'Face Off' Recap: 'The Gatekeepers'

All photos courtesy Syfy.

Brittany was sent off last time by a very sad McKenzie. Get your emotions in check, it's time for Face Off.

You know what we haven't had yet this season? A Foundation Challenge. Fortunately, McKenzie is here to rectify it with a road trip through the artists' subconscious via Rorshach ink blots. There's a guest judge tonight in Erin Krueger Mekash and the winner gets immunity in the Spotlight Challenge. I sure hope that it isn't a team challenge. All right everyone: Choose! Your! Inkblots!

Like practically every guest judge ever, Erin likes everything but the top looks for her were Jasmine and Meg with Meg picking up the win and immunity. After reserving a permanent spot for herself in the bottom looks, this is a welcome change. Try not to waste it.

Spotlight Challenge
We have gates! Six to be exact and are portals to uncharted dimensions. Your task? Use the gates to inspire the design of the Gatekeeper and the Kept. Two make-ups are required so draw keys for partners. I already feel bad for Meg's partner. And go!

Design Phase
Ben/Jordan - They've worked together before to great success and have strong communication skills. Their gates reads 'celestial' and therefore horned creatures because horns.

Libby/Meg - Their gate is medieval in design and the Gatekeeper protects the kingdom from hyena monsters because why not., protecting kingdom from hyena monsters. Libby doesn't have a lot of experience (translation: none) with animal anatomy and coupled with her partner having immunity? Safe to say her nerves are on high alert.

Evan/Stevie - They interpret theirs as subterranean with the Gatekeeper capturing aliens to conscript into the army. Sure, we'll go with that.

Jason/Ricky - There was something about a serpentine Gatekeeper and a living statue and I'm more tired than I thought as nothing is making sense. They feel the same way as Ricky scaled back. Good call, Ricky.

Scott/Kevon - Oh, look. More horns.

Nora/Jasmine - They decide on a badass bounty hunter and alien predator. Might I suggest Mr. Quinlan as a worthy prototype?

Mr. Westmore is in the house! He suggests adjustments to Libby who is trying her best to follow but it may be a bit beyond her. Hon, if you're not sure you can pull something off, it's best to talk it out during the design phase, especially when your partner has immunity. Said partner is being extraordinarily unhelpful so even with immunity, if you end up in bottom looks (again), don't think that the judges won't remember it.

Ben and Jordan are doing mad fabrication. So. Much. Fabrication. Ricky fighting with his material and is getting really upset at it while Jason more or less shrugs and goes back to his own issues of using polyfoam instead of foam latex resulting in something more like a mask than a prosthetic which the judges always love but Nora and Jasmine and in a good place.

Application Day
Jason and Ricky are still running polyfoam and are so very behind. Libby continues to work on her cowl while Ben and Jordan seem to have mastered the time management angle. Well done fellas. In fact, Ben even decides that he has time to add antlers to his headpiece that will impart greater regality and balance Jordan's Kept design. Kevon was going for pale but his model ended up kabuki so he airbrushed pink to tone it down. Nora and Jasmine also exhibit great teamwork, continually checking in with the other to not duplicate color schemes but still show balance and cohesiveness. Jason freaks out about the polyfoam and the seams and, well, everything.

Last Looks
Jason hasn't started on his make up, Ben worries about doing beauty make up (wait, what?) and Jason glues on a headdress to cover the mistakes. Solid plan, the judges will never notice that. Le sigh.

Reveal Stage
Now with more gates!

Jason/Ricky - Tribal Snake-Lizard reject from the Village People with Mr. Snuffleupagus's angry pygmy cousin.

Meg/Libby - Rhino Cardassian gatekeeper with a wannabe Gamorrean guard.

Ben/Jordan - Vulpine high priestess guarding against a demigod ram goat. It's really gorgeous.

Evan/Stevie - Clearly they took their inspiration from Pearl of "Steven Universe" and a red...thing. No major issues so they should be safe.

Scott/Kevon - In a mash-up of mythologies, a space-viking guards against a Minotaur.

Nora/Jasmine - And insectoid  guardian keeps out the malformed Gorn.

They are pretty harsh on Libby, not liking her nor Jason's sculpting but really digging Ben and Jordan's creations as well as Nora and Jasmine's Gorn Slug.

Stevie, Evan, Scott, Kevon

Top Looks
Nora/Jasmine - Glenn loves the color choices on 'Brenda' and the sculpture on 'Jose'; Ve likes the gooey slug look, and Neville likes graphic makeup transition.

Ben/Jordan - They love both characters and the balance between them, with excellent sculptural detailing and color palettes. And horns. Natch.

Bottom Looks
Libby/Meg - They don't like sculpture or the colors of the hyena and Libby may have made a terrible mistake in trying to go beyond what she had in mind as a reference look in her mind. Things look bad for Libby as Meg has immunity.

Jason/Ricky - The judges are very confused by the whole Teenaged Rager Lizard look by way of Xanadu. So are we, Neville. So are we.



McKenzie didn't seem as upset about Libby's elimination as she was Brittany's but I have to say t hat the judges are unusually supportive of the out-going artists this season.

Next week we have "Star Trek" in the house with guest judges Jonathon Frakes and Michael Dorn! *Cue fan-girl squealing from me!!* Tune in to Syfy on Tuesday, September 1 at 9 p.m. ET. for  'Extraterrestrial Enterprise.'