'Helix' Recap: 'M. Domestica'

Courtesy Syfy

When we left off, Jules was chasing Caleb who stole Hatake's sword, Michael killed Agnes because there is another Immortal and her whole life has been based on a lie, Alan was captured, broke free, and was captured again, Amy's in the evil honey business and Peter just dug himself a hole he'll never get out of. Oh, and what's going on with the Zombie Fungus Folks in the woods? Y'all ready? Let's do this.

Two someones are enjoying a roll in the hay and those someones are Julia and...Sergio? Anana, we hardly knew ye. Seriously, is there anyone left that she hasn't slept with because damn girl. Except she calls Alan's name, not Sergio's. Or Peter's. Huh, guess you weren't that great after all Peter. That sound you heard was the remainder of Peter's ego sailing over Niagra Falls. She's missed the board meeting because pleasure before business or some nonsense like that. It's a pretty big deal as Ilaria is tired of human mucking up the planet and so Operation Release the Narvik-C is on the table for launching. Don't think of it as genocide, think of it as more of a 'cleansing.' Julia's been working on a non-lethal version but that's 50 - 100 years off and Immortals certainly don't have time like that to wait. Fine, let's put it to a vote: all in favor of wiping out humanity say 'Aye.' And the 'Ayes' have it. Well this is certainly awkward.

With Agnes joining the Wall of Matriarchs, Michael goes into full-blown despair mode with Anne comforting him. They will prevail because Michael will take care of them, her sister-mother can rest in peace. And with that we are all incredibly squicked out.

Sarah comes out of her drugged state to head back to the lab where she finds Alan. Handcuffed. Kyle is outed as a spy but is incredibly unconcerned about it as there's science to do y'all. Annoyed at their lack of progress, Alan informs them that the place to look is at M. Domestica, otherwise known as the common apple. Duh, sample the apple trees for the pollen. My god, what do they teach at Texas A&M?!

Keeping the despair in the family, Amy questions the never questioning as required by Michael. Doesn't Anne find it the least bit suspicious that Agnes died of a 'stroke' immediately after going to confront Michael with the news of another silver eye? Fine, Amy's not completely stupid and is really not looking forward to her next birthday when she'll have 'give herself' to Michael to produce a daughter. The collective 'Ewwww!' could be heard 'round the world. Don't care darlin', you must do your incestuous duty to ensure that the line remains unbroken and as inbred as humanly possible.

Wow, Peter's been in the oubliette since last week? At least he has a visitor now in Michael who is really only interested in his eyes...and any other information he could provide. Ah, perhaps you need a bit more convincing; here, let me introduce you to your brother rats. Meanwhile Amy's not going to get down with the program and wants the disease to get so bad that it strips Michael's power away. But how to convince Landry to help? Cop a feel and deploy the honey! Undercover of Agnes's memorial service, as Michael eulogizes her way with berries, Landry spikes half of them before serving to the rest of the mourners. Mmm. Tainted love.

Kyle's taking pollen samples when all hell breaks loose at the colony. Trying to restrain some of the infected villagers, he goes and gets beat up again. Worst not-so-secret agent ever. Alan takes charge because that's what he does and Anne actually listens to him. Kind of. At any rate, lock em up and, oh, I don't know, pray?

At Ilaria headquarters, Julia details their defeat to Sergio who is so not thrilled that she's asking him to double-cross the rest of the Immortals. Uh, Jules? You know how they deal with traitors, right? Don't be such a baby; here, have the Narvik antidote. Keep it secret; keep it safe.

Kyle is incredibly resistant to accepting Alan's help but you need it as Sarah isn't as healed as she thinks she is. Finally he acquiesces as Anne is refusing to use sedative on the infected since it might derail them from their paths. Anne, you need to lay off the Kool-Aid there hon. Michael deigns to put his quarrel with 'Jerome' aside and authorizes the use of sedatives. You see, it's awfully hard to keep control of people who are turning into lemon-curd zombies. When that wears off, use Agnes's valerian skullcap tea. That Agnes, so helpful even in death.

Hey, remember when Olivia stabbed Sarah? Turns out she didn't get away with it. She's been locked up in solitary confinement and has had a lot of time to think about whom to blame for Soren's disappearance; it's the CDC of course! Since Amy never has an ulterior motive for anything, she completely accidentally forgets to fully shut the cell's door after wishing the CDC would just go away. Bye Olivia!

Can we stop panicking and start thinking? Good. Okay, all the infected were exposed to the pathogen simultaneously at the memorial service where they ate the hybrid berries Agnes had created. Peter attempts a prison break but fails miserably so at least his record is still intact. Stay there Peter, you'll be safer what with Amy's Army massing in the basement led by Recruitment Director Olivia. Having a purpose after a major life change is so important.

Michael returns to taunt Peter and he wants to know about Sarah. Particularly how she got to be 'special'. See, I don't know because I was kind of out of it doing my whole 'Vector King' routine. Oh dear, that's too bad. Maybe some more time will jog your memory. Wait! He doesn't know about Sarah but her baby, she thinks it's an Immortal. And just like that Peter is valuable again. Too valuable to release so make yourself comfortable with your rat brethren there man. Peter's never met a bus he hasn't tried to throw someone under.

Since Landry is Michael's right-hand man and Amy's whipped boy, he hears about Sarah and tells Amy who naturally wonders how she can use this to her advantage. Since she was born without the silver eyes, her only purpose is to bear Michael a daughter in the hopes it will be like him. Landry's really starting to feel the strain of being pulled in opposite directions as he's done a lot of bad things for her with no assurance of a 'them.' Well Landry, I feel pretty darn confident that if you side with Michael, there will absolutely be no 'them.' They'll have another little chat again soon, once he's had time to reflect on where his loyalties lie.

Julia returns to her rooms at Ilaria's headquarters to find that the head lady who overrode her efforts earlier waiting for her with wine and coq au vin and a warning that her plan to inform the CDC will fail. Dammit Sergio! Oh darling, it wasn't him, though thanks for outing him and all, you are just too new at the whole Immortal game. Boss lady doesn't particularly relish the idea of only have silver eyes for company or exterminating humanity. Here, have a card. Meet this person tomorrow for a chance to stop the genocide. Oh, I do hope you're not vegan. Man, I wish I had 100 years to devote to perfecting a dish. Oh, and saving humanity too.

Amy and Anne are stopped by Michael and Landry. After questioning Amy, Michael has Landry search a locker and finds a coat with an empty jar of honey in it. Whose is it? Anne? How could you. Oh, very well done Landry; I didn't think you had that level of subtlety in you but you do know which side your bread is 'buttered' on. Come darling, we need to 'talk.' Move over Peter, you might be having some company joining you soon.

Jules goes to meet her mysterious contact to thwart the Immortals. After bungling it, her contact is revealed to be a kid, Mme Durant. Oh, and did you know that they can morph sizes? At any rate, you can't change the system from within so let me put you in touch with another renegade Immortal who is working on a promising treatment. Gee, I wonder who that could be.... Olivia orchestrates a full-infirmary breakout, blaming the CDC for everything. Whoa there Olivia; I think it's about time you engaged in some introspection here. Gazing sadly at the empty infirmary, Alan is knocked out by Landry with the Time Machine gas because no one ever checks their six. I don't like Landry but dude deserves a raise here. Or at least more than a rubber glove.

Analyzing the apple tree pollen, Sarah discovers that the pollen is positive for the fungus but the mycotoxin that's in the honey isn't in the apples. Curiouser and curiouser. A strangely disjointed Alan requests Kyle's 'help' so off he goes because he's a good boy scout leaving Sarah all alone with a possessed Alan who has gained super human strength as he picks her up by the neck and starts choking her. Man, I guess he really didn't want to be a father.

Next week Sarah's on an operating table. Again and Peter and Alan have joined forces against Michael. I think, it was hella dark. Tune in to Syfy on Friday, February 27 for 'Cross Pollination' at 10 p.m. ET.