'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: 'Pittura Infamante'

Courtesy Fox

When we cold open on a new character, we know they are not long for this world and that honor tonight goes to a man named Grant as he's cleaning a painting when it starts bleeding. Bandages, stat! Le'ts do this.

It's date night for the estranged Mr. and Mrs. Crane...at a historical society. You know what's fun? Bowling. Bowling is fun. They should do that. Anyway, Abbie gives Crane good advice to not mention the Founding Fathers, Ben Franklin or his fling with Betsey Ross. Oops. Crane knows Grant, the restorer because of course he does and Katrina was totally besties with Abigail Adams whose house they're at because of course she was. Date night's interrupted by Katrina being impacted by magic and a presence. Nice try but still not liking her. Moving on.

Abbie's working late when zombie Irving (Zirving?) comes by and is immediately arrested, you know, for jail break and cop killing. Oh, hey boss. Meanwhile Katrina's having a flashback during dinner where she communed with Abigail. Maybe lay off the wine a bit there dear? The painting attacks Grant and strings him up. That certainly didn't take long. Geez, can't take you two anywhere.

Against Reyes' orders, Abbie questions Irving because man, you died. They think you're a cop killer who's been on the run the past six weeks. She's also advising Crane to investigate and quickly before Reyes gets there...too late. It's cool though as they're invited to investigate. Looks like Reyes isn't immune to Crane's charms either. Wouldn't you know, Grant's death was identical to a series of unsolved murders from 1781 that Abigail Adams investigated with Katrina's help. A surgeon making the cut? A quest!

Irving's trying to make sense of what's going on. Let me explain. No, there is too much, let me sum up: we won but there was a cost - you died and were buried and your family is grieving you. Your soul belongs to the Horseman of War so if you're here, that means Henry's back. She can't trust him so to protect everyone, she has to leave him there. I get it Abbie but cold. as. ice.

The painting's subject holds a knife dripping with fresh blood. Hm, it would have to be a surgeon or artist to have such an interest in the human form. Uh oh, shouldn't have breathily whispered so loud Katrina as the painting turned to look at them. You're next dude. Wait, this is an ancient selfie by a transient artist named James Colby. He disappeared in 1782 so clearly is planning his resurrection by finishing the unfinished work. Guys, Colby's now missing from the painting and I'm wondering when we got to Hogwarts. We need a distraction, snog me! Okay, Katrina, you keep an eye on the desk, I have to find event curator Miller as we've also touched the painting thereby calling Colby to us.

Abbie clues Jenny into Irving's return but is being extremely cautious - this ain't her first rodeo with a resurrected friend (coughBrookscough) and lays down the law that Irving might need to die.Again. They need some supernatural weaponry to possibly take him down so Jenny, you are on Hawley duty for the Holy Crossbow of Antioch or something like that. Afterwards, she shows Irving's wife Cynthia him on the live feed from the interrogation room. Strange decision there Abbie but okay, we'll roll with it.

Crane gets Miller to admit that he believed Grant about hearing voices from the painting because he heard them too. Dude, you are part of the worst club ever so you'd better listen to Crane and not try to run off. Like that. Le sigh.  Katrina communes with Abigail as she's completely incapable of following simple instructions when she discovers letters in a secret drawer in the desk. Right, no one has ever found that oh so cleverly hidden drawer. She's alone and we hope that Colby is coming after her but alas, our prayers are not answered. She sees him on the loose with his knife sporting a very jaunty blood mask. I expect those will be all the rage next season.

Jenny's digging, looking for bullets that can kill the undead. Bullets which are buried in the body, not just with the gun. Hawley must have forgotten to mention that part to her. It's very squelchy and Jenny is going to need a huge reward and a whole lotta therapy. Miller didn't listen to Crane and ran and has been drug into the painting. Katrina ain't got no time for that, there are Abigail's letters to read! Well, fine, this time it was a bit useful that Abigail solved the crimes and trapped Colby in the painting. Let's get it out of here! And now it's an art heist. Way to blast your way out of Reyes' good graces there Crane. What are we going to do? Enter the painting of course.

Jenny sees Irving upon her return to the precinct and gives Abbie the body bullets. He doesn't need a physical, he needs a supernatural exam. Maybe Katrina can do it. After they stop laughing, they agree it's a start and can make her slightly less useless. Crane and Katrina wander around the painting. Okay, you're there, now how exactly do you plan on stopping Colby? They found Miller and by some miracle he's only Mostly Dead. Great news except Colby pulled a Hellraiser and is resurrected from the blood. Uh, Katrina, please to be getting us out of here. Not now Crane, she doesn't work well under pressure. Destroy the painting! Kill it with fire! Crane's almost sucked into the painting when who should show up but Leftenant Mills. Aw yeah Abbie! How did you know to show up? You didn't answer your phone.

Reyes is pissed at Abbie disobeying her by talking to Irving. Crane and Katrina bond over Abigails and find a new state of being together. Blech.  Abbie apologizes to Reyes but now there may be evidence to free Irving, thereby undermining 'Operation Keep Irving Locked Up Until We Know If He's Evil Or Not.' Um, crap.

Next week on "Sleepy Hollow," we get Hawley's back story where he was raised by a criminal who is also a monster. Color all of us shocked. Tune in to Fox next Monday at 9 p.m. ET for "Kali Yuga."