'Defiance' Recap: 'Of a Demon in My View'

The ladies will take care of this. All photos courtesy Syfy.

So last week Amanda found (and lost) another BFF (thanks, Nolan!), Nolan went off the reservation killing the VC Vice-Chancellor and earning himself and Irisa a one-way trip to South America, Kindzi used a hijacked Doc to unleash a mutiny on T'evgin, and Datak, for as much as his heroics helped, remained an asshole. Everyone ready? Let's do this.

A VBI truck trundles through the badlands and comes apart a burned-out convoy. Berlin is hunting finds the prisoner transport with all but Irisa dead which displeases her greatly. But we're all about personal growth so she frees Irisa who relates that the Rapture took Nolan. Or something like that. Point is, he was here and then he was gone but he's not far as she can feel him in her head. Who needs Lo-Jack when you've got Ark Tech! Thanks for not walking away - again. No problem.

Waiting for T'evgin to return with the all-clear, Datak and Stahma play Go Fish! Her chivo may belong to T'evgin but her heart belongs to Datak. Aw, how sweet. The trouble is, T'evgin isn't going anywhere as Kindzi has him immobilized and trapped. Since he's the strongest Omec, the only wawy to subdue him is to drain his blood to keep him weak. Okay, she's got my vote for evil mastermind of the week.
And how are we feeling today Pops?
Investigating the wreckage, Irisa notes that there are bite marks on the VC that closely resembled those found in Defiance. So, not Hellbugs then. What it was was Doc and Kindzi 'rescuing' him because he was kind and offered her a coat and the VC wants him dead. She hates the VC for slaughtering the Omec (which I thought was hella hard but whatever) so by stealing their prisoner she gets revenge on them (or something.) Plus she's chosen to enchant him. Yay? At any rate, the Ark Tech must be removed from his brain but not before Doc tells Kindzi that there's something very wrong with her. Mentally. With Doc dismissed, Kindzi performs the surgery herself, severing the link and saving both Nolan and Irisa though I'm sure that was just an unpleasant side effect for her. Kindzi and Doc should operate the clinic together, naming it Bitchy and Bitchier.

Nolan awakes to see Kindzi...his new lord and master who proceeds to lie her purple face off about coming up with a plan to rescue him and that Irisa is fine, she's back in Defiance until the heat dies down. Kindzi, you are a lying liar who lies. But she did remove the Ark Tech from his brain so partial credit. Dude, will you just chill? Lie back and let me lick your face, not to mention other parts. I wonder what the male equivalent for 'chivo' is. Oh goody, pillow talk. He regrets shooting the Vice Chancellor (no kidding) but to Kindzi it spoke of power and therefore a major turn on and oh boy. Grilled cheese anyone? Nolan we've established before that you are so very not sneaky so please stop trying to be; all it gets you is being trussed up like a turkey.

Oh look. Nolan's been captured. Again.
Datak gives orders to his 'loyal' subjects to protect Stahma at all costs, where by 'loyal' I mean 'mercenary' and and by 'Stahma' I mean 'traitorous Casti whore.' Luckily Andina volunteers to protect Stahma and given that she's Castithan too, we're forced to question her angle: is it Alak or societal advancement? Shenanigans ahoy! Because Kindzi doesn't like grilled cheese, Nolan ends up locked up - again- for being a bad, bad boy. Don't go anywhere, I've got a meeting in town with your daughter. She finds Irisa and Berlin in Doc Yewll's office and tells them it was T'evgin who attacked the convoy as Nolan's attack on the Vice Chancellor pleased him what with him having a soft spot for the lesser races. Irisa doesn't believe her, Berlin isn't sure what to think and guys? She's right there. SHE CAN HEAR EVERYTHING YOU'RE SAYING. That's it; we're holding 'Sneaking:101' as soon as everyone's back together.

I'm totally drafting these two for my fantasy apocalypse team.
Nolan frees himself from the chains because even blind lesser races get a nut once in a while, finds finds T'evgin, and attempts to free him. Work quick and keep your arms clear Nolan; he's lost a lot of blood and will have to replace it. As this is the Season of Parental Doubt and Recriminations, T'evgin maunders on about how his hate for the Votanis Collective was the only thing that kept him going during the long journey to find the world they escaped to and poisoned Kindzi's mind, twisting that hate into an obsession so it's totes his fault. You mad, bro? A docile, vulnerable Stahma attempts to recapture her former authority and practices her manipulation techniques on Andina...who is doing the same to her.This will end badly for someone. Most likely Alak.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when hunted for lunch.
Amanda's drinking in her office when Berlin shows up to offer her help...and the fact that Nolan never made it to Brazil. Saddle up girlie, if we don't find him and quick. the VC is gonna be all over us like white on rice. Datak corners Doc asking for her help in getting rid of the Omec when he finally realizes that there's an awful lot of blood she's scrubbing from the back of the car. Uh, what? Oh, just a new strain of hemorrhagic fever; it's quite deadly and here, have a vaccine but keep it on the down low as I don't have enough for everyone. Just you and your family and whoops-a-daisy. Down goes Datak. He's been having a hell of a year, I must say.

Good friends drink Scotch with you, best friends help you burn bodies of VC convoy personnel and dress one up to look like Nolan. At Omec central, Nolan just about has T'evgin free when Kindzi returns and she's less than pleased but before she can chow down on Nolan, Irisa arrives and tosses T'evgin an axe to finish freeing himself. Kindzi tries to appeal to his Omec pride but he's Team Can't We All Be Friends. Uh, Nolan? Irisa? This is not a fight you want to be in the middle of so please to be getting out of there now. T'evgin guilts her into a 'fair' fight of not using the second skin and gets the upper hand. After making her swear to never disobey him again, he forgives and releases her because he makes terrible decisions...so she stabs him in the neck and promptly loses her shtako. Uh, Kindzi? What exactly did you think was going to happen when you stabbed him? Looks like Stahma's never leaving her house again.

Flashback to 1978 and the Omec ship with T'evgin and Kindzi is still searching for the rest of the dirty, dirty VC. But they picked up Earth transmissions and decided that yes, this will make a great place for our new home! And you thought Magenta and Riff Raff's elbow dance in the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" was weird and awkward. In the present Kindzi performs the Omec death ritual which culminates in the eating of T'evgin's heart. There can be only...100,000? She heads to the ship and awakens the Omec. Guess what guys? It's party time!

Tastes like chicken. And betrayal.
Datak awakes and is caged with Samir. Looks like they're going to be the tapas of the Dread Harvest.

Clearly Tom Brady has been at work here stacking the deck.
With T'evgin dead, can anyone (or thing) stop Kindzi from releasing the Dread Harvest? Join us on Syfy next Friday, August 21 at 8 p.m. ET for 'The Awakening.'