'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: 'I, Witness'

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It's been a long wait but we're finally back! Well, except for Katrina the Struggle-Witch, Henry/Jeremy of the Epic Daddy Issues and Captain Frank Irving for reasons we really don't know. Yet. The Horseman of War has been defeated but Death, Famine, and Pestilence still prowl the dimension. Get your Ichabbie shipping ready because it's time to do this.

Even with Katrina dead, Sleepy Hollow can get no relief from witches as a new power lady in town puts Death in a special box to generate her very own fear demon. Meanwhile, a dude runs through an ally before being rudely stopped by a trash can lid, wielded by none other than our favorite 'Leftenant' Abbie Mills. With a new haircut and a new partner. Wait, what? She's finally made it to FBI traning in Quantico, achieving all she's ever dreamed of. But where's Crane? Ah, in jail. Sigh. It was only a matter of time I suppose. She bails him out but not before being rather put out that she's had no contact with him for nine months as he was off doing a walkabout and then getting nailed by Customs trying to bring an artifact from Scotland back into the country. Oh, what we wouldn't have given to see Crane attempt to navigate the labyrinth of airports, security and airplane boarding. He's got street cred now, for what it's worth. It won't help two fellas who got into a fight while drinking however, as the demon is attracted to violence. Really dude? Drunk guys arguing over a woman is what draws your attention? Yawn.  Let me know when you make the jump to Triple-A ball.

Time for some uncomfortable catching up between Crane and Mills: new purpose, new haircute, new job.... Whoa. Crane is adrift without the mission of a Witness and Abbie just wants to get back to her dream of being a FBI agent with no more of the ancient Sumerbylonian nonsense. She's called to the cabin and since no one ever questions Crane being around, he tags along too. Finding a large animal print, he pours some dragon's breath on it and BOOM! Evil has returned to Sleepy Hollow. Someone looks pretty darn happy about that fact.

The thing is Crane, Mills has a new job so she must occasionally visit the office which is really, really nice. Even if she is on call for her mentor Special Agent in Charge Granger. He's suspicious of Crane, Crane is jealous of him and she's amused by it all. Crane is insistent though - their supernatural adventures are not over as the Bible explicitly states that the two Witnesses have to endure seven tribulations and unfortunately, Moloch only counted as one. She gets the science lab results which confirm her instinct of the victims being essentially frozen in fear. Yes yes but science alone will not be enough. We need more hocus pocus. To the archives! Which are being packed up as the building was sold the developers and will be demolished next month. Crane's predictably apoplectic but calms down enough to greet Jenny but where is Captain Irving? That, my dear Ichabod, is something we'd all like to know. We need information on a fear demon. Um, where are my books? The witch, Pandora, feeds on fear and uses the demon as a servant to collect it for her. Huh. Most people just settle for Botox but you do you. Her brief Scully interlude over, Mills rejoins Team Witness.

And with a fabulous new hairstyle.
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Three guesses where the information is located and the fist two don't count. (The Franklin Sketchbook for those playing along at home.) The first sighting of this beast was at the Battle of Bunker Hill and he tore through the colonists' lines. Only one secret weapon can save the revolution now: the uber-assassin, Betsy Ross. Naturally. And naturally, Crane had a 'thing' with her which amuses Jenny and Abbie to no end. Mostly because Crane isn't espousing the endless list of virtues a la Katrina. Also, he was a bit repressed. While Crane was pontificating, Jenny 'internetted' and found the letter from Washington to General Prescott with how to defeat the demon. They need the real thing but fear not, it's in the 'Colonial Times.' You know, the theme restaurant? Cue Crane's head exploding. Becoming a FBI agent didn't dampen Mills' B&E skills in the slightest as she retrieves the letter from the sealed box it was displayed in and turns it over to Crane. Sorry man, I have work to do. Have fun.

Rolling along what is apparently the only road into and out of town, a cop comes up on a woman in a long hooded cloak asking if she needs help or nah as he's obviously new around here and has a death wish. Could it be our girl Betsy going out of time or Pandora out to wreak more havoc? Meanwhile, Jenny's going through boxes and guys? Aren't you all losing the not-so-secret headquarters soon? But the box she's going through is marked 'Jenny Corbin' so what the what?  Crane arrives and she  asks where Abbie is, oh, you know, trapping an organized crime leader with her FBI buds. I'm sorry, but angry people with guns going up against other angry people with guns? Have you lost your mind?! And right on cue, the fear demon shows up to the buffet. For your appetizer, can I recommend Special Agent in Charge Granger? Holy crap Abbie is hard on mentors/bosses. To add insult to inury, the bad guy escapes. We'll file this under 'Very Bad Day.'

Debriefing in the archives, it comes out that the demon is vulnerable when its eyes go white, giving rise to the saying, 'don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes' also from the Battle of Bunker Hill. I'm sure that Crane will also attempt to claim 'credit for the 'Whip Nae-Nae' and 'As You Wish.' So we know how the monster is to be defeated, now what? Teamwork. That's what. Hey, we have another shot because the feds found Chang holed up in a warehouse with a bunch of hostages. And no one questions why Abbie the junior FBI agent disappears after a mission or where she is? Sure, we'll go with that. Chang requests Abbie as the negotiator and while trying to talk him down and reassure him that he's not crazy for seeing the demon, she states that it's all real, she's a Witness, and it's her job to stop them. Great, now that we're all on the same page again, how about them hostages? Jenny and Crane sneak into the building, knowing that the demon will be drawn there by the violence and set Crane out as bait. Seems legit. Abbie distracts Chang and the hostages run while the demon has Crane in its sights. She draws bead on the white eyes but misses and gets tossed across the room. Crane gets his colonial butt handed to him and as the demon leaps to execute a textbook pile-driver, Abbie takes it down. Welcome back, Agent Leftenant Mills. Uh, can someone please go check on Jenny now?

Back at the jail, Crane wants his stuff back, particularly the block of stone from the family mausoleum which was the source of all his jail time to begin with. Abbie notices a false face on it and there are clues and prophecies underneath because of course there are. Discussing over a couple of pints, the short version is: Destroyers. Sigh. Fine. The work is not complete and the second tribulation has begun. Crane laments that this is not the country he thought that it would be but it's the one he has so he needs to accept it. Good job Crane, that's the first step. Settling up the bar tab, Abbie bumps into Pandora. Welcome to Sleepy Hollow. Oh don't worry Abbie, she's going to make herself right at home though why she gave her actual name kind of rings beyond stupid.

Next week Pandora's reign of terror continues and Abbie perhaps had a bit of a love interest while at Quantico. Well Crane, if you're not going to mind the store... Join us at 9 ET on October 8 for 'Blood and Fear', only on Fox.