Rhode Island Brewery Celebrates Lovecraft with New Brews

Courtesy Narragansett Beer
One of Providence, Rhode Island's most famous sons is getting his own line of brews thanks to Narragansett Beer. H.P. Lovecraft and his works have inspired a new line and the first, Lovecraft Honey Ale, will be released on January 19.

Narragansett is pairing with another RI brewery, Revival Brewing, to produce the upcoming four beers. Narragansett Beer President Mark Hellendrung states, “We’re celebrating our 125th anniversary here and this is kind of an extension of what we’ve been trying to do at the brewery, bringing back this great brand through a historical lens and local authenticity. One of our ‘Gansett Girls is actually a librarian and she had this idea, knowing that Lovecraft’s birthday was in 1890, the same year our brewery was founded. We thought it was a great way to give Sean Larkin, our brewmaster, a platform to really experiment with different styles of beer.”

Hellendrung also said, “This one is really a prologue about H.P. Lovecraft himself. We picked one of his stories, ‘The Festival,’ where there’s a space mead consumed by a winged creature. What’s great about craft beer is that it’s really breaking the style boundaries and guidelines. So, this is Sean’s interpretation of a modern day honey mead through the medium of a beer.”

According to Boston Magazine, "The Lovecraft Honey Ale is brewed with Summit and El Dolorado hops, honey, and five different types of malt, including honey malt. Hellendrung describes the beer as a 'full-bodied ale that’s very hop-intense.' The beer clocks in at a respectable seven percent alcohol by volume (ABV) and has artwork provided by graphic designer A.J. Paglia."

The next chapter in this Brewstory will go darker with an “Innsmouth” old ale that's based on his novella, "The Shadow Over Innsmouth." It's set to be released in April.

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-Larissa Mrykalo