'Defiance' Recap: 'Upon the March We Fittest Die'

All photos courtesy Syfy.

Hoo boy. The Omec are invading and Kindzi has discovered that a half-Casti baby would be both an appetizer and a fitting repayment for Stahma's stealing T'evgin's affection. I'm...not sure that's how it actually works, Kindzi. It's season finale time so let's do this.

Picking up right where we left off, Kindzi prepares to chow down on Luke when Stahma basically offers herself - will, body and soul in his stead. It's a good offer but she's not really into sloppy seconds and will still eat the baby. She didn't count on Datak who shows up and drives his knife-hand through here head, pinning her to the wall. Is she more hurt or angry? The jury's still out. Reconvening as the Lawkeeper's office with Stahma and Alak in tow, his murderous rage almost unleashes on Doc Yewll for, you know, drugging him to be Omec-chow. It's cool, Datak. She's  been rebooted and the vengeance subroutine is running strong. Okay then.

Somehow Kindzi pulls herself free from the wall and rejoins the increasingly grumpy Omec. Clearly they are all still less than thrilled with her as the All-Mother. That may be the first correct instinct they've ever had. She tells them to feast on an injured Omec but the notion of cannibalism is quite off-putting. Kindzi, darling, insisting that they do this is pretty much an express ticket to Mutinyville. Meanwhile, plans get underway to take out the Omec threat, headed up by Doc. Oh, this gonna be good! Basically, they'll sneak onto the orbiting ship, Doc will take control of the computer, and they blow that sucker to kingdom come. When Datak, who is still not all the way on board with this, questions whether she can do this or not, she informs him that it's quite possible she's done this before. Datak, I don't think that you have a leg to stand on from a traitorous asshole perspective. Just saying. All right, the boarding party shall consist of Nolan (naturally), Amanda, Datak, and Doc while Berlin and Irisa contain the Omec threat on the ground but not before she gets in some Luke snuggle time and Alak flirting time. Oooh, looks like 'Alrisa' rises again!

The Omec are ruthless and brutal which Amanda seems to have forgotten when she and Berlin come upon a harvesting. In an effort to free a captive, she gets herself sliced open. Dammit Amanda, we don't have time for this! Off to Doc Yewll's for emergency surgery and looks like you're staying earth-bound there darling. The Side Braid is tough, so near-evisceration will only side-line her, not stop her. Samir, you're in charge of the clinic. The rest of you, it's time to meet me in Old St. Louis. Irisa goes to join the the Sky Team which Nolan isn't happy about but she wields 'The Rule' about living together/dying together like a club, getting her way. This is what every teenager dreams of having. Advantage: Irisa.

Aw, Nolan and Amanda get to actually share feelings. This of course means that one or both of them is doomed because we've all watched TV before. But it's actually very sweet as Amanda tries to convince him that the VC won't re-arrest him once he's become the savior of Earth for getting rid of the Omec threat. Hm, gratitude does go a long way. Work it, Nolan!

Miraculously, they make it to the Omec launch site undetected though that's sure to change once the pods launch on a reverse course. Kindzi's crazy, not stupid after all. She's certain to notice things flying up into the sky.  Just saying. Okay, one person per space-egg. Because Nolan is an Alpha Male, he goes first and is giddy with his first space adventure. He's momentarily silenced by the view of the Earth from the Omec ship, a brightly shining reminder of what they're fighting for.  Irisa's moved too but by the sight of sleeping Omec children. Oh...oh crap. Nolan heads to the engine room while Doc, Datak, and Irisa head to the control center so Doc can plug into the ark brain of the ship. Literally. That looks like it hurts.

Nolan's attacked by drones while Doc tries to assert control over the brain, finally calling it a stupid piece of sthako, shutting the program down. And they say that swearing is a sign of an uneducated mind. The plan is to start the engines and overload them, blowing the ship to space-dust. Easy-peasy. Well, except for Doc sacrificing herself to become one with the brain, Irisa's humanitarian concerns over the children, and oh yeah, Kindzi's arrival to defend her family. Doc does alert Nolan to check his six but a bit too late as she is pissed.. On the plus side at least someone is considering it!

Stahma's on nurse duty and if Amanda felt the slightest bit better, she'd throw her out altogether. But this is the new, vulnerable Stahma who regrets all that she's done and wishes that she could be Amanda's friend as Amanda inspires people to be the very best version of themselves they can be. Hon, that ship done sailed after you murdered Kenya and blew up the Arch. Just saying. Though Amanda isn't as angry as usual. Am I seeing things or does there appear to be a slight thaw in the air?

As usual, Nolan is getting his ass handed to him fighting Kindzi. The prize? The engines of the ship. Hanging him just over the edge of the power core, she taunts him that they are the same - predators. No disagreement there from Nolan as he returns the favor in kind and grabbing her knife, stabs her in the neck before tossing her over the side. Not even the All-Mother can survive being torn apart by the core. I'm forced to wonder, now that no part of T'evgin's strength remains in consumable form, who gets it? And does this confer an Achilles heel of sorts on the Omec? We can but dream.

Leaderless now, the Omec round up Stahma and Luke which Amanda perceives in a narcotic-fueled dream state. Staggering outside, dripping blood from her wound, she sees Stahma in the harvest cart and unloads on the Omec, smiling at Stahma before collapsing in her arms. No, I'm not tearing up; it's just dusty in here right now.

Aboard the Omec ship, they're ready to scuttle it but Irisa has second thoughts about killing all of those Omec children. Why can't we save them like we saved each other? Doc is like, uh, I can't stop the explosion. Either the ship blows up or we vent into space creating a propulsion that will carry the ship so far away that they'll never find their way back to Earth. What do you say Dad? One last adventure? Just you, me, and Doc who's now stuck in the Omec power egg for all time. Sounds good kiddo but just one thing: you're not going. He tazes Irisa to send her back to Earth, wishing her a long, happy life and that he loves her so very much. He'll take care of the Omec. Be good, baby girl. She returns to Earth and together Nolan and Doc take the ship out, second star to the right and straight on til morning. Okay, fine. I'm sobbing.

Six weeks later, Irisa is the new Lawkeeper and Amanda is beyond devastated, believing Nolan is dead. Don't worry your pretty little Side Braid, mayor, he's out there and if he can find a way to get back to you, he will. But for now, his grandest wish has come to pass: a true space adventure. Godspeed, Joshua Nolan. Godspeed.

So there we have it. Season Three of "Defiance" is in the books. As of the time of this writing there's been no word on whether there will be Season Four but even if it doesn't return, the writers have gifted us with a satisfying series finale if that what it comes to be. We've loved, we've laughed, we've hated, we've lost but most of all we've enjoyed a helluva ride.  We. Are. Defiance!