'Sleep Hollow' Recap: 'Deliverance'

Courtesy Fox

Last week Sheriff Corbin's son Joe was revealed to be a Wendigo in an elaborate plot by Henry to recover a hidden bottle of super demonic Chinese poison to be used to raise a spider. Everyone clear? Good, let's do this.

Katrina flashes back to sexy times with Ichabod when everything starts going woozy. This is why you should limit your consumption of poison spiders before bed. Meanwhile, Crane gets to see democracy in action as it's Voting Day though is disappointed with the lack of turnout. Preach, my man. Katrina thinks Abraham poisoned her but no, it's her loving son Henry. Abraham's like, but she was just about to crack! Alas, Moloch doesn't tolerate disobedience very well and by not very well I mean not at all. It's a Horseman throwdown which is great except for the whole being incapacitated by the sun thing. She escapes to a gas station where she collapses in pain and fear. Damsel in distress? Check.

Apparently back in the day, General Washington (drink) handed out beer to those who voted which is another fantastic reason for moving the voting machines out of the schools. But he got a sticker so all is good until they hear that a strange red-headed woman in colonial garb is in the hospital. How Abbie does not roll her eyes at 'Operation: Rescue Katrina Part the Eleventy' is beyond me. What does a high fever and abdominal pain tell you? Facehugger of course! I wonder how Henry will feel about having to share her now. Bad guys spotted, they hightail it out of the hospital by disguising Katrina as a Victoria's Secret reject. To the secret lair while Abbie tails the bad guys! And again with the splitting up. Gah. While Abbie does some world-class sneaking and secret picture taking, Crane and Katrina have the awkward 'so-you've-been-getting-friendly-with-the-Headless Horseman-that-you-communicate-with-via-magic-necklace' conversation. But she's keeping nothing else from him; she'll swear on the precious. But enough about that, this is clearly the work of the Hellfire Club that Franklin (drink) referenced in his writings. What does it all mean? Well, the vessel will expire in 10-12 hours. Congratulations Crane, it's a demon.

So Henry, what did you do at school today? Oh, nothing really, created a poison spider and impregnated my mom. NBD. Hellfire is on the move so it's time to depart. To the catacombs! We need a back-up lair so it's the church where Henry was born, natch. What to do, what to do. All those in favor of trying to bring Henry back to the good side? Dammit, democracy in action. Katrina isn't going anywhere in her condition so Crane, you are nominated to parley with the enemy. But how?

Irving calls for a meeting with his 'lawyer' but really, it's just a ruse to get him there so Crane could confront him. Son, I don't know how to tell you this but you put a demon in your mother. Oh dad, relax. It's not just a demon. It's THE demon, Moloch. Huh, I guess if you can't get through a door, creating a window out of a uterine wall is the next best thing. Now this is how you do "Rosemary's Baby." Trying out his best Luke Skywalker on Henry, Crane falls short when Henry chooses he emperor, er, Moloch. But it's been fun dad. Trying to inject some sanity into the proceedings, Abbie reminds them that Henry is, you know, evil and so not their friend. Katrina has a massive blindspot for her son though and essentially guilts Crane into continuing to have faith in the good within. I commend Abbie to keeping her eye-rolling to a minimum while still following up on the picture leads from her spy mission. Those tablets; there is something familiar about them. Yes! That's it! An aurora is the key to banishing Moloch. Leftenant! I must internet, immediately! Franklin (drink) wrote a paper on it because of course he did. The key is a crystal in the tablets which will create an aurora that will banish Moloch. Everyone got that? Now, to recruit some back up.

Sorry Katrina, you  shouldn't be running about in your delicate condition. Here, have a radio. Now where to go for back up? Why Sheriff Reyes of course! And how, pray tell Leftenant do you mean to accomplish this? By showing the pictures of the warehouse, creating a narrative of torture and a secret club. Well done Abbie; truth mixed in with some distortion of facts. Reyes is in but this better work or you're going to get it in your next performance review. With SWAT as a distraction, Crane works to open the case; dude, it's an evil club - try 666! Success!

Back in the church, Katrina has reached transition so it's now or never Crane. Abbie, to her credit, does her best to help Katrina given that it's kind of Katrina's fault this is all happening. Exposed to the banishing rays of the aurora, Moloch is sent packing. Aw, look; she's got that post-demon banishment glow. Alas, Crane saw in Henry's memories that he is a little lost boy crying for help and with that, becomes fully part of Team Redeem Henry. Yay. I'll give your three guesses who is not thrilled with this turn of events and the first two don't count. You know, for someone whose poison spider bearing the essence of Moloch failed to bring about the birth of the evil lord, Henry is looking pretty darn smug.

Next week on "Sleepy Hollow," Henry unleashes a creature who feeds upon the hidden desires of others in this Let's-Torture-Katrina season of "Sleepy Hollow." Tune in next Monday at 9/8 p.m. ET on Fox for 'Heartless.'