'Helix' Recap: 'Densho'

Courtesy Syfy

Last week, Sister Amy went completely bat-crap bonkers, Peter started working on his raging inferiority complex and Julia was the guest of honor at the most macabre dinner party of the past 30 years. Let's do this.

Bees! They pack quite a wallop on St. Germaine. Travis (who? Doesn't matter, he's a red shirt.) gets stung then attacks his sorta-girlfriend. I'm sure it had nothing to do with her carrying another man's child. Sharing everything gets really old after awhile. Meanwhile, Peter's hiding out on the roof getting secret text messages from 1997.

Julia survived the dinner party but remains in her wheelchair. I know fathers want their daughters to stay little forever but this is getting ridiculous. Alan wakes up in the field to find Peter standing over him offering 'help.' Yeah, Peter, we've seen your 'help.' Michael visits Kyle to commiserate on how the disease altered the kids but Kyle isn't drinking the Kool Aid. Kyle, if you don't take it down a notch, I'm pretty sure you'll wind up in the time machine again.

By process of elimination (and the examination of stomach contents) the good CDC doctors conclude that the toxin is ingested rather than airborne. But how? Fortunately, Travis decides then would be a good time to die, allowing Sarah to track down Soren's mother Olivia who is clearly overjoyed at the prospect of talking to her again. Sarah cannot wrap her head around a mother not being the slightest big concerned with where her son is so it's pretty clear that she will not be looking to raise her child in this community.

Hatake takes Julia to the water and feeds her pancakes while discussing how he will pay his great debt to humanity for the cluster that was Artic Biosystems. He's got the perfect therapy for Julia though; for dying, there's nothing a little mummification can't cure. Obviously, Julia doesn't agree and I'm with her on this one.

It's community meeting time and while Michael appears to be calming them down, he's actually riling them up, insisting on accepting the CDC's help. The community must feel safe and they don't feel very safe right now. He'd sure hate for the three elders to come to the end of their paths. Wait, how did Crazy Amy become an elder? It's like you want your colony to fail Michael. Anyways, the ladies meet afterwards and by 'meeting' I mean 'Anne and Amy arguing' over direction. Grandma finally gets tired of Amy's lip and bitchslaps her. Grandma is my hero although she's probably now next on the list to play time machine.

Peter and Alan resume their pissing contest and it's quite boring. Moving on, Kyle and Sarah perform the autopsy on Travis. Sarah wants to go after Olivia (again) when Kyle finds the puncture wound. Is it a vector? Nope, it's

Julia's stripped and tied down to another operating table really, really, really not wanting to be mummified. Daniel wants to go fishing but Hatake brushes him off. Again. Man, this is why he's so grouchy. You never have time for him. Even though she thinks Hatake is loony toons, she encourages him to go fishing; it's not like she's going anywhere so off they go. Trying to grab the surgical instruments to free herself, she sends the tray crashing to the floor. She's as good with her feet as Andrea was.

Alan meets the rest of the CDC team and after giving some advice, wants to disappear back into the orchard. What's your angle Alan? Well, he's got a mad-on at Julia for being a leader of Ilaria, not one of its prisoners. And he hates Immortals. Well, here's hoping that he and Sarah don't get back together then. Peter's frustrated, Alan's cagey and we don't really care because we just want to get back to Hatake.

Sarah's follow up conversation with Olivia was just as fruitful as the first one. You might be a brilliant researcher Sarah but you suck at interviewing. Alan spies on Peter in his roof hideout and hears him talking to someone about how Alan always messes everything up. Who haven't we heard from this season yet? Well if you guessed 'Sergio,' you're right because he's calling the shots from Ilaria's headquarters. Is anyone here not working for Ilaria in some capacity? Raise your hands.

Kyle has slightly better luck tracking the bees to the wall of orange goo and miraculously gets some of it to analyze without going full-pus face. The honey the bees make is mycotic and responsible for the weird sugar levels they've been finding but still nothing makes sense. Could it be because no one is capable of telling the truth? Taking another tack, Sarah goes through Soren's things and finds his bear. Yeah Sarah, I guess I would need a lovey too in that place. Hatake is annoyed with Julia for knocking the stuff over and plugs her in. She's freaking out so he sings the song to calm her down and disconnects her from the machine right before it goes in. She asks for a hug and what dad can resist that? With her bonds loosened, she grabs a syringe and plunges it into his back, taking off through the woods with his ax. Not to be outdone, Hatake retrieves his hidden katana and gives chase. Oh man, never bring an ax to a katana fight.

Hatake and Julia fight in the woods and it's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Immortal. Things are pretty evenly matched until Hatake takes her down but right before delivering the killing blow, he sees Jaye watching him disapprovingly giving Julia just enough room to bury the ax in his stomach. Conceding, he gives the katana to her saying that it's his legacy and regrets making her like him. She walks away and he somehow gets himself back to the cabin, joining his wife and son at the table. You know, for Immortals they are sure easy to kill.

Sarah goes to Olivia again, this time with Soren's bear. If it was his special lovey, why did I find it with another child? Michael is lying to everyone, why can't you see this? Third time is the charm as Olivia has had it with Sarah and stabs her in the abdomen and leaves her. This has not been a good day for Immortals, has it? Julia's dying in the woods, Sarah's dying on the floor, Hatake's dying at the dinner table - maybe just let them finish each other off. Alan will be happy about that at least. But did Julia's trip to the bad lands give her anything to go on? Will Caleb find her? Does anyone actually stay dead or was it all a hallucination?

Next week, Alan confronts Peter over his double-agent act, Michael loses more control and Peter ends up locked up. Tune in to Syfy on Friday, February 13 at 10p.m. ET for 'Oubliette.'