'Face Off' Recap: 'Troll Bridge'

These are not the trolls you are looking for.
Courtesy childrenofthenineties.blogspot.com

Eleven contestants remain for a trip to Fantasyland and actor Doug Jones is in the house! Let's do this.

Anthony has been in the bottom looks twice in a row now and is hella nervous so gets the narrative edit. He doesn't want to go home and newsflash bro, no one does. But enough about him, it's time for a field trip...to the LA river which if we're being honest here looks less like a river and more like a storm drain. No matter, tis a famous Hollywood site but more importantly, has bridges. And what goes with bridges but trolls?

For their Spotlight Challenge, they are each to pick an iconic bridge and create the troll that lives beneath it. Oh, and make sure to include the city and cultural setting into the creation as well because Doug Jones will be coaching your models on how to act like trolls based on your design. So, you know, no pressure or anything. They get to work sketching and all I can think is that I really hope Zuko and Crater-face are not going to race down there again.

Spotlight Challenge

Anthony - Helix Bridge in Singapore
Julian - Corvin Castle Bridge in Transylvania
Stephanie - Corvin Castle Bridge in Transylvania
Jamie - Dragon Bridge in Bali monkey sanctuary
Adam - Dragon Bridge in Bali monkey sanctuary
Logan - Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
Darla - Python Bridge in Amsterdam
Ben - Python Bridge in Amsterdam
Kelly - Tower Bridge in London
Emily - Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
Rob- Tower Bridge in London

If no one does a stoned troll for Amsterdam I'm going to be really disappointed.

Welcome back Mr. Westmore! We missed you last week.

Darla struggles with her concept this week and Coach Laura is concerned that one of her strongest team members is floundering. Anthony has his freakout diva moment which was odd for one who was confident in his design. I have to ask, is anyone remembering the whole county/culture directive? Because that's a thing. .

Molding time so get your drinks ready. Who had Emily in the molding issue pool? You can pick up your winnings at the front desk. Her face mold is locked, the torso mold cracked and how she responds to these challenges will go a long way in determining how far she'll progress in the competition.

Application Day
Doug Jones will be coaching the models on how to move like a troll and sell the character. Let me see your troll face! Sashay, shante. It really makes the characters come alive plus, you know, Abe Sapien. I'm really not feeling Ben's itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot trollkini and Kelly's color palette bleeds together. Gird your loins all because it's time for...

Last Looks
Kelly successful changed her palette, Anthony slaps paint on his GMO Troll and Jamie's reached the stage of just throwing moss at hers. Must got faster y'all; must go faster.

Reveal Stage
Emily - sunset and rocky and really kind of garish in its colors
Darla - stone warriors vibe and it's really just meh
Anthony - spiny head, gray blue and I'm not seeing the whole helix thing
Adam - some stony moss man. Pretty forgettable so he's safe
Julian-  looks like an orc with a food baby
Ben - good lord, there are no words other than she's wearing a floatie
Rob - Gamorhhean butler guard
Kelly - Gorgon harpy
Jamie - Tribal warthog moss man
Stephnie - an Augra/Gollum mash-up
Logan - demon skull bird which took me a moment but I got the San Fran connection

Adam, Darla, Stephanie, Logan, Julian

Top Looks
Kelly - She used model's features and made it one with the bridge. She's not quite a troll but a solidly completed character nonetheless.

Courtesy Syfy

Ben - The judges loved whimsical angle and the courage to be bold. The risk paid off for him.

Courtesy Syfy

Jamie - She sent out a very well done, plausible wood sculpt with a beautiful paint job that Doug said he'd wear on film. Someone find the man a movie, stat!

Courtesy Syfy

Bottom Looks
Anthony - The judges didn't see how the character fits with the bridge and there was a lot of confusion in the sculpt and transitions.
Emily - While they liked the colors she used, they didn't like seeing the abrupt rock transitions. This was just not a good character for the challenge.
Rob - The facial sculpt looked like a pullover mask but the colors were decent.

Coaches Corner
Rayce apologizes for giving his team the advice to not go the classic big nose route. Way to completely sabotage your team there Rayce!

All three top looks this week were from Team Anthony so nice recovery this week guys!

Jamie hands down best work so far. Keep it up!


Current Standings
Team Rayce - Adam, Logan, Rob
Team Anthony - Ben, Jamie, Kelly
Team Laura - Darla, Emily, Julian, Stephanie

Next week the remaining ten contestants head into the woods for a naked body painting spotlight challenge which will not be awkward at all. Join us on February 24 at 9 p.m. ET for 'Queen Bees' only on Syfy.