'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: 'What Lies Beneath'

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Last time Katrina the Struggle Witch continued to struggle, so hopefully she went to magic camp so we don't have to deal with her uselessness tonight. Let's do this.

Mere mortals from a local engineering company traipse through the tunnels which always means they are not long for this world. Finding a secret passage they investigate and discover a mysterious seal so of course they open it only to be attacked by Insane Clown Posse rejects. I hope they get overtime for this. Crane and Mills get called on the case where a pushy journalist who is also the brother of one of the missing men gets up in Abbie's grill. He's realized that Sleepy Hollow is the new Sunnydale and that an awful lot of people go missing here. Calvin, hon, that's really not the best way to get her to help you...or ask her for a date.

Checking out the tunnels they find the engineer's equipment and the mysterious seal complete with claw marks and symbols of witchcraft. Do you: A) proceed or B) regroup and call for back up? If you answered anything but 'A' then you've never actually watched this show before. Only one man could have designed this chamber and no, not Franklin. Thomas Jefferson! New name drop so drink your drink. The selfie culture is good for one thing as one of the dropped phones shows an albino ROUS dragging the men into the hole. Too bad he didn't get a chance to 'Instant Gram' it.

Irving meets up with Jenny at the local watering hole asking for her help in 'retrieving' some things of his from the precinct from when he was locked up. So by 'retrieving' you mean 'breaking and entering,' right? She agrees but after she sees an odd tattoo on his arm is not drinking the Kool Aid. Girlfriend is having no luck with men this season at all.

Back in they day, Jefferson abruptly unfriended Crane who, 200 years later, is still miffed. Let it go Crane, it's not you, it's him. Well, they conjured up something nasty so let's go have a look, shall we? They get down the ladder unaccosted and Abbie hears the team so someone is still alive. Right now at any rate. May I suggest a strategic retreat as the nasty albino biting things are large and in charge. Nosy journalists are good for something as Calvin uses his flash to disorient them. Dammit man, why'd you have to go and do something semi-useful?

But this is quid pro quo - he helped you now he wants some answers or he's calling in S.W.A.T and possibly the Rescue Rangers. Crane laments the invention of the 24-hour news cycle but Abbie's got a point - you have to control the story. Calvin, man, Crane deployed the finger at you so you better check yourself. Meanwhile, Irving and Jenny break into the evidence room to get his stuff but when Frank pulls out books on the Hellfire Club, Jenny draws down because she's no dummy.

Okay Calvin, if you're going to play with the big kids, you have to pay the price and in this case it's his fancy camera that Crane doctors up a bit to buy them some time. Seriously man, just stay here and try not to do anything stupid. Fighting off the albino ROUSes, a door opens and they step back in time to...Jefferson? Well, this isn't awkward at all. And it's not really TJ but a hologram that the real Jefferson loaded with his memories and feelings because science. And witchcraft. I see you've met my Reavers. They're here for the glory. And the occasional snack of lost sewer workers. I'm the guardian of this great repository of knowledge so sorry, can't help you find the missing men. Tea?

Jenny feels hella betrayed  but Irving plays the song of fighting against his tarnished soul which he was able to do thanks to temporary salvation found amongst Henry's things but the power is fading and the evil Frank will take over soon so before I go, give this thumbdrive of incriminating information to Cynthia about the Hellfire Club. He's doing this to protect his family but really, what is a defense attorney going to be able to do with this considering Henry has legions of demons at his command now? Way to work that guilt angle Frank but I'm not sure that I buy it.

Jefferson suffers from tunnel vision - his only mission is to protect the knowledge that can make the difference between defeating evil and it taking over which is at odds with Abbie's immediate mission - find the men. Crane, you deal with him, Imma explore this side tunnel of darkness. Which leads directly into the Reavers nest. Well that was certainly convenient. We have a dilemma - to kill the Reavers you must blow up the power source but if you do that, all this knowledge of the Witnesses will be lost so make your choice: fenestella or the crew. Sorry Tom, our path is clear. Operation Rescue's going well until someone slams the door. Ah, crap. Leftenant, you get these guys out of here; I got this. We'll always have the internet after all.

Crane goes back to Jefferson and finally clears the air; Jefferson thought he was protecting Crane by pushing him away. A little communication goes a long way fellas. Just saying. Sayonara Mr. President and thanks for all the fish.

Back up top, Calvin is still a bit truculent with Abbie over the story that it was rabid animals, a gas leak and dehydration leading to hallucinations. She'll give him the real story one day but for now, you have to play ball man. All right, he's in. And has her email which okay. Crane's going to be a bit jealous now but sorry man, payback's a bitch.

Just when we thought this would be a Katrina-less episode, there she is being visited by Henry who just wants to make things right between them. I mean, I killed Moloch for you, Mother! Honestly Henry, she would have been just as happy with a handprint in clay. But because this is what she wants, she's going to fall for it. Well, that and the magic necklace might have some impact too. Twas only a dream but the black flowers Henry had for her are here for real. The time is quickly approaching for you to choose your side Katrina. What's it going to be?

Only two episodes left this season! Join us next week when Katrina makes her path clearly known and Crane breaks pretty much everything he touches. "Awakening" airs on Fox on February 16 at 9 p.m. ET.