing. But more importantly, I hope all you "Power Rangers" fans enjoy the comic! Comes out next week. It's refreshing to be talking about something different. And I'm excited to be doing a few, limited interviews with other Power Rangers and comic geeks! So, if you wanna talk Power Rangers, all this week I'll make some time to do it. It's Morphin Time, dawg!

His page really exploded on Saturday, November 22 when he revealed that he would be getting married to his partner this week:

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm excited to announce that I am getting married this week at long last. I am proud that I am tying the knot here in State College, PA. And I am proud that we are living in an age of marriage equality. Now if only they'd legalize polygamy. And proton packs. ;)" 

Let us know your thoughts on his recent announcements. We wish Ryan the best with not only his new adventure in comic books but also with his marriage.

-Larissa Mrykalo