'Face Off' Recap: 'Surprise of the Century'

Happy 100th/Wedding Day! All photos courtesy Syfy.

Last week Meg took home the win after listening to Mr. Westmore's advice and we said good-bye to Omar and Sidney for the epic failure in deadly beauty make-up. Notice that the judges have not yet said that this is the most talented group of contestants they've ever had? That's because the gods do not like lying liars who lie. It's the 100th episode of 'Face Off' so let's do this.

Nothing says 'love' like graveyards, amirite? This week's Spotlight Challenge is to give engaged couples whimsical corpse makeovers for their weddings...which will be officiated by McKenzie as she's an ordained minister, natch. Another team challenge so choose your partners and let's make some people's special day get really weird. You guys, we've already had the 'beauty' challenge and now it's the 'whimsy' challenge. They are not messing around this season and I really hope that all the contestants studied the dictionary but just in case they haven't, here you go: whimsy - a playful or amusing quality : a sense of humor or playfulness. And now you know.

(Spoiler alert: they didn't.)

Design Phase
Ricky/Jordan - Their couple is really into video games but it needs MOAR WHIMSY
Scott/Stevie - Their couple has big personalities and are hyper-competitive so of course frozen carolers is the way to go. Mr. Westmore counsels against foam so we'll see if they listen.
Jason/Missy - Their couple got engaged at the Grand Canyon so clearly they died from broken necks.
Meg and Nora - Their couple is gay and adorable so obviously they should make one of them the 'bride'. Uh, okay.
Libby/Brittany - Their couple is into nature and light and life so this is going to be tough to make, well, dead. Thank goodness they can pull on Ents for inspiration.
Evan/Kevon - They got the yin and yang couple so went the angelic/demonic route. Eh, not overly excited about this. Moving on.
Ben/Jasmine - They got the crazy cat couple and I really hope they don't use hairballs as an inspiration.

Try not to mess it up guys, it's only their wedding days afterall.

We are Groot.
Whimsy and cartoony is outside of Nora's comfort zone so drink your drink but she came up with a cool idea that may or may not have been ripped off of an Aha video. Ricky is not thrilled with his face sculpt so he ups his game with a beating heart chest sculpt. I wish I could get excited about but really, it's been done before. An undulating intestine, now that would be visually interesting.Scott smugly smugs that he ended up with a clean mold, thereby angering the mold gods who take it out on Brittany and Libby. Not cool, Scott. Not cool. They are saved by Missy the Mold Whisperer though. Not loving life right now is Jasmine the Yarn Whisperer who spent most of Day Two winding yarn around head forms and horns. Someone needs a big-ass drink now is all I'm saying. .

Application Phase
The couples arrive and the excitement is catching. Kevon rips his bride's facial prosthetic and drama-queen's out. I blame the stupid spelling of his name.

Last Looks
Nora freaks out that she's not sure she can make it cartoony enough to pop and then the heart chest piece rips and there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Focus, people!

Reveal Stage
Jason/Missy - It's creepy and kind of funny but dark. Like all of her paint jobs ever.
Scott/Stevie - It's quite dramatic and frozen but could have used a few more icicles.
Ricky/Jordan - Do they have Tourettes? That said. the judges felt there was depth to the sculpt.
Libby/Brittany - Groot and waer maiden had good texure but the judges were not thrilled with the hair transition.
Ben/Jasmine - Glen can't hidE a smile because YARN HORNS.
Nora/Meg - Strung-out Bo Duke meets Vampira. At the very least Nora, you gave the man a nice rack.
Evan/Kevon - Hockey snow queen? I have no idea and neither does Glenn so I feel a bit better.

McKenzie officiates and everyone is marrred. Huzzah.

Scott, Stevie, Libby, Brittany, Evan, Kevon

Top Looks
Ricky/Jordan - It evoked pop art zombies and the judges loved the colors and heart.

Electrocuted zombies need love too.
Ben/Jasmine - They nailed the whimsy and showed great collaboration plus: YARN HORNS!

YARN HORNS! That is all.
Bottom Looks
Jason/Missy - Glenn hated it; it was a bad paint job and fell short of the challenge parameters. Too bad they liked it. Oops.
Meg/Nora - It was too subtle to carry the whimsy in the male and the female had poorly executed drag makeup. Glenn recognized they swung for the fences but were too tentative in running the bases. (I apologize for the poor baseball allegory there.)

Jasmine for the beautiful painting of the female character and, well, YARN HORNS! (That will never not be funny.)

We don't know because we have weddings to celebrate people! To be continued....

Next week we get the first single challenge of the season, melding classic literature and horror. This pretty much sums up my high school literature classes right there. Join us on Tuesday, August 18 at 9 p.m. ET 'Frightful Fiction,' only on Syfy.