'The Strain' Recap: 'The Battle For Red Hook'

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Kelly almost put Zack out of our misery, Coco got fed up with Palmer's antics, and the search for the Occido Lumen continues. Everyone ready? Let's do this.

Eichhorst hires a boat to take him and 20 of his closest friends across the river to Red Hook. Party cruise! Totally nothing at all suspicious about that. Mini-Joker comforts Sad Kelly and Eichhorst of course feeds into her paranoia that Nora has replaced her as the most important female in Zack's life. Well, Kelly, seeing as you're undead and he's not, this actually makes perfect sense. Calm yourself Mama Bear; Uncle Eichhie has a plan.

The team does a post mortem after Kelly's visit. Eph tries to reassure Zack that it wasn't his fault. I'm gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you there Eph. At any rate, they can't stay at Fet's anymore. Even though Dutch left to be with Nikki, Fet feels he should let her know they're leaving. Nora, who has had it with Eph and his East Coast pants tour, goes with Fet, leaving Eph and Zack to accompany Setrakian on his mission to warn the authorities that yes, Virginia, there are vampires in Red Hook. Hey, we haven't checked in on Dutch for a while. Must we? Ugh. Fine. The initial joy in being reunited has worn off: Dutch is a bad influence, Nikki's timeline story doesn't check out. Into this morass Fet and Nora venture and Nikki is singularly unimpressed as it's not them that Kelly is after. She's got a point. Dutch would very much like a sausage taco but that ain't gonna happen so she's going to have to pick a side and stay there. Psst. Fet - might I recommend a non 'passionately destructive' relationship? Less exciting but also less bunny-boiling so really, everyone wins.

Eph and Abe discuss the more fruitless of two endeavors: the bio-weapon or the Occido Lumen. Seeing how the bio-weapon died before it could even be born, I'm thinking that the Lumen has the edge. At any rate, They're there to give Councilwoman Feraldo the bad news: Red Hook isn't secure. We know this because my undead ex-wife visited my safe-house last night. Shockingly, they don't want to listen and instead of being arrested (good job on keeping that disguise up Eph), they're just tossed out. As if to put an exclamation point on how not secure the town is, the party boat pulls in. Kelly, pay the man where by 'pay' I of course mean 'feed on.' I wonder how many blood worms to the dollar?

Dutch and Nikki argue in their apartment. Do you love Fet? Yes. Did you take my money? No, but I tossed your laptop into the canal. What?! Can we just all agree that you are both co-dependent, selfish people and let it go with some make-up sex? Over at the Red Hook command center, Eichhorst and his crew cut the power and the panicking begins. The mayor's getting the hell out of Dodge but this is Justine's town and she's not going down without a fight. And a lot of firepower. Eph and Setrakian were still hanging around the area with Zack. Way to go in keeping him safe, Eph. Fet and Nora join the party and guys? Check. Your. Six. Zack is back there alone and on second thought, never mind. As you were. The vamps send in the first wave but that can't be their best effort. We'll hold the fort; someone get to the command center and get the juice back on. Team CDC: go! But without Setrakian. He has a personal errand to run first. This is the worst team up ever; everyone just goes and does whatever they want.

Post make-up session, Dutch awakes to the sound of gunfire and no power. She has to help so she hands Nikki a silver knife and heads out. Try not to throw this in the canal too Nikki. Justine decides to see what they're up against so she heads to the roof with Captain Macho where they discover all of Isengard has been emptied. She's thisclose to turning tail and running but then finds her courage and heads back to lead the defenses. Captain Macho approves. Meanwhile, Nora, Fet, and Eph search for the 'on' switch and run into some hostiles, one of whom recognizes Zack and transmits the information to Kelly via vamp shortwave. Does this mean we'll finally be rid of Zack? We can but dream.

Justine calls for help from the citizenry: Red Hook is under attack. To arms, my voters. Fet is stymied by the bank of dials and levers but since Nora's the only smart one, she grabs a manual and begins speed-reading. Outside, the vamps have breached the perimeter. Hold the line! And Dutch arrives to help defend. Wait. How did she get there? No matter. Eph decides that Nora and Fet have things under control so he leaves Zack with Nora - again - and heads off to find Setrakian. Nikki saves Dutch but we don't really care and Nora finally says eff the manual; it's more like guidelines anyway. She and Fet start throwing switches and voila! We have exorcised the demons. Literally because the lights were UV and the vamps are highly allergic to it. This town is clear. Ish.

Kelly pops up in the control room area looking for Zack. Oh, now you'r properly scared of your mother boy. To get rid of her, Fet slips out of the control booth, leaving Nora with Zack. Are we sensing a theme? Okay, Kelly might actually have a point: she's in the only one who really seems to want him. She gets the drop on Fet with an open-field tackle, recovering his gun. Um, oops. You do realize that you have a stinger at your disposal, right? Just take the boy and go Kelly but don't you dare hurt Fet. Before she can break into the room where Zack is, Fet gets her around the neck from behind but she escapes. Again. Without Zack. Again. Dammit!

Eichhorst searches for Setrakian, taunting him about him late wife when the lights come back on. He's not pleased but we are as that means a scenery-chewing duel is on deck. But an unfair one as Eph covers Setrakian from above. He's coming right for you, Eph! Better start running.... He's a vamp; he can track by smell so hiding really isn't a viable option there hon. Eichhorst then starts taunting Eph about the origin of his family name, that Eph wasn't ever really sure he wanted to be a  father (good call on that by the way), and pretty much everything. Eichhorst has some nifty "Matrix" moves to avoid the silver bullets and I don't mean the 'beer.' As Eph struggles to reload, he continues his taunting since being gifted with the power of speech and though he will. not. shut. up. Ever. He's about to finish Eph off when cover fire from Setrakian strafes from above. He's hit but escapes so more awesome confrontations are in our future.

Woo hoo, we survived the battle for Red Hook but the old relationships did not. Dutch and Fet are over but it looks like Fet and Nora are gonna be starting something. Nikki and Fet awkwardly shoulder punch each other as her showing up to save Dutch means she's not completely useless. Alas, Zack is still there. Justine smugly smugs that Red Hook is saved and this is a turning point against those vampire scum. Sure, we'll go with that. You still need a new hideout though.

Next week Setrakian continues his search for the Lumen, curse be damned and Palmer and Eichhorst snipe at each other, gloating in the other's failures. Boys, boys; such posturing is unseemly. The enemy of humanity is out there! Join us on Sunday, September 13 for  'The Assassin' at 10 p.m. ET only on FX.