'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: 'Magnum Opus'

Courtesy Fox

Well, here we are. Part One of the "Sleepy Hollow" mid-season finale. Let's do this.

Desperate to clear their minds, Crane and Abbie play a Guess Who game when Katrina appears in a mirror to tell them that she's failed - Moloch still lives. Henry though is able to activate her connection and listens in as the cobwebs shake loose and free association leads them to the anagram of Enoch's Sword. Dammit Katrina, this is why you always clear your browsing history! Jenny and Irving are on the run for the border but Sheriff Reyes is hot on their tail so Abbie lets her sister know. Think you can kiss that FBI transfer good-bye now Leftenant. But back to the matter at hand, the sword of Enoch which was actually Methusela's sword given to Enoch to cut down 1000 demons. Ben Franklin (drink), hid the map to the spot where the sword lies in the symbolism of a snake which matches up exactly with a river. How enterprising of him. But they must know themselves completely or they will perish according to the prophecy. So it's like Mjolnir then but more deadly.

Excellent, a plan. Alas, Henry has been listening and now he knows all and sends Abraham/Headless to retrieve the sword. Apparently War trumps Death. Who knew? Katrina tries to stall Abraham from leaving but he's done with her. Well done Katrina; you have truly earned the title of 'America's Most Useless.'  Abbie and Crane run into Headless at the site and only sunrise saves them. Abraham is suddenly an obstacle after being almost tame recently but why? Well, their fates are intertwined  so the question is Crane, who are you? Right now he's the guest of honor at his very own pity party as Abraham drew him to the New World and Katrina turned him then put him to sleep and he's been nothing but a pawn his entire life! Jeebus Crane, grow a pair and own your decisions. Feeling better? Good because the entrance is at our feet so down the rabbit hole we go. Hey, that statue looks Chester Copperpot! Those aren't statues Leftenant, they're people turned to stone. Retreat! What the hell was that thing? Oh, you know, just your basic Basilisk/Gordon guardian. NBD. Abbie has a mini-breakdown; all the women in her family were cut down in their prime leading her to be a Witness. Moloch's on earth, Katrina's been captured and they have to get past a monster they can't look at lest they be turned to stone too. Who you gonna call? Well, the Horseman of Death has a mad-on at Crane and no head so...

Meanwhile Irving decides he's not running; he'll go underground to help fightleaving Jenny at the Canadian border by herself. This whole 'leaving Jenny' seems to be a theme this season. Katrina tries another appeal to Henry - your humanity will be your undoing. Mother, your compassion will be yours. This is all your fault because you wouldn't let your husband die. You chose him over me! I hate you!

Crane and Abbie wait in the clearing for Headless to return and he does, right on schedule. Game on. Plan Part the First worked with Headless battling the Gorgon but before we move, lemme take a selfie. Plan Part the Second? Determine which is the true sword. Choose wisely Leftenant. Headless makes short work of the Gorgon so now Crane, you must run interference and by that I mean duel for keeps. Best two out of three? Abraham has some breathtaking anger management issues and blames Crane for every bad thing that he's ever done. Good gravy, will none of these guys take responsibility for their actions? Dude, you chose Moloch. What did you expect?  Leftenant, just pick a damn sword already! She does, unleashing snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes? Can we all just reflect a moment that this entire crisis is over a woman who has done nothing but lie and deceive those around her and yet still they fight over her? Men, amirite?

Abraham had the opportunity to finish them off when the Trumpet of Revelation was blown, recalling him to Moloch's side. Crane begins to panic when Abbie reminds him that life is a series of choices. He has a say. And he sees himself most clearly through her eyes. Aw. How sweet, but let's set this cistern of oil on fire and see...oh. Oh dear. That didn't work. But if we do it together.... As the oil burns away, the sword is revealed and Crane draws it out. It's really hard not to name it Excalibur. With this sword I decree, Moloch shall not rise! Uh, he sort of already, well, has. And we're not going to talk about the snakes on the ground? All righty then.

Next week bring us the second part of the finale where the world merges with Purgatory, an awkward family reunion and someone must fall (please let it be Katrina.) Tune in Monday, December 1 at 9/8 ET/CT on Fox for 'The Akeda.'