The Ouija Files: Murch on His 'Ghost Adventures' with the ZoZo Demon


I've known Zak, Nick, and Aaron a long time. I first met these guys back at a paracon just before their show aired six years and ten seasons ago. I eventually got to work with them in Mansfield, Ohio where they invited me to speak at one of their Ghost Adventures Crew conferences. That's where I met Billy Tolley. I've known Jeff Belanger even longer! I met Jeff back when he was researching his second book of which I somehow made it into. I love that book!

A few months before we filmed the ZoZo episode I got a call from Jeff asking that if "Ghost Adventures" did a Ouija episode, what cases could they consider. Jeff is the writer and a researcher for the show so it made perfect sense. I gave him my top ten Ouija cases and they picked ZoZo.

Darren Evans and I go way back too. I try to chronicle every Ouija case I can and so we met through ZoZo. Darren had a pretty serious run in with an entity that called himself ZoZo and it sent him off on a lifelong journey to understand what ZoZo is and if others had similar experiences. He setup a website and an Internet radio show. Along the way, Darren became the Zozologist. After all these years of phone calls and emails I finally got to meet him and he didn't disappoint.

When the guys asked me to come film I was blown away. I mean, what an opportunity, right? To work with guys I like, respect, and appear on Travel Channel's number one show - Wow. I've been at this Ouija business for over twenty years and it's been a long slow road. Being recognized by your peers and friends is a pretty cool feeling let me tell you.

Since the episode aired I've been pummeled with questions: "What are the guys really like? How did they treat you? Is the show real? What really happened?, What did you think of your part?, etc.."
Let me start by saying this. I've done a lot of filming in my time and I've never been treated so well. The production team was in constant contact with me and made sure everything was taken care of. They wanted a bunch of antique Ouija boards for the episode and handled all the Fedexing back and forth making sure everything was insured. These boards are my babies and I was scared shitless but they put my mind at ease. They took care of all my travel and hotel and the whole thing was effortless for me.

What can I say about Zak, Nick, Aaron and Billy other than they are the only dudes I'd ever hang out with in downtown Oklahoma City after dark! These guys are busy and still, amid the filming madness they never stopped checking in, asking if I was ok, did I need anything, and was I having fun? Let me be clear, these guys care about what they do and take the show and those involved with it very seriously. They treated me with the utmost respect and professionalism. I was such a small part of the episode but you wouldn't know it. They acted like I was the star.

As much fun as I had filming I almost had more fun just hanging out with everyone after. The cast and crew could've easily said "Thanks Murch and we'll catch you on the flip side." but that's not their style. They invited me out for a night on the town where we bar hopped and probably walked miles. We caught up on what everyone was doing with our personal lives and shared some pretty hilarious stories. It didn't matter how long had gone by since we last saw each other it was like hanging out with old friends.

Appearing on their tenth season is an experience I'll never forget. Because these guys are so dedicated and love what they do, they never had to work at treating me well. It was natural because that’s how these guys roll.

Thanks guys - you helped make 2014 one of the most memorable years in my life and I'll never forget how well you all treated me on set. For all you Ghost Adventures fans thank you too! Your emails, calls, posts and tweets didn't go unnoticed and frankly I'm overwhelmed by your kind words.
My Ghost Adventure rocked!

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