'Face Off' Recap: 'Monkey Business'

Courtesy Syfy

It's the second part of the "Face Off" two-part season eight opener with Team Laura, Team Rayce and Team Anthony racing to complete a surprise third make up design to win the Spotlight Challenge. Get your drinks ready as we wait for molds to crack, time management to fail, and magic to grace the reveal stage. Let's do this.

The teams will need to add a tyrannical simian ruler who wants those alien interlopers off the planet. In order to be able to thoroughly impress guest judge Rick Baker, they are given an extra day in the lab. Try not to waste it or anything guys.

Team Laura - Squirrel Monkey
Team Anthony - Mandrill
Team Rayce - White-Faced Capuchin

Gregory, Alan, and Logan are sculpting the monkey faces and Laura's really not feeling Gregory's interpretation. Captain's remorse? Mr. Westmore arrives with slightly better news; at least Anthony doesn't look like he's about to cry. Gregory suffers from overhelpfulitis and falls behind on the monkey face. He knows he's struggling and busts out the 'I don't want to go home' line. (This is also known as the 'loser edit.') Drink! Don't worry Laura, at least Darla has immunity. Ben's payback for being nasty to Kelly earlier is a broken hand mold so drink your drink.

Application Day
According to Rayce his team has problems galore, Anthony is stressing about the paint jobs and Laura, well, she has Gregory.

Last Looks
Hands and monkeys and cowls, oh my.

Reveal Stage
Team Anthony's aliens look like angry worms and their tribal monkey appears to be growing out of a tree.

Team Rayce's aliens feature arachnid-lobsters but they have a really cool ancient monkey ruler.

Team Laura's aliens evoke thoughts of soothing blue water but unfortunately the monkey ruler looks like a diseased werewolf.

Top Looks
Team Rayce younger arachnid alien for the overall concept
Team Laura older alien for the color/transition
Team Rayce monkey ruler for the beautiful sculpture of the face

Bottom Looks
Team Anthony male alien which was visually a mess with terrible hands
Team Laura primate because nothing worked and it was a overall bad facial sculpture

Winner- Team Rayce, with the top being Logan for the Dowager Monkey.

Eliminated -  Kelly, Gregory, and Ben were the bottom looks with Gregory going home. That sound you heard was Laura breathing a sigh of relief.

Next week - Peeta! I mean, Josh Hutcherson guest judges and Plutarch Heavensbee gets some great new muttation ideas. Join us on Syfy next Tuesday, January 27 for 'Let The Games Begin' at 9 p.m. ET.