'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: 'Paradise Lost'

Courtesy Fox

Hey all, welcome back! Did you have a good holiday? Just to get everyone on the same page, Hawley was babysitting Abraham, Henry killed Moloch for not loving him enough and Katrina survived (dammit.) Let's do this.

After the battle against Moloch, the crew wakes in the woods to find Henry gone. This...is rather unlike him. Crane can't rest though, there must be some evil to fight that doesn't include speaking to Katrina. Abbie humors him but is clearly thinking about the future post-Witness. It may be important but it sure doesn't pay very well. You know the old saying that if you look hard enough for trouble you'll find it? Well they do in the form of demons looking to summon their master but out of the darkness who should arrive but Batman, er, Orion. Crane shockingly doesn't immediately take to the new arrival but that could be because Katrina just decided she needed him. Leftenant, hang with our feathered friend please. TTFN.

The big emergency? Oh, Katrina thinks she can separate Abraham's soul from the Horseman and bring him back to the good side but she needs his help. And a gallon of milk from the store. Sure, Crane will go right along with this plan. Meanwhile Abbie is chatting up Orion. He's on a mission from God (sorry) to round up and destroy all the evil beings that were released from Purgatory when Moloch died. Abbie of course has pressing questions, mostly in the 'what's the big guy upstairs like' and 'is anything in the bible true' vein. Abigail, don't waste his time with trifling matters; he has to hunt down Death and guess who knows where he is? This could be problematic or we'll get lucky and be rid of Katrina and Abraham in one fell swoop.

Spoiler alert: we're never that lucky.

Hey Abbie, remember your sister Jenny? She of the research abilities? Yeah, you stood her up but I need a favor sis. I'll make it up to you. I need to find out about Orion which means bringing in Hawley. What I like about him is that he never arrives empty-handed. This time he has a demon-tracking egg with amazing cock-block powers. Meanwhile, Abbie brings Angel-boy to the secret lair and finds out that huh, Witnesses were supposed to, you know, 'witness' and not necessarily be the ground troops. This is why you always need to read the fine print. Apparently Katrina and Orion shared Purgatory together and George Washington is mentioned so you know what to do. Orion wants to kill Headless/Abraham, Katrina wants to save Abraham/Headless and to the surprise of no one, Crane and Abbie are on different sides. Where did Katrina go? Oh, to see the prisoner if by 'see' you mean 'spring him out of supernatural jail.' Orion is...not pleased and only slightly less teed off is Crane. Is this the end of Crane/Katrina? We can but hope.

The Abbie/Crane/Katrina triangle of crushed dreams finally gets some airtime and shocker, we remain at status quo. But this isn't the only relationship drama, oh no! Jenny and Hawley decide to rehash what might have been and Hawley admits that he screwed up big time but when he smashes the egg in demonstration of how he blows up every relationship what do they find but a seeing stone that points to the carriage house as the new abode of Headless. Well that was certainly fortuitous. I bet Quantico is looking pretty darn good right now, huh Abbie? She summons Orion with the magical amulet he gave her and goes to take him to find Headless when Crane calls with the news that hey, maybe Angel-boy isn't all he's cracked up to be, seeing that he always arrives in the weeks before great catastrophes. So is his presence in Sleepy Hollow benevolent or the catalyst? Too late to back out now; it's off to the carriage house, a place of great mystical power where Headless shall smelt everything.

Ah, so angels do not spend time in Purgatory for no reason, eh? When all the baddies were released upon  Moloch's demise, so too were wayward angels. This goes a long way towards explaining why Orion has crossed over into crazy-land, telling Abbie that he has to kill Headless so he can absorb the power of Death and become judge, jury and executioner on earth to rid the world of those who are not worthy. Like Katrina. Not that Abbie is necessarily opposed to this but is bit apprehensive about this new plan. Orion isn't listening to reason so he and Headless go at it while Abbie and Crane fight the demon guards. Headless gets hit with the Frisbee of Power but we can only deal with the crazy we know so Leftenant, you distract the homicidal angel by shooting him while I save Headless and destroy the frisbee. Final score? Orion gets away, Headless is still armed and Katrina interferes. He's still pissed though and won't be locked up so we have detente. Splendid.

Katrina and Crane have the (long overdue) discussion they've needed to; he's a tad perturbed that she used their marriage as a bargaining chip and is frustrated that she never knew that he was on her side. Maybe it's time to redefine things a bit because girlfriend is burning bridges left and right. Abbie and Crane clear the air in a much more productive and professional manner when she notices that Orion's amulet looks a lot like the Frisbee of Power. I'm sure that will have no bearing on anything.

A barefoot someone stumbles into a convenience store and my first thought was that Orion was trying to infiltrate society again but it's Irving! A milk-guzzling zombie Irving but still! Oh Captain my Captain!

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