International Trailer for James Wan's 'Demonic'

Movies about demons, possession, inhuman spirits and the like are a dime a dozen these days but when James Wan (The Conjuring) is attached (get it? attached? never mind) I'll take an interest. The international trailer for Demonic was recently released and even though it has the usual suspects (pretty people looking for paranormal activity), it may have some redeeming qualities.

The film is directed by Will Canon with the story by Wan and stars Maria Bello as a psychologist and Frank Grillo as a police detective. They're investigating the "deaths of five people who were killed while trying to summon ghosts." The trailer offers some genuinely creepy footage but we want your opinion. Have you had your fill of demons or are you rooting for Hollywood to keep possessing theaters? We're still waiting on a release date for Demonic, but we'll keep you posted.

-Larissa Mrykalo