'The Walking Dead' Most Talked About Season Finale Scene: 'Conquer'

Major Spoilers! Do not proceed if you haven't watched the season five finale of The Walking Dead. Seriously, run like the Wolves are chasing you.

So the finale. Many loved it, some we're dissatisfied. Maybe some were hoping for more OMG moments in the form of shocking deaths?

Two of the most shocking deaths were neatly packaged in what AMC is called this episode's 'most talked about scene.' Do you agree? The opening scene with Morgan was quite enjoyable as was when Daryl and Aaron looked like they were done for thanks to the Wolves booby trap. Discuss below and after you check out the scene, again, because you've already watched the episode, watch the promo for this summer's TWD spin-off, Fear The Walking Dead. Hope you got your flu shot!

-Larissa Mrykalo