'Helix' Recap: 'Mother'

All photos courtesy Syfy.

Last week, Sister Amy put Operation: Immortality Part the First into action and Anne will finally fess up to Peter as to what nefarious things take place beneath the abbey. Team Sap continues to search and Mother is gone. Buckle up, it's going to be a doozy. Let's do this.

During the ritual burning of the dead, Jules approaches Amy for access to Mother, in return she'll have her immortality. But Jules, you just threatened Amy; that never ends well for anyone. Meanwhile, Team Sap stumbles around the woods while Kyle doesn't look so good. It takes Soren to suggest going to the bleeding tree which he's not entirely sure where it is but hey, at least it's a plan.

Landry is looking really rough, like Quasimodo with a sinus infection and Anne is regretful. Uh, okay. Peter tears apart the botany lab looking for Mother as it's his only bargaining chip when Julia arrives and pretty much calls him useless. Don't hold back Jules but let's ruminate on the fact that you did sleep with him. Anne returns to Peter telling him that three people had charge of Mother's care: Michael, herself and her son, Landry. That sound you just heard was every viewer throwing up simultaneously. In the infirmary, Amy beats the crap out of a comatose Landry who shockingly doesn't say anything. She's pissed and takes it out on Sarah wanting her to fix Landry. Pretty sure that's already been taken care of Amy. Where were we? Oh, yes: Anne's delusional, Amy's a liar, Julia gets more snippy, Peter is completely emasculated, Sergio looms and Sarah's desperation makes her do stupid things. Then Landry wakes up and drags Sarah away. For an Immortal, she's pretty helpless until they run into Julia in the halls. Awkward reunion is awkward.

Squickiest family reunion ever.
Montage! Everyone wants Mother and Amy's searching is accompanied by some horrific caterwauling. Epic temper tantrum is epic. Julia doesn't trust Amy (smart move) and sets Sergio to watch her. Alas, Sergio's menacing ways do nothing but turn her on and we are all squicked out again. Landry escapes to the rafters and will someone please give that poor man some Benadryl or something? Anne finds Peter sulking in the great hall and after stroking his, er, ego a bit, decides to let him in on some the abbey's secrets but only if he's worthy. Anne, did you listen to anything Julia said?

Go on girl, let it out.
Julia fills Sarah in on Ilaria's plan to kill off the majority of the population with Narvik-C in 72 hours and how that led her to the mass sterilization plan because they won't be dead. And it's only temporary until resources recover. That's all well and good Julia but Sarah cares about something more. Oh, are you finally going to ask for help? How very big of you.

In the woods, Kyle starts hallucinating that Soren is from his childhood mocking him. Guys, you might want to work a little faster here. Julia and Sarah try to free Sarah's baby when they notice that the vessel is leaking and hey, maybe they should work together, even though the baby is Alan's. Just wondering Sarah, when you get the baby back, how exactly do you plan on getting him to grow? Kyle begins hallucinating that Soren is a childhood bully and it's painful watching him shrink away from Soren.

Below ground, Peter finds teeth and putting things together with the toothless skulls in the woods begins to sense that something isn't quite kosher here. Really, Peter? You are just now figuring this out? But now it's time for him to face the demons inside and only when he speaks his truth will be ready as the vessel must be prepared to receive the opening. Seriously, just kill it all with fire already. Amy and Shadow Sergio return to the botany lab where she slices him, he puts her in an arm-lock and she's practically ready to rip off his clothes. Dammit Sergio, don't say anything possibly complementary as you have no idea of the what she's capable of. Though maybe they deserve each other, I don't know.

Team Sap gets a comm signal and it's probably would have been better if they didn't as everyone on the rescue ship is dead. The hunt for the bleeding tree is all they have left now and can someone please not leave Kyle alone seeing as he's in the grips of mycosis and all. Naturally, they don't listen and he grabs Soren who let him loose and runs off because all of the adults on this frigging island are complete and total morons.

Julia and Sarah get to work plating in the lab to give Amy what she wants and get what they want. It's not working so let's think this through - the CSF transfer from Julia to Sarah happened after Julia had been Immortal for only a few days and her cells hadn't finished folding the Immortality into the coding RNA so the DNA wasn't specified. Sarah's been Immortal for over a year and her cells are set. What they need are stem cells to reverse the specificity and give Amy the immortality that she craves. Hm, I wonder where they can get some Immortal stem cells.... Well, what do you know; two women calmly and rationally thinking through a problem were able to solve it. There is clearly no use for the guys anymore, at least not for anything important. But the Sister Power is spoiled by Julia attempting to recruit Sarah to work for Ilaria. Yeah, pretty sure that's not going to happen anytime soon Jules.

Peter is in dark with Anne though not in the way he wishes. To have light again he has to answer a question honestly - what do you want? Above all else? He wants to be happy, fulfilled. Liar! Try again. He wants respect. Okay, now we're getting somewhere. When did you feel most complete? When he was the Vector King and they all listened to him. I guess he passes as the lights come on. Yay?

Having torn apart the rest of the abbey, Amy takes Sergo to the rafters to Landry's old hiding spot. Quasimodo does not like to be disturbed and rushes Sergio, leaving Mother unprotected which of course means that Amy gets it. Landry falls from the bell tower and Sergio hangs by his fingers. If you expected any mercy here Sergio, you done come to the wrong place. Hope you can fly. In keeping with the falling theme, Kyle has Soren at the edge of a cliff, still wrapped in the madness of mycosis and its up to Alan to talk him down. Oh, crap.

Anne's mysterious truth is an incubation chamber where the vessels were rid of any unimportant things, like teeth, impregnated by Michael and then executed once the child was born. And everyone's okay with that? Apparently so because the fellowship is about respect and control and right now there is neither. Will you lead us Peter? Well, he kills the woman and takes the baby so I guess the answer is 'yes.' Though he isn't an Immortal so we're really not sure how this will play out. Okay, he slits the woman's wrists which were tied to a bar above her chest and, you know, gravity and all, so it will take her a very long time to die. Just saying.

Because the gods were sickened by the depravity of the island, they give them a freebie - Alan gets Kyle to bring Soren away from the cliff's edge which is good as the bleeding tree is on the other side of the gorge. Thanks for almost killing the kid Kyle, we'd never have found it without you going batshit insane.

Olivia the Stabby takes Sarah and Julia to Amy with the news that while they can't do anything with their bodies, there is someone who can: the baby. And Sarah promptly loses. her. shit. By implanting the fetus in Amy's uterus, she'll have access to the Immortal stem cells. Ah, that's why Jules didn't want Sarah at the meeting. I don't know if Julia is working any angle she can to access Mother or if this will be a way to take Amy down but wow. Ice. Cold. Julia.

Daddy issues? No daddy issues here.
Next week, Peter embraces his new role and Sarah goes 'not without my son' on the abbey. You have been warned. Tune in to Syfy on March 27 at 10 EST for 'Plan B.'