'The Strain' Recap: 'Intruders'

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Eph vows vengeance on Palmer and Fet was replaced by Nikki in Dutch's...heart. Let's do this.

Demoing his new show, Dead Eye for the Vamp Guy, Eichhorst gives Kelly a makeover to allwo her to pass as human. A wig, a little contouring, a turtleneck for the turkey wattle and voila! Instant Mom. In other news, wig watch is back in force. I hope he sprung for the deluxe package with the acting class. Ten bucks says she'll still be a better parent than Eph.

Eph and Fet compare notes on who is undertaking the dumber plan: killing Palmer vs tracking a magic book for a spell to kill vampires. I don't know guys; it's kind of a toss up. So Fet...do you know a guy? This is New York after all. Over at the Stoneheart group, Coco wakes up after taking Palmer's butter and we all gag. She feels safe there with him so she clearly deserves whatever fate has in store for her. Much to do though, like meeting with the Cardinal about the super sekkrit book, deal with Eichhorst whom she hates because he makes Palmer sad. She's on his side... and back ... and front...

Nora knows about Barnes' dying but Eph disavows all knowledge of what happened to him. He tries to deflect using the 'you were right, I was wrong' line but she's not buying it because she's not stupid. We don't care so moving on. Fet and Setrakian head out to a meeting of their own. Get your head out of the skirt Fet; we have stuff to blow up. Setrakian truly knows the way to Fet's heart. Eph and Zack head out for a father-son date of securing illegal arms from the guy that Fet knows. Someone else als knows him and got there first, leaving him in dire straits. It's cool though, my dad's a doctor. Can you save him? I'd suggest doing so if you want the guns Eph. Oh look, they have surgical kits too. It's like WalMart for the underworld.

Palmer meets with the Cardinal for the book but he's playing coy. Just tell the man how much, Your Eminence. See there are other interested parties, like Setrakian. There's an offer of $500,000 on the table but he'll be in touch. Adding insult to injury, Eichhorst shows up and they continue their juvenile posturing. Eichhorst tells him to get the facility ready in a week, Palmer throws Bolivar's ascension in his face and we all just want The Master to get rid of these yahoos already.

For some reason there's a scene of Gus and Angel discussing how to get the Guptas to leave town which is sweet but completely unnecessary. Moving on, Abe and Fet reach the Cathedral and can meet the Cardinal's price of $750,000 in gold. Or rather, their 'clients' can. The Cardinal's residence is rather opulent so we wonder what his commission is. If Palmer is their bidding adversary, how will they stop him? Well, the book was never his to begin with so we take it of course. We're going to rob a Cardinal?! The pure glee in Fet's giggle clearly communicates the reality of  'Dutch, who?' Nothing like grand theft literature to heal a broken heart.

Zack assists Eph with the life-saving surgery and Kelly drives into the quarantine area testing out her disguise. The speech might be her undoing but thanks to a disturbance in the form of vamps in a van behind her, she's waved through. The Master plays excellent chess  I must say. Release the feelers! So much for the vaunted quarantine.

Eph and Zack finish up the surgery and as a thank-you, can take a gun as a parting gift. Dad, you just saved that dude; can you save Mom now? That's...that's not how it works Zack and Eph is rapidly losing patience with the kid's refusal to see reality. The feelers tracked Zack to the secret warehouse with Kelly in tow. Go get him boy!

Gus and Angel try to convince the Guptas to leave town as at least they'll be alive to start over then. Aanya wants Gus to go with them but her attempts at convincing him are thwarted by cock-blocker extraordinaire Quinlan who's there to recruit Gus to his cause of vengeance. He trained Vaun who trained Gus so there's something there to work with at least. Gus really doesn't want any more parts of this but when Quinlan plays the 'you can save her card', he's in. Reluctantly, but in.

The Occido Lumen is calling all players to itself as Eichhorst pays a visit to the Cardinal. Not getting what he's dealing with, he sets the price at $1 million. Or, you know, your life. While the Cardinal and Eichhorst 'negotiate', Setrakian and Fet enter through the back door but too late. The story of Setrakian's life. The Cardinal's been compromised by the worms but Setrakian offers to release him before he's consumed by the evil within, only give me the name of the person offering it for sale. He whispers something that sounds like 'Fornescu' and Abe's all 'of course' before off with his head. News travels fast as Palmer's in bed waiting for Coco when the news of the Cardinal's demise flashes across the screen. He's upset, she wants to help, he pushes her away, she takes her nightie and leaves. I sure hope that things aren't awkward at the office tomorrow.

Eph and Zack return to the hideout and a grumpy Nora. Zack is sulking again as Eph can't (or won't in his eyes) help Kelly. Eph is pissed and we all wonder why you just don't let the kid go. Oh, but your night isn't done sucking Eph; Nora knows he's hiding something and she's upset about him leaving Zack with her, disappearing, not calling his son, and not telling her about Barnes. He finally comes clean about Barnes, failing to save the human race and getting four people killed, one of whom I was sleeping with in addition to you. Hope you enjoyed your time with Lee, Eph, as I don't think Nora will be letting you back in any time in the near future. While they argue, a mysterious figure is outside but we know it's Kelly tracking Zack. For the love of God people, CHECK YOUR SIX! Jeebus.

Six. As in not-checking.
Kelly's trying to figure out her way in and sees Zack through the window. It's go time with your disguise Kelly. She's been practicing her speech and asks to be let in, that she's cold and was sick but is getting better. Zack is swayed because this is what he wants more than anything and since no one actually watches him, he opens the door against the express instructions of his father not to do so, so exactly like Carl. Now it's high stakes hide-and-seek with the added obstacles of two feelers still in her control. Why don't we let Zack decides who he wants to be with? Shockingly, Zack saves Eph and Kelly escapes when a feeler takes a bullet for her. Nice work blowing your secret hideout guys. Now what?

Next time the struggle for control continues and Kelly gets comfortable in her new (old) skin. Join us on FX next Sunday, September 6 at 10 P.M. ET for 'The Battle for Red Hood.'