'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: 'Kali Yuga'

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After last week's Crane and Katrina Scooby-fest we've got Hawley, karaoke, and relationship talk tonight. Let's do this.

Nothing relaxes hard-working Witnesses more than some karaoke with Jenny and Hawley in a double-date. Which it isn't because Crane and Katrina are totes back together and Abbie does not want to talk about it. Hawley's gotta bail though, there are deals to be made but alas, he just got Lando Calrissian-ed big time as his foster mom Carmella wants some help with one last job: robbing Theodore Knox's estate, you know since I raised you and everything.

Sorry to break up the party kids but Hawley's not back and someone's broken into the archives. Good thing because Crane was about to follow up with a drinking song. But priorities guys, archives before all. Good news though, Hawley was the one who broke into the archives. Two birds, one stone and all that. Momma Carmella's got something going on with her teeth though and she may want to get that looked at.

If that wasn't bad enough, Reyes's prediction came true: Irving has been exonerated of all charges. He's free! To do Henry's bidding but still. Cynthia's not taking everything at face value seeing as she had visited his grave and all.

What the hell was that? Oh, you know, Kali, the goddess of death: bad teeth, crazy strong, fast. Katrina (dammit) and I will work on Hawley, you and Jenny the fence McKennna. But first, I must Starbucks. Abbie, seriously, what's going on with you guys. Well, it's complicated what with his witchy wife and son who is evil personified. No time for that though, we have information to uncover. Shockingly McKenna won't talk to Abbie so Jenny goes in for the persuasion. Note to self: implying she's a 'cop' - bad or otherwise - is the quickest way to get your face slammed through a counter. Dude, Carmella's not just a treasure hunter, she's a killer. Yeah, the teeth kinda gave it away. Know what else gives things away? Glowing angel charms and Crane finds it. Oh no, you do not get to keep secrets from me, not while I have my wife and everything back. So Mr. Hawley is a criminal raised by a criminal who is also a monster. Apple, tree. And he stole the blueprints to Knox's estate because Knox was a Revolutionary War hero after all. Drink. And he was infatuated with puzzles making him the Father of Drunk Jenga.

Hawley delivers the blueprints so we good now? Oh Nicky, not even close. The Vetala turned me into a killer, I need the artifact from Knox's vault to make me human again and I have to say that guest star Jaime Murray is amazing at influencing people. One and done. Pinky swear. Of course 'one and done' could also mean 'one and dead.'

Crane and Abbie are still sniping at each other and man, even 250 years ago people didn't know how to communicate. Speaking of communication, Cynthia let's Frank know that she's scared by his return so how's about they go visit Katrina, just to be sure nothing came back with him?

Apparently Mr. Knox isn't too concerned about party crashers as security is non-existent. All the better for Crane, party of three to not get separated until they do. Well done you guys, that took all of three minutes to blow that strategy. Y'all, it's not a real party unless there are belly dancers. Party planners of the world, take note. While Jenny tails Hawley to One-Eyed Willie's lair, Abbie and Crane stalk Carmella, well, at least until Crane's waylaid by Knox who clearly covets his 15th century bow. In a fit of pique, Abbie just goes off on her own and man, you two gotta hash this out. Jenny tries to appeal to Hawley's sense of loyalty and in return he locks her in the closet. Carmella gets what she wants, a statue of Kali, and Abbie, I don't think your bullets will work here. Hawley steps in to broker a deal that the Witnesses will promise not to follow them if he goes with Carmella. Hawley, you faithless privateer. Aw son, no Mills for you now. Locked in the vault, Abbie and Crane finally get stuff in the open: you left without me, well you said not to split up. well you have Orion's gem. Nice, we're finally getting somewhere.

To say thanks, Carmella drugs Hawley. See man, this is what you get for trusting Stahma Tarr. There has to be a way out of this vault, Knox would have built in a failsafe. The tree of life! This is the panel; choose the correct symbol and we go free, choose wrong we die. So, totally like "The Goonies." Crane, I'm sorry I kept Orion's gem without telling you. And Leftenant, I'm sorry I decided that Abraham was worth saving without consulting you. We must tend to our bond lest surely it shall perish. Wait, are you having a moment? I am but alas, twas more of a senior moment as level two defenses were activated. Well, how did they get out of this in "Star Wars?" They had robots Crane. Eh, just hit another button; seriously, what do you have left to lose at this point? You guys, it's always the symbol for gold. Every time. Remember that.

Okay, who had 'use the Kali statue to turn people into more Vetala' in the betting pool? Carmella lied to you Hawley? I'm shocked. Shocked. Yes, there's a line to kick Hawley's ass but it might have to wait until his upgrade's complete. Luckily though, Katrina-free Crane and Mills figure out the key - fire and iron together can slay the she-beast.

Whoops should have warned you about the reinforcements there Crane. You'll need more than one flaming arrow now. You better hurry because Carmella's starting to talk dirty to Hawley. Looks like we've got trust back as Crane launches an arrow in Abbie's general direction. Jenny's all, back off bitch, those abs are mine. Kill it with fire! And iron. Dammit Hawley, you let her get away. Later Hawley appears in the archives to give Jenny the 'it's not you, it's me' talk as he can't put her at risk again. Welp, things aren't so hot down there, how's about things between Crane and Abbie. We good? We are if we tend to our bond. Now, we must karaoke. They break out 'Proud Mary' and I'm sure it was originally written by Lafayettte to sing John Paul Jones to sleep or something.

Cynthia brings Frank to Katrina and after warning her that she might want to step away, Katrina asks Frank if he's seen her son. Oh snap, she's using him a conduit to Henry and this will prove to be her fatal flaw. He doesn't know so, sorry lady. Oh well, it was worth a try. Now drink this. He flashes back but nothing is useful according to Katrina the Useless Witch. You see, magic bound you to the Horseman of War but I can't see how you came back to life. Rather than looking pleased, she's put out which means she's about to go off the reservation again. Cynthia takes no news as good news but this may be a problem as Irving no longer has a reflection. So what is he?

Net week on "Sleepy Hollow" we get the Salem witch trials redux and can only hope that this time they deal with Katrina. Join us on Fox next Monday, February 2 at 9 p.m. ET for 'Spellcaster.'