'Helix' Recap: 'Reunion'

Courtesy Syfy

We're back! We've got a great show for you tonight: peanut butter spores, disguises, brotherly affection, and a woman impersonating an elephant. Let's do this.

No one does tortured like Alan Farragut and tonight's self flagellations are no different as he rememgers torturing and killing a woman to get into Ilaria's files in his quest to find Julia...and the island of St. Germain. Time to go undercover as Brother Jerome where the highlight of his day is being promoted to harvester. Sarah spies Alan but in her hurrry to follow him, she comes across a member suffering from the Yellow Fungus of Hork so of course follows him to the council room just in time for a meeting. Do you think you could possibly be quiet now, Sarah? Everyone's searching for Alan as 30 years in the future Julia goes to dig him up as rest time is over. Well, everyone except Peter that is.

With Sarah observing the council meeting from the worst hiding place ever, Brother Michael rallies the faithful when a young boy walks in looking pretty gross wanting his mother...for lunch. Young Master Soren has some serious mommy issues right there. Fine, Sarah. I guess it was a good thing you were there to help even if you don't follow the rules. But on the plus side, she found Alan so there's that.

Sister Anne votes 'off with her head' for violating the compound's rules about, well, everything. Brother Michael tries to calm her and her super stink-eye and accept CDC help. Finally. What do they need? You know: containment areas, lab, equipment, etc. The usual stuff. That you don't have here because it's a simple life.

When the going gets tough, the tough go grave digging. Yes Jules, you would expect to find a skeleton in the grave. What exactly did you think you were going to find? Taking the skull is a bit weird there darling; most ex-wives settle for the house. It's cool though because it's not him. Wait, what?

Soren is struggling against the doctors big time so naturally Peter and Kyle head to the catacombs to search for Brother Isaac, he of the Running Yellow Hork leaving Sarah to start the analysis. They decide to split up showing just how terrible Peter's leadership skills are. Isaac finds them but Peter flashes back to his reign as Vector King and man, those were some good days. That was excellent timing for a flashback Peter seeing as how your partner had to save your butt and all. Sarah grumbles over the state of the equipment and casually drops the 'hey your brother is here' bombshell. Peter takes it very well and doesn't overreact by screeching that Alan was disavowed by the CDC and he's in charge. He is!

Anne is still voting for expulsion as she has her family's legacy to protect. Brother Michael is playing the long game so we know why Anne is not in charge. The CDC might not be able to find Isaac but the other members do. Isaac slits his own throat spewing yellow spores and everyone just got their dinner. Feeding tube and airborne transmission? This just keeps getting better and better.

The bones Jules discovered in the Alan's grave were of multiple people and apparently were used as paper as odd symbols were scratched into them. To the shock of no one, Caleb leaves as changes to his well-ordered world is his personal seventh circle of hell.

It's tea time and Brother Michael is a geneticist creating new plants by grafting. No GMOs for us, no sir! Why did you come here 'Brother Jerome?' Well, hiding for one from terrible deeds. Wrong answer sir; healing can only begin when you face your pain, only then your true path will become clear. You'll understand if I don't take spiritual advice from someone who force feeds rotten smoothies to people.

Sarah is annoyed at having to use antiquated equipment and girlfriend, you'd never have hacked it in the 90s. To hell with protocols, she's stripping off her PPE to work because it won't affect her, not a little bit, not even at all and Peter catches her. He's the team leader dammit and Alan's not in charge, he is. He says who, he says when, he says who...inferiority complex much there Peter? This charming tantrum is interrupted by Dr. Flirt with the news that Soren is...bettter. Hm. A fatal infection that miraculously cures itself when the CDC starts investigating? I for one find nothing strange about this development. At all.

Oh sure, now you gear back up Sarah. Soren doesn't remember much, just that he had a bad headache. He connects with Dr. Flirt which is a good thing as he probably has kids scattered across the globe. We need to retrace Soren and Isaac's movements over the past few days. And...break. Sarah visits the orchard, Peter is escorted by Sister Anne to Soren's mother and Dr. Flirt has a cute young thing showing him the kids' village. Anne derails the questioning with her ready stink-eye, Sarah contrives a meeting with Alan who gives her the two-finger salute to get off the island and Dr. Flirt, well, Slutty Cult Chick wants him to be her path. He actually had enough sense to decline that honor so he may not be as dumb as I thought and she handled that rejection pretty well though I wouldn't adopt any pets in the near future.

Caleb still doesn't trust Jules and why she's doing this when she's dying. She may be immortal now but she was once a doctor and as the other choice is doing nothing, what else would she do? Now, can you tell me about these symbols? Fine, they are a map to a place where you don't want to go and won't come back from. Jeebus, man, she's dying. It's not like that warning is going to be some huge deterrent. Sarah tells Peter that Alan advises them to run but we are the CDC! We do not run especially when we can't find a link between the two cases. So do you think someone was lying to us? Um, duh.

Jules and Caleb hike to the bad place when she sees the skeleton of a child. It's not animals that did this; it was something far worse. So Smokey does live in the woods; they should be finding the rest of Oceanic 815 any day now. Sarah sneaks into Alan's room, against the rules. Again. He can't and won't tell her what's going on, that it's too dangerous but really Alan, have you met Sarah? She drops her ace: he owes her and their baby. (Finally!) Um, Sarah? Where is the baby? Well, see, that's the thing - she's still pregnant. Fifteen month later. My god, I was miserable at 41 and a half weeks. NO THANK YOU. She became immortal after she was already pregnant when she received Julia's blood to cure her cancer. Good talk but this changes nothing. Still too dangerous. Off you go.

Brother Landry visits Soren in the middle of the night with the story that his mother wants to see him, even in violation of curfew. You know, outside the wall. Oh hell, the bones Jules found were Soren's. May you become dragon dung Brother Landry.

Next week on "Helix" there is another population living in the woods who have some anger management issues, Sarah gets stabbed and Slutty Cult Chick dances in the rain. Tune in to Syfy on Friday, January 30 at 10 p.m. ET for 'Scion.'