'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: 'Tempus Fugit'

Courtesy tv.com

Last week Katrina went full-on evil after the death of Henry so of course the only logical thing to do was head to the past and not save Ichabod in the first place but Abbie hitched a ride and ended up in colonial Sleepy Hollow which, given it was a good 200 years before the Civil Rights Act, well, let's just say it's not a happy match. I'm not ready to say good-bye to Crane, Abbie, Jenny or Irving yet (though Katrina can go hang for all I care.) (See what I did there?) Let's do this.

On the fateful battlefield, Crane is given notice that a strange woman has information for him that will change the course of the war. Sigh. Fine, what do you want? I know of your special mission and the Hessian. By pulling him off the battlefield, Crane missed his date with destiny and Katrina is distraught that Crane isn't in the hospital for her to kill. Ungrateful bastard. Dude, I'm trying to save your life and the world here. All right, the short version: you were supposed to die on the battlefield and end up in suspended animation until we meet 200 years in the future and now things are screwed up so we have to unscrew it. You know, no big deal.

The Colonel wants Abbie in the camp for runaway slaves and she's clearly not jazzed about that. Crane has her released to his custody and takes her by carriage to the camp while Abbie tries a last-ditch effort to win him over. How can you prove what you say is true? Well, there's the whole Crane/Katrina/Abraham/engagement necklace debacle and Crane and Katrina end up together. Dude, come on, Washington, Jefferson and Franklin can back up my story. What a day, not only does she have to thwart Apocalypse: Part the Eighth but convince Crane that they are working together to do so.

In the aftermath of the battle, the Hessian looks for Crane but finds Katrina instead. Crane and Mills must both die so let me help you find them and kill them. Go big or go home, amirite? Crane and Abbie head to town to meet with Ben Franklin who is very interested in how famous he became as she works the flattery angle. Crane still isn't drinking the Kool-Aid when Franklin tells him that Ms. Abigail Mills is the embodiment of the American Dream, what they are fighting for. Oh, and there's a witch involved who of course is Crane's wife. Please don't tell him that yet. All right but how can I reverse the Traveler's Spell? The only way is to go to Mrs. Grace Dixon at Frederick's Manor. She'll know how to reverse the spell. Oh dear, looks like the Hessian has found them and alas, Franklin is the casualty this time in a throwback to the very first episode where Corbin lost his head. I guess the universe had to even out the death count but Crane isn't taking the loss of his mentor very well. I mean, who will discover electricity now?! Thanks a lot Katrina.

And now Abbie's back in jail. Franklin's dead because of you! All right, fine, I didn't want to bring this up but the Hessian's ally? The witch is your wife Katrina. Well played Leftenant. You've just guaranteed yourself a very long jail sentence. As if Crane's day couldn't get any worse, he's relieved of duty for not taking Abbie to the camp as directed. Defeated, he returns home and sees herbs set out. Because he's not stupid, he knows they are for childbirth and wonders if she is pregnant. Well, yes, but you'll not find that out from her. She levitates a knife to drive into his back when he's saved by the bell, er knock. General Washington needs to see you immediately. All right, you go on ahead, I have a stop to make first.

Where are Mills' personal effects? Crane is going to do some digging (finally!) He comes across her ID and phone and remembers that she told him that his birthday was her password to find the pictures of them. Okay, I want a phone battery that can withstand time travel. Technology befuddles Crane no matter what century he's in. Work fast man as the Colonel is going to visit Abbie himself who is trying to escape the cell, so it's a race against time. Crane finally activates the phone after cracking the screen and finds the pictures and video selfie of them together while Colonel Asshole gets a bit too close for Abbie's comfort so she takes him down. Everything she has said is true! Now, we just have to get to Frederick's Manor and find Grace Dixon. He's still trying to reconcile the Katrina he knew with the vengeful, er, witch, she's become. Don't worry Crane, we are all blind to what we don't want to see.

Let's see if we can set things right, what'ever right is now. Katrina patches up the Colonel after his beatdown by Abbie. Oh, you have some of her blood on you? Excellent, they're headed to Frederick's Manor. How exactly did you know this? It's simple really, I'm a witch now die infidel!.

Grace welcomes Abbie and Crane to Frederick's Manor and takes it all in stride meeting her descendant. In fact, she's taking it a lot better than Crane did. She can reverse the spell but it will take a lot of power and will drain the wards guarding the house so they'll be vulnerable to attack. Crane offers himself up as bait but Abbie needs to stay with Grace for it to work. What, are you afraid of a little thunder and lightning? I'm not overly fond of what comes after it as it carries a very sharp ax. It will be a pleasure to make your acquaintance in the future Miss Mills. I'd really prefer you'd call me 'Leftenant', now, let's hug it out.

Abbie's torn; she has to help Grace but also wants to help Crane who's going up against both the Hessian and Katrina who is no longer the struggle witch. Apparently embracing the dark side of the force freed up her powers. Who knew? Abbie, the most important pages of my journal are the last ones, those are the ones you'll write as the most crucial battles lie ahead. The universe demands balance and so it happens on the lawn as it was supposed to happen on the battlefield. The Hessian gets the upper hand and just as he's about to remove Crane's head, Grace finishes the spell that Abbie reads and blows magic dust at her, freezing and righting time and sending Katrina into the mother of all temper tantrums. They're going back!

With the timeline restored, time travel has done nothing to improve Katrina's temper and Abbie receives the full force of her fury. Forced to choose, Crane struggles with Katrina and stabs her. That's what you get for relying so heavily on magic there dear. She sees Jeremy/Henry as she's dying, not acknowledging her husband at all so no deathbed confessions or requests for absolution. Crane is utterly destroyed and you know Abbie's thinking it's about damn time we got rid of her useless ass. A cured Frank and Jenny show up and while they're all rocked to their foundations, Abbie reminds them of what Grace said in 1781 - that the most crucial battle of all is yet to come because really, Abraham/Headless is still out there, now without Katrina to act as a calming influence. Abraham! Oh man, he's going to be pissed. Not to mention there are two more Horsemen out there but without a guiding demon so the destruction will reign supreme.  Abbie tells Crane that he didn't have a choice in killing Katrina but he did have a choice. They all did and she chose...poorly. Fare thee well Katrina. You ready Captain? Ready, Leftenant.

Thus ends Season Two of "Sleepy Hollow." As of this writing, Fox has not committed to a season three but with characters this compelling, not to mention that there are three African-American lead actors in a prime-time show, and such a rich history to pull from, I'm crossing every phalange that we'll receive good news in May. Until then Sleepyheads, remember you always have choices. Make them good ones.