'Face Off' Recap: 'All That Glitters'

All photos courtesy Syfy.

Last week Ben won by polishing a turd, Jason lost for epic failure Meg celebrated not being in the bottom. Yay mediocrity! The herd is being culled so let's do this.

Field trip! Another focus challenge so we know what that means: attention to detail, clean lines...oh, why do we even bother. We know they won't listen. The focus of the focus are Shakesperean characters but with a twist - he couldn't use women in his plays so neither can you. That's right, we're going old-school gender-bending to transform the male models into one of the leading ladies of his plays. It won't be turds they're polishing this week, that's for sure. To help you out we've got the person who changed Robin Williams into a totes-believable Mrs. Doubtfire, Ve Neill! Please listen to her, guys. She emphasizes the face, paying close attention to the edges, and using peachy/orange to soften the beard. Oh, and a little glitter never hurt anyone either. Once they've picked their scrolls, they'll find their tablets have been pre-loaded with character information. Boo! No remedial English for them. You have two days, so time to get busy.

Design Phase
Jordan - He's never done a gender swap before (drink) so he's going to play it straight with Lady Macbeth.
Jasmine  - She gets Hermione and decides to make her a beautiful pregnant queen which after doing drag show make up in Vega should be no issue.
Kevon - His Joan of Arc is a man turned into woman who's pretending to be a man. Easy peasy
Stevie - She has Hippolyta, an Amazon goddess and it becomes clear that *I* need remedial English.
Nora - She selected Sycorax, the witch from the Tempest.
Ricky - His boyfriend is a drag queen so changing his model into Ophelia shouldn't be too hard. She just a human being. Crazy, but a human being.
Evan - He selected Hecate, goddess of the underworld and witchcraft so naturally goes the undead pretty lady route.
Scott - He gets Cleopatra who was known for her beauty. Hope you practiced beauty make up, Scotty.
Ben - He's working with Titania from Midsummer Night's dream. She's Queen of the fairy and he's cross-dressed before so this is no big deal.
Meg - She's got Queen Mab from Romeo and Juliet  and goes for insectoid beauty. As one does.

Nora is stymied by her sculpt but rather than try to save it, she decides to risk it and start over without the old- age make up look. Good call. Mr. Westmore is hear to be quiet and pay attention class. The biggest take-away? Remember it's a beauty makeup. That is all.

Wigs for everyone! The silliness is strong and we end up with a bunch of Dave Grohls in Spinal Tap. Kevon of the stupid spelling decides to take Mr. Westmore's advice. Solid plan, Kevon. Evan is in pursuit of that elusive undead flesh tone. Good luck with that. Meg is having way too much fun with this and makes Queen Mab's crown be spider legs. Legs: are they the new horns? Discuss.

Application Phase
Evan's edges are too thick which is pretty much the exact opposite of what Ve told them to do. Jasmine's feeling confident about her prosthetic. Evan, not so much. Ricky's face keep pulling and wrinkling which is not the look you want for a young woman so he embraces the imperfections and accentuates them giving her a skin condition. It's an interesting choice, that's for sure. . The opposite of what he was told to do. Jasmine feeling confident. Evan not so much. Ricky using a skin condition to hide wrinkles. Meg worries that her creation is not beautiful enough and Jasmine's make-up goes all gummy with the heavy cream foundation on the silicone. She has no choice but to remove the prosthetic altogether and do a killer beauty make-up. This is certainly problematic.

Last Looks
Stevie's makeup is very dark but it sets off the red/gold colors nicely. Ricky's is just painful. He may have fallen asleep at the drag shows is all I'm saying and Jasmine is going full-out on the beauty make-up. Vegas hacks, don't fail me now!

Reveal Stage
Kevon - He watches too much reality TV as he sent out Caitlyn Jenner.
Stevie - It's very dark and (to me) not very feminine.
Ben - I have absolutely no idea what happened here.
Scott - Cleopatra by the 'South Park' marionette guys.
Nora - Her witch is an angry druggie but looks female so pass.
Meg - Queen Mab is ethereal, beautiful, and reads as female.
Evan - It's a really bad Marie Antoinette in drag.
Ricky - I'm pretty sure that this is what Datak looks like after a bender.
Jordan - Plain, nondescript but passable as a woman. He's probably safe.
Jasmine - No prosthetic but she nailed the puffy pregnant woman face.

The judges are pleased with Meg's, not loving Evan's or Ricky's and applaud Jasmine's 'decision' to not use a prosthetic on her model since he had a round face. Yes, she totally planned it that way.

Nora, Scott, Kevon, Ben, Jordan, Jasmine

Top Looks
Stevie - Ve likes that it reads as a complete character, Neville likes the beauty make up and Glenn is pleased she used the right forms.

Meg - All of the judges are enamored with it.

Bottom Looks
Ricky - Glenn not feeling it. At all. Ve's critique: OMFWTFBBQ and even Neville struggled to find anything positive to say about it.

Evan - Strange veiny things are happening, the model's eyes are buried and he looks like a drag queen so all in all the opposite of what the challenge asked for.

What have we learned? That women are better at making men into women and no one used glitter. Bummer.



No tears from McKenzie for Ricky's elimination but Ve is encouraging.

Next week the artists run the gauntlet of completing three challenges, each emphasizing a different skill set in increasing levels of difficulty. Can we break the 'bleep' record of tonight? Join us next Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET for 'The Gauntlet' only on Syfy.