'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: 'Awakening'

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You guys, things go downhill quickly when you're no longer certain of whom your allies are. Let's do this.

A massive psychic blast rings through the town square possessing three people but it passes as quickly as it arrived. Ah, it was Henry. Enough said. But what is he doing this time? As if that's not enough, Jenny catches up with Crane and Abbie to let them know that Irving's been compromised. My, the news just keeps getting better and better but one crisis at a time please.

The victims were all in the same vicinity but were in total fugue state. Strange, it seemed like Serilda, Andy Brooks and Solomon Kent in that they all exhibited magical powers. And there is this bell here which was cast from the same one as in Philadelphia. The famous crack? Ichabod of course. But it was for a secret mission for General Washington so drink your drink. The bell causes people to display powers of witchcraft so Katrina would be the logical expert except not so much. She's been a bit distant recently, you know, doing blood magic to call Henry to her. The darkness released, he sees her as an ally, not an enemy. I killed Moloch to save you Mother and I have so much to tell you. Tea?

The bell sparks the power of those of witch heritage so every time the the bell rings, witches get their wings. Or spells. Something like that. Henry gives Katrina the tour of his new place and she really really wants to believe him and so engages in some half-hearted questioning about his motives. Oh, I regret my misguided choices; the only thing I want to do now is bring back our kind via the Awakening ritual. Thanks to my useless non-magical father, I can't do it. But as a pure-blood witch, you can! Okay, why? Well, it will give us a powerful coven and allow us to take our rightful places in society. Well, what about your father? Eh, he's not one of us so too bad for him. Hm, will she give up 200 years of what she's believed in because her child asked for her help even if he is an evil psychopath?  You betcha. Advantage: Henry due to wicked strong maternal instinct.

To thwart the bell's power, it needs to be destroyed so off to Home Depot for supplies. Here's the plan: steal the bell, take it below into the tunnels and blow it up. Easy peasy. Well, except for the whole Frank shooting at them thing to stop them from taking the bell. All he wants to know is where his family is. Is that so much to ask? Well, since you requested Jenny hide them, yes. Yes it is. Don't mess with him, he'll shoot to kill. Not if  Jenny shoots you first. He goes down but she neglected to take the head shot so it's off to the races. Meanwhile, Henry and Katrina stroll up for the bell where Crane faces the ugly truth that she chose their psychopathic daddy-issue having son over him. General Washington made a pack with the coven lo these many years ago in exchange for their help in winning the war and now it's time to collect on that promise. How could I have ever thought that a mere mortal man and I could make a life together? Katrina, honey, have you seen Crane's hair? There's your answer. Fine, have it your way you ungrateful harlot. I only rescued you from Purgatory but you can't have the bell. And who's going to stop me as my powers are peaking. Sayonara sweetheart.

This is certainly problematic. Abbie suggests that maybe Henry put the whammy on her but Crane is finally facing the music: she chose this herself. Henry is the key and so must be killed. Sure, because that's worked out so well in the past. No more sentimentality, need a distraction to destroy the bell since hey, it worked in 1773. Up in the old town hall Henry and Katrina ready themselves for the ritual and she comes to the realization that it wasn't about power or dark magic - it was always about Henry and wanting to be with her son. He gave her back her soul and she'll never let him go again. I'm not sure he wants that much closeness Katrina but you never listened to anyone before, why start now. It's showtime though, you begin the ritual Mother and I'll deal with the pain that is Ichabod Crane.

Frank tracks Jenny through the tunnels. You can't run forever but I can. True, Captain, but you've never met someone as resourceful as Jenny. Oh dear Father, you seem to be one Witness short and you don't have the balls to do violence to your only son. Except he does not that it matters as Henry can stop bullets. Leftenant, onto Plan C. Unlike Katrina, Crane never new anything about Henry so had no emotional connection to him. I didn't know you existed so how exactly could I abandon you? Abbie guns the truck to run Henry down when Katrina throws up a block then a fireball. The pain in Crane's voice calling Abbie is almost too much to bear. Finally he is over Katrina! It's about damn time.

Oh dear, you may be one Witness short of a pair. And still are since Abbie's not in the flaming truck of death. This is your last chance Katrina, what's it going to be? Alas, Abbie is discovered before she can destroy the bell. The Witnesses are struggling mightily tonight. Frank and Jenny continue to play hide and seek and Jenny takes refuge in the cell designed to hold Headless with the gorgon head at the ready. Prepare to deploy.

Abbie and Crane end up tied to a pillar while Katrina and Henry begin the ritual. Fortunately they haven't noticed the bomb on the bell yet but if it doesn't go off soon, it's not going to matter. We have to get free; when a lighter just won't do, flint and steel is in my side pocket. As Henry and Katrina start chanting, the bell starts ringing awakening the witchiness within those who have the blood. This is very much not good but we're in luck - his face bleeds so he may yet be mortal. Who wants what? You take the bell Crane, I'll take the warlock. Henry stops Crane's attempt on the bell but Abbie doesn't miss in her attempt on him. Just like bullseyeing wamprats. Save the bell Mother, finish our work. Uh, Henry dear, Katrina isn't interested in the work, just being with her son. He disintegrates into greenish-black dust and simultaneously Irving vomits up black smoke. Is he...cured? Jenny's not drinking the kool-aid yet as the gorgon head is at the ready. Nah, it's cool. He's back. Hooray!

Crane, Imma give you some advice - back away slowly from Katrina because she's about to go full-on psycho-witch. Which of course he doesn't heed and she blames him for Henry's death, that she should never have saved him and this time I will let you die! Um, what? Abbie jumps into the time-traveling vortex at the last second and is transported to the 1700s. You've left Crane alone in the 21st century?! Eh, at least he knows how to internet.

Abbie wakes up in the woods and with no cell service because cell towers haven't been invented yet. She almost gets run over by a horse-drawn carriage and follows it into ye olde village of Sleepy Hollow where she certainly won't stick out at all. Hey, maybe you can meet General Washington! Katrina appears in her nurse uniform in the field hospital and discovering she's still pregnant, up and leaves. Abbie gets the stink eye from everyone in town and is asked for her papers by some soldiers and this is so not good. She has only one card left to play after being thrown in jail - she has information that can win the war for them but the only person she'll speak to is Captain Ichabod Crane.

One more episode left in this season and possibly the series. Can Abbie convince the 18th century Crane that she's from the future where they are partners in order to change the course of history and save the world? Seeing as they are up against a former ally things are looking quite grim indeed. Tune in next Monday, February 23 for 'Tempus Fugit' at 9 p.m. ET only on Fox.