'Face Off' Recap: 'Miss Intergalactic'

All photos courtesy Syfy.

Last week, Jamie's horror villain couldn't scare up a winning look and was eliminated leaving Team Anthony with two, Team Rayce with two and Team Laura with four. Eight are left so get out the tin foil hats y'all; it's time to go where no one has gone before. Let's do this.

Stephanie is focused and playing to win after being in the bottom looks last week. As do all who survive the experience. Moving on. To the beach! We've got models and bowls so smoke if you got 'em? It's a Foundation Challenge based on the Hindu ceremony Holy Powder or festival of colors as winter fades to spring, With immunity on the line, the artists need to create a beauty make-up signifying spring but without their tools. We're getting hands-on so let's get down to finger-painting. The judges for this challenge will be the coaches but it's cool, they're coming in blind.

Winner - Stephanie. They liked the transition of blue to orange evoking the fading of winter to spring.

Spotlight Challenge
Meeting Makenzie where dreams go to die aka the Reveal Stage, she gives them their next assignment: bring out the sexy side of extraterrestrials in the very first Miss Intergalactic pageant. Not only does the winner get the win (duh) but also a full-page spread in Entertainment Weekly. Pick your sash for your galaxy and let's see some alien beauties.

Emily - Pinwheel galaxy
Logan - Comet galaxy
Julian - Whirlpool galaxy
Stephanie - Tadpole galaxy
Kelly - Sombrero galaxy
Darla - Sculptor galaxy
Adam - Cigar galaxy
Ben - Andromeda galaxy

Kelly's lost with her concept. She finally elects to remove extra eyes and add tentacles. A mustache wouldn't hurt. Just sayin. Talking with Laura, Darla is reminded that symmetry is universally beautiful so by moving her spiral to the side keeps the original concept but turns it more beautiful. Emily is amazing with her ideas of purples and pinks and glitter. Lots of glitter. Also, is there anything this girl can't do? She has it all: concepts, sculpting, make-up, fabrication.... The rest of you are on notice. Adam's making a bold choice in not sculpting a face but focusing on the cowl, arms and chest piece. His make-up is going to have to be perfect for this to work.

Get your drinks ready. Ben is going for a four-piece mold and Anthony is not having a lot of confidence in his remaining team members. Neither am I, Anthony, neither am I.

Application Day
Julian has some indentation in his cowl but fills it in with foam enough to give symmetry to the character but has never done beauty make-up before and is incredibly nervous. Emily is glitterific and a joy to watch. Seriously guys, this is Season Eight; you've obviously seen the show before so why exactly wouldn't you, oh, I don't know, practice beauty make-up? This is not a surprise.

Last Looks
Kelly is under the gun having to paint the body and blend in tentacles, Julian doing speed make-up. Glad to see those time management lessons paid off there guys. Ben's in the zone and Adam attaches spikes on back of cowl last minute and wonder of wonders, it worked!

Reveal Stage
Darren Franich, a senior write for EW. is the special guest judge tonight. Let's see the beauty queens! Where's Burt Baccarach when you need him?

My Take
Emily - Miss Pinwheel is all purples and blues and is gorgeously fun.
Stephanie - Miss Tadpole rocks the greeny-yellow thing.
Ben - Miss Andromeda the Klingmazon frankly terrifies me.
Adam - Miss Cigar has some buggy/tigerish thing going on but sadly, no blue dress.
Logan - Miss Comet  is very regal, every inch a beauty queen.
Julian - Miss Whirlpool has a beautiful simplicity but really he should have gone with stainless steel.
Kelly - Miss Sombrero has purple slugs coming out of her ears and nary a mustache in sight.
Darla - Miss Sculptor shines elegantly in pale silver.

It's a good thing Stephanie has immunity as Miss Tadpole looks like microwaved marshmallow Peeps. Thankfully, they are not fans of Ben's Klingmazon nor Kelly's sluggy mess.

Emily, Logan, Stephanie. Emily's disappointment is palpable. You can join me in my pity party Emily as I'm disappointed there were no three-boobed aliens.

Adam - The judges loved the original, bizarre shape of the head. Looks like not sculpting a face and relying on stellar beauty make-up was a good risk.

Julian - They thought that she was beautiful around face with a good balance of alien to beauty.

Darla - The forms were stunning and Glenn was really impressed with how classy, elegant and beautiful she was.

Kelly - The look was too busy; there was no place for eye to focus and her face application looked like a pull-over mask.
Ben - He took a risk but it didn't pan out. Maybe next time you will actually listen to the terms of the challenge Ben. Or not. I'd prefer not.

Darla and Miss Sculptor Galaxy


Team Anthony is down to a single remaining artist, Ben, and now I'm forced to root for him as I don't want to see any of the coaches out of it yet.

Next week the remaining seven will be turning their talents inward as they'll be transforming themselves into superheroes. Join in the fun on March 17 at 9 p.m. EST for 'Super Selfies' only on Syfy.