'Super-Fan Builds' Dreams Up a Batmobile Stroller

You know how parents think their child is the awesomest in all the land? Imagine if you're bragging about your toddler and the Joneses you're trying to keep up with whip out their kid's Batmobile stroller and ask you to go for a walk. Your argument is then rendered 'invalid.'

According to Toyland.Gizmodo.com, the team that brought us that Groot swing everyone couldn't stop talking about (because it was awesome), created a fully functional (yet non-folding) Batmobile stroller based on the "Tumbler Batmobile from the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy." The teams is called Super-Fan Builds and the video is embedded below so you can check out what they did.

Now to get our nerdy little hands on one...even if we don't have a Batbaby.

-Larissa Mrykalo