'Face Off' Recap: 'Queen Bees'

All photos courtesy Syfy

Ten contestants remain and this week's challenge has them getting up close and personal with nature in all of its au naturel glory. Get your popcorn ready folks because it's about to be Unhappy Naked Time. Let's do this.

Rayce is concerned that his team has dropped the past two Spotlight Challenges but he's confident that his remaining team members are equal to the task. This is what's known as 'foreshadowing.'

Foundation Challenge
The contestants are to use a hat to inspire an original character of their own. Special guest judge for this challenge is Lois Burwell and she's looking for technique, skill, and a clean make-up. The prize for winning this challenge is immunity in the spotlight challenge. If they only knew exactly how much is on the line.

Logan - Ship's hat so he made a dead ship's captain. Yeah, I don't know either.
Rob - Top hat so naturally he went with an evil Pinocchio
Emily - She chose a chandelier so made and emperor's daughter
Kelly - Some sort of giant busy box so she did a Willy Wonka of the toy world
Jamie- evil Victorian
Darla - nomadic warrior

Best - Rob, Emily
Winner - Emily for her understanding of color, form, and shape. She earns immunity in next spotlight challenge...which is right now!

Spotlight Challenge
Adam is not thrilled with being outdoors at the Candy Ranch which has been featured in film and TV. The background today is that mankind has always been fascinated by royalty. But social strata exists in other species. Like insects. The spotlight challenge this week is working in teams of two, select an insect and a habitat and create a Queen and worker. The twist (because you knew there would be one) is that the entire challenge will take place outdoors. In the forest. Body painting nude models. Crickets. (I'll show myself out.) On the plus side though, no molds to break so there's that. Their body-painting mentor this week is Season Two contestant Nick Herrera. The final looks will be photographed in the habitat and shown to the judges the next day on the reveal stage. You have five and a half hours. Go!

Darla/Stephanie - Jewel beetle - Laura gives them advice to make the male model the wingspan.
Logan/Julian - Cuckoo wasp. It's a striking insect and their first thought is to have the male blend into the background as a larva. Which they haven't seen. Solid plan guys.
Kelly/Ben - European Hornet - Anthony is giving them a LOT of direction and Ben is clearly chafing at it.
Adam/Rob - Ladybug - You guys need to crisp it up and make it pop.
Emily/Jamie - Honey Bee - Emily wants to incorporate the honeycomb pattern on the Queen. Eh, go for it. You have immunity.

Apparently no one is or has ever been a body painter. Have...have you all NOT seen "Face Off" before?

Last Looks
Emily/Jamie just do some feathering but they are in a really good spot. They work so well together.

Reveal Stage
Loga/Julian - They've incorporated the male as the bottom part of the wasp. It's metallic and crisp and really kind of creepy.
Stephanie/Darla - tiger eyes and wings coming out of her head.
Adam/Rob - weirdest lady bug. The face is a mess of mardi gras mask and harlequin blocking.
Emily/Jamie - two different characters. The honeycomb worked and it's a complete tableau.
Kelly/Ben - a lemur with what is clearly a Gorn companion. There is just so much 'No' in this.

Like Logan's wasp painting. They weren't thrilled with the underused male model in Stephanie and Darla's though they did pull off the translucency they were after. The ladybug is a hot mess but they loved the striation and detail on the honeybees that Jamie and Emily painted. Kelly's European Hornet has a muzzle which is driving Ve Neill to distraction.

Top Looks
Logan/Julian - the judged loved the color and painting of the character and the iridescence really came through.

Emily/Jamie - They loved the honeybee face make up and how they created an insect feel in broken up panels.

Darla/Stephanie - They didn't take advantage of the second model and made a big mistake on not camouflaging the model's breasts as it accentuates the human form, not insectoid.

Rob/Adam - She's not queenly and looks like a county fair face painting booth. They missed the opportunity to make her beautiful.
Ben/Kelly - The lack of teamwork was readily apparent and Glenn hated the overall concept. It's basic but team challenges require teamwork to succeed. Who knew?!

Winner - Logan

Eliminated - Rob
Team Old Folks is done. I thought that Ben should have been eliminated though; he's all too eager to throw others under the bus.

Team Rayce picked up a win but also dropped a contestant for the third week in a row so I am both happy and sad for you.

Current Team Standings
Team Rayce - Adam, Logan
Team Anthony - Ben, Jamie, Kelly
Team Laura - Stephanie, Julian, Emily, Darla

Next week the contestants are getting back in their groove creating stylish and intelligent horror villains. Tune in March 3 at 9 p.m. ET for 'Dressed to Kill' only on Syfy.