'Helix' Recap: 'Ectogenesis'

All photos courtesy Syfy.

Last time, Sister Amy began her rule over a greatly diminished population (thanks, Brother Michael, now of the Wall of Matriarchal Sister-Mothers by way of a Hatakae-katana wielding Caleb), bargained with Sarah for immortality in exchange for the return of the baby while Alan and Kyle went hunting for the magic tree sap. Peter? Eh, who cares. Everyone caught up? If Slimer doesn't appear playing maudlin ballads, I'm going to be hella disappointed. Let's do this.

Mystery myco people enjoy some dinner until a fight breaks out over eyeballs as it's wont to do.  No easing into this episode. Clearly.

What the what?! It's Doreen! Well, an Alan-hallucination of her who's pretty much giving it to him straight that he doesn't know what he's doing or why or for whom. Atta girl! It's about time that someone took him to task even if that someone is his subconscious. Though Hatake started doing the same thing with Daniel and Jaye so I really hope he doesn't dig up her body for company. Just saying.

Anne tries to rally the remaining faithful with their mantra: we will prevail when Amy comes in laying the blame at the feet of Michael and Anne who is now in bed - literally - with the CDC. Except she's not but when has the truth ever stopped Amy before? New and shiny beats old and worn down so Anne better get the hell out of Dodge. But maybe not by suicide, 'mkay? Peter makes her feel safe and we are all squicked out by that. What do they see in him? Oh dear, he hasn't answered his messages recently, you know, having hung out in the oubliette and all. Sure hope that doesn't get him in trouble.

Jules gets close to the cliff edge again, this time with Sergio and oh, right! She's back in the present. Or something. At any rate, she's searching for Michael (good luck with that one Jules) while Amy not so subtly threatens Sarah with destroying the fetus if she is not given immortality immediately. Wow, entitled there much Amy? Team Sap finds their missing team member hanging upside down missing his eyes. My god, what is wrong with the mycotics?!

Oh, you mean this baby?
Amy gives Sarah the low-down on how the baby is kept alive: Michael created a synthetic womb to separate mother and baby to avoid those pesky emotional attachments but with only middling success. Ah, so this explains, kind of, Olivia's lack of caring over Soren's fate. Gotcha. It's perfect, however, for the immortal fetus. So, how'd you get the gift? Well, I was dying and received a transfusion of spinal fluid from an Immortal. It's quite dangerous and pretty darn impossible to perform on oneself. Not that logic has ever stopped Amy before. She goes full Veruca Salt on Sarah who has no choice but to sneak into the botany lab and extract the seraphim serum. Yes, I'm sure this plan will work spectacularly well.

Julia and Sergio find Peter at the Abbey but there's a slight issue: Michael has gone missing. So who's in charge? Uh, that's kind of up in the air right now but we're pretty comfortable saying that the lunatics are running the asylum. Team Sap runs through the woods but Kyle hangs back, mesmerized by a gutted rabbit. You can take the boy out of Texas but can't take the Texas out of the boy. By a miracle, Soren appears and sufficiently distracted, Dances With Eyeballs takes Kyle down in a stellar open-field tackle.

Jules lays it out for Anne: she wants the infertility bio-tech. It's the only thing that will save humanity from Narvik-C's self replicating ability. Anne's not impressed by the threats and later when Peter offers to get Jules what she wants, she wants to know what it's going to cost her. Full immunity from Ilaria. Is that it? Oh, and 100 million dollars. Go big or go home Peter, amirite? He may be a pig but even pigs get fed. I...really can't argue with the logic. Are you done cutting deals Peter? Sarah's talking Amy through a spinal-fluid extraction procedure and could probably use some assistance. No? Le sigh. Amy misses the first try and holy cow, she's gone completely psychopathic. Do you have any idea how hard this is on her Sarah? Stop being so selfish.

Kyle wakes up in a hut chained to a table. Myco-lady offers him an eye as they are the best part. Jeebus man, don't be rude; she's just being hospitable. Finally realizing that Kyle is missing, Alan demands they search for him and is immediately felled by a trap. Hey, Doreen's back to try to talk some sense into him. Good luck with that one Doreen. Why are you so hung up on this kid Alan? What is he to you? Oh, and take care of that head wound. Geez Doreen, we miss you so much!

Spinal fluid extraction 2.0 is underway and Amy gets it this time. However, she doesn't trust Sarah to inject her so Landry offers to be the guinea pig. He'll either die or be Immortal with her. Amy's clearly conflicted on what she wants to have happen. As are we all Amy. Kyle's still  trying to get free from where he's chained to the table before he becomes dinner. Soren feels bad about tricking him and if he helps Kyle, Mr. and Mrs. Myco will eat the rest of him. Alas, Mr. Myco catches them. Um, run, Soren. Looking snuggly in his hospital johnny, Landry prepares to receive the 'spinal fluid'. He starts seizing and Amy knows it was a trick. Well done Sarah, you've just ensured that you'll never see your baby again. She bested Michael, for chrissakes; did you really think you had a snowball's chance against her?

Jules looks for apple seeds in the apples but there are none. Well, how are we going to grow the trees now? Duh, all the trees came from the original root stock of the Mother tree. Jules would like to see her. Of course she would. Mrs. Myco tells Kyle that his eyes are her favorite color and taste great with honey. I don't know about you Kyle, but I certainly feel more relaxed now. Playing for time, he tells her that Mr. Myco is planning on keeping both of his eyes for himself which sets her off. Kyle suggests that she eat Mr. Myco's eyes and she's shocked at the notion. What does he think they are, savages or something? Besides the disease makes the meat wrong. Criminy people, eyes don't just grow on trees. Or maybe they do here.

Mother is gone! This is problematic. Also problematic is Kyle still trying to get free after telling Mr. Myco that Mrs. Myco was going to keep his eyes for herself thus ensuring the War of the Eyeballs. Finally loose, he wastes time gathering up honey and tree sap before running - poorly - through the woods. Because he's a terrible agent, he falls and hearing them put aside their squabbling to come after him, does the only thing he can do: drinks the honey. When in Rome I guess. Now that he's sick too, they won't eat him but that doesn't mean they won't kill him. Fortunately for him, the Navy chooses then to show up and put a bullet in Mr. Myco's head. Alan, he's got two days so you guys better get cracking on find that tree. Unfortunately for Kyle, they can't see the tree for the forest.

You know what? I'd probably choose death.
Next week on Helix, Anne has something to show Peter. Yes, we know you do Anne and the search for Tree of Life continues. Tune in to Syfy on March 20 at 10 p.m. EST for 'Mother.'