'Face Off' Recap: 'Extraterrestrial Enterprise'

All photos courtesy Syfy. Qapla!

Meg continued her domination in Bottom Looks but Foundation Challenge immunity saved her, sending Libby home. We're boldly going to the Star Trek universe tonight with Jonathon Frakes and Michael Dorn y'all so let's do this.

It's Foundation Challenge time! Choose an alien landscape and use it as inspiration for a retro alien; a la 60s and 70s like "Land of the Lost" and "Star Trek." And to make sure you don't muck this up, your guest judge today is Michael Westmore! Winner gets immunity in the Spotlight Challenge so listen closely - you're aiming for the retro, campy vibe. You have two hours; good luck. What I like about Mr. Westmore is that he gives real, useful feedback and not empty platitudes of 'I like it.' You know, like a real judge or something.

Favorite looks: Evan, Jordan
Winner - Evan because he listened to the directions.

Spotlight Challenge
Using the iconic Klingons as an example, the spotlight challenge this time is to take the retro alien designed for the Foundation challenge and evolve it into a modern aesthetic. Ben is sad because he hated his make-up and has no clue how to salvage this. Evan and Jordan should be sitting pretty as long as the (all together now) listen to the directions. Ve and Neville are there to give advice as they both worked on the franchise - the key is to turn up the volume on the realism as our suspension of disbelief is also evolving. Also as a bonus: the judges can give immediate feedback on the evolution of the aliens leaving Ben with the unenviable task of polishing a turd. Neville reminds him that you don't have to be literal in the landscape. Oh, yeah. So let's polish this turn as shiny as it can get. I think we all have a new life mantra now.

Scott is suave and confident, Jordan and Evan are working from places of strength, Jason goes for the horns and Jasmine has massive artist's block.

You know what we need? Another guest mentor and Mr Westmore's back with a friend - Jonathon Frakes. Let the Geekgasm begin as the splooge of paint echoes throughout the lab. Stevie in particular is frustrated with how their feedback changes everything but keep in mind: no one has ever been sent home from heeding Mr. Westmore's advice. Nora went more radical in her evolution and Ben gets to work with his polishing.

Molding time - no issues with the molds so take a celebratory drink! Meg is the  last to get to the mold room and she's running poly foam which she's never worked with before. Of course. She also has the most left to get done. Also of course.

Application Day

Nora has luck with her appliance, Jordan decides on a facepiece with minimalistic make up so it better be damn near amazing (it's not), Kevon's model's face is completely covered with the prosthetic and, as always, Jason freaks out. It's time to paint...but he's not going to prove himself with paint. Conversely, Ben scaled back on the paint, Scott still has to do full body paint and Stevie employed a multilayered paint process which looks really good. Meg's polyfoam cowl came up but the lost a bunch of time, almost assuring herslef a spot in the bottom unless others step up to fail spectacularly. (This is what's known as 'foreshadowing.')

Last Looks
Meg goes Beast Mode and puts out a solid paint job, Jason is patching his failure with jewels and we all cringe for him because we know what's going to happen and Jasmine spazzes out, regretting her entire face. Okay then.

Reveal Stage
Continuing the parade of Guest Judges, on the panel is Worf himself, Michael Dorn. This is a man who knows prosthetics so he should actually provide decent feedback.

Jordan - Purple teeny-bopper bounty hunter
Ricky - Refugee from Planet Picasso
Evan - He has immunity but sends out a perfectly serviceable Asian elf
Kevon - What seems to be a giant-headed Urkel-lion. Urkelion? Anyways, it's weird.
Nora - Her character had a massive evolutionary jump, becoming a skeleton crypt keeper.
Jason - Queen of hearts with a massive overbite that not even Kirk would touch.
Jasmine - Spiky Captain Cold. Horns will not save you this time.
Ben  - Great recovery into a badass bald bounty hunter.
Stevie - The first thing I thought was cauliflower' and now that's all I can see.
Meg - Hers looks vaguely Borgish but fits with her landscape
Scott - Shiny squid face

Judges - They're not loving really anything yet but get handsy, yanking on Nora's cowl. Worf like Ben's creation and Scott's too. For cool, "Star Trek" type aliens, I'm overall hella disappointed.

Ricky,  Nora, Evan (immunity), Kevon, Meg

Top Looks
Stevie - The judges liked the paint job and technique of application. She had good forms and made a wise decision bringing the colors and forms down to the neck.

Scott - Ve loved the chest and color combination and Neville dug the sculptural detailing.

Ben - Worf liked the transition, Ve loved the bone structure and Neville was impressed with the skin texture. Well done in saving this piece Ben.

Bottom Looks
Jasmine - Basically it was a fundamentally flawed design.
Jason - There are no words for how displeased Glenn was with this epic collaboration of fail.
Jordan - Ve was disappointed as she expected something cool. They call him out on resting on his laurels from the previous challenge and repeating past successes spells death in the show and in one's career. You're on notice Jordan.

Ben - That was the most magnificent polishing of a turd that has ever happened.

Jason - McKenzie was still not as upset as she was about booting Brittany.

Onwards! Next week it's Drag Time as they'll be making over male models into famous Shakesperean female characters. Join us on Tuesday, September 8 at 9 p.m. ET for 'All That Glitters' only on Syfy.