'Helix' Recap: 'Cross Pollination'

All photos courtesy Syfy

Last week we learned that Brother Michael is also an Immortal, Julia will sleep with just about anyone at the CDC and/or Ilaria and Peter continues to pay for his crimes against, well, everyone. Oh, and thanks to Landry, Alan has Sarah in a chokehold as there can be only one. Let's do this.

Alan's got a helluva time machine hangover and bloody fingers while back in 1601 Brother Michael D'artagnan fell in love with a peasant woman but her heart belonged to another. She cheated, he burned her and hatched his plan to render mortal men sterile. You know, that old story. He controls all the children, Ilaria solves the overpopulation issue without genocide, everyone wins.

Michael goes through the greenhouse looking for his butter knife. I don't know about you Michael but I usually keep those in the kitchen. With Agnes gone and Anne doing penance, Amy, it's your job to keep on top of things and find the infected. Chop chop there darling.

Peter still in black hole but now with a new companion - Anne. It's just a small detour on her path. NBD.  You've lost the sick? Well, not so much 'lost' as 'misplaced.' Olivia has turned out to be better at hiding them than expected but she's out of her depth here. No one can find Sarah so of course Michael decrees that the dining hall is the safest place in the abbey so all will stay until the crisis is over. The natives are getting restless and Michael is taking the brunt of it. Countdown to meltdown commencing in three...two...one.... Alan's having flashbacks of the previous night and he knows where Sarah is - in the secret outbuilding room he's been trying  (incredibly unsuccessfully) to break into. Sarah comes to and appears that her baby is...gone.

Michael converses with the wall of matriarchs, crooning his plans. Any gardener knows that for hte best crops you have to prune the plants. Amy walks in on the monologue to inform him that the egg thrower is being punished because he transgressed. No no no, put him with the others. What? You dare question me?! All of your sisters did what they were told without question, no matter the sacrifice and you will too! I don't think you know your daughter very well there brah.

Anne clumsily attempts to apologize to Peter who lets her have it after having rats dumped on him. They bond over the trials and tribulations of working with your family and being the sensible one. Amy finds Anne who tells her to go to Michael and give herself to him. That's...that's not going to get you out of the hole Anne.

Sarah steals a shoe and is trapped in the tunnels with the infected. She finds Lizzie of the Time Machine hiding with her brother from their father who armed, dangerous, and extremely yellow. For an Immortal, Sarah's pretty darn useless. Miraculously they are saved by a distraction or so it would seem. Okay, here's the plan: you come with me but if your hear anything scary, run like hell. Kyle and Alan search the tunnels for her and the whole keeping areas cordoned off screams 'Artic Biosystems.' They find the surgery area and Alan has more flashbacks of her being on the table and a lot of blood. Dude, you were drugged into a sleepwalking state. They did it to the kids that attacked me. Know what we should do now? Split up. That's a terrifically terrible idea.

Peter is slowly realizing that the rats are better company than Anne as the brainwashing is complete. All fault is hers as Michael knows what he's doing. Um, sure. We'll go with that theory. Speaking in Michael, he's ready to begin pruning and Kyle who's been snooping has to hide. Which he does. Badly. But then he finds some old journals with family trees and settles in for reading time for Amy to arrive and tell Michael that she wants no part of this incestuous plan. Sarah fails Parenting 101 by stopping for story time when escaping from a crazed father who finds them. Because they stopped moving. Saved by Alan (wait, what?) they get the kids to the 'safety' of the dining hall before heading to the ultrasound machine in the infirmary. Sarah, we're kinda in the middle of a crisis right now; do you think you could focus? Please?

Amy goes to Michael to talk about wanting control of her own life. You and every other teenager ever there hon. She cuts right to the chase: her path doesn't lead to Michael's side or his bed. My turn to be totally honest now Amy: I know what you're up to. I know you framed Anne and I know about you and Landry. You are a true Machiavellian prodigy. Uh, thanks Dad? Now, here's the best part; the crop needs to be plowed under and keep it in the family from now on. You, my daughter, will become the mother to a whole new generation of our fellowship. Michael? Have you been listening to her? She is not down with the program. And for a geneticist, you have a remarkably poor grasp of the dangers of inbreeding. For your insolence you will spend some time in the poisonous plant penalty box.
It's a good look for you.
Alan gives Sarah an ultrasound but can't find any sign of the baby. Those bastards! He comes clean about the previous night, how he thinks it was he who attacked her. She of course isn't listening and of jumps right to blame mode that you never wanted the baby so you took it! For someone who has been conflicted about being pregnant for the past 15 months she is sure overreacting a bit.

Kyle leaves Amy in the box. Peace out sweetheart. Working together Peter and Amy try to break out of the oubliette with Peter on the bottom of the pyramid so we know how that's going to go. Kyle gets them out, telling them that Michael is playing with a deadly paralytic that he's going to administer to the colony. It will be a mass suicide in the vein of Jonestown and Heaven's Gate. Galvanized, Peter and Anne race to stop him. Coming to the dining hall, Michael announces that the CDC developed a treatment and a vaccine that will be administered to all. Landry's a bit put out that his security force is being deployed before receiving the vaccine but trust me Landry, you'll be glad you're out of there. And in order to completely sell it, Michael takes a dose. Down the hatch!.

Peter, Kyle and Anne run to the dining hall to stop the fellowship of the cup but it's too late. Everyone is starting to cough. Lizzie's little brother spills his dose accidentally but Michael hands him a fresh cup and just as we think he's about to be saved, he drinks it. I didn't think it was possible to hate Michael any more but flames, on the sides of my face.,.. So this is counter to Ilaria's solution of mass genocide: sterilize all the human men to prevent any but desired Immortal-sired children. The biologist in me is banging my head in frustration at the stupidity of it all.

Next  week the tattered remains of Team CDC find the deadly dining hall and Anne finds a backbone to go against Michael. Is Amy still locked in the poisonous plant penalty box? We can only hope. Join us on March 6 for 'Vade in Pace' at 10 ET only on Syfy.