Fox Confirms Talks of an 'X-Files' Reboot

Scully & Mulder ponder this reboot idea
In yet another attempt to jump on the reboot wagon, the powers that be over at Fox look like they may want to capture again the magic that was "The X-Files." The series was quite a supernatural hit and ran from 1993-2002. This old gal may have been a little obsessed with the show and shed a tear or two thousand when it ended so this is good news, right? Maybe?

Entertainment Weekly reports that, "...the network’s leadership says they are seriously chasing a reboot of The X-Files..." The good news is, they (meaning Fox chairman and CEOs Dana Walden and Gary Newman) want Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny back as Agents Scully and Mulder as well as series creator, Chris Carter to be on board. Bad news is, these are busy folks who have have other projects to which they must attend.

Gary Newman confirmed, "It’s true that we’ve had some conversations on X-Files. We’re hopeful of being able to bring that back at some point.” Dana Walden added, "Gary and I both worked [at 20th Century Fox Television] through the entire run of 'The X Files.' It was a great experience. We’ve maintained good relationships with Chris, David and Gillian. We’re very hopeful, but it’s hard. The actors are very busy. They have a lot going on. Chris has a lot on his plate, so it’s just trying to carve out the time."

So, the discussion has been confirmed but that's about it at this point. Contractual obligations must be cleared but should this happen at all? When "The X-Files" aired, it was a pretty novel show and there really weren't many fictional, hour-long shows airing at this time. Now there are plenty from which to choose. Sound familiar, "Ghostbusters" reboot people? Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see what Mulder and Scully are up to but maybe they should just continue to live in our imaginations?

What say you about the idea of a reboot? Sound off as to why a new "The X-Files" TV series should be resurrected like Lazarus or put to rest.

-Larissa Mrykalo