'Face Off' Recap: 'Bottled Up'

All photos courtesy Syfy.

The struggle was real for Anna as she was eliminated and Robert lived to be adorable another day. Hopefully he'll have learned from his most recent near-miss and take things a bit more seriously now. We're down to the top six and the margin for error is razor-thin. Going for 'safe' is no longer enough. Y'all ready? Let's do this.

Entering the lab, the top six are greeted by wings. Angels are not among us but Valkyries certainly are. Today's foundation challenge is rooted in Norse mythology and they will be creating Valkyrie goddess makeup. The guest judge is Douglas Noe and he's looking for stylized elements with bold shapes and angles, dramatic color but not flamboyant or garish. The winner gets immunity, a luxury that cannot be overstated at this stage of the competition. You have two hours; choose your wings and go!

Yvonne -  Mother Nature Valkyrie
Melissa - Fallen Warrior
Walter - Trial by Fire
Robert - Vampire Valkyrie
Rob - Uh...his was blue. I think
Mel - Beautiful Badass

Top looks
Yvonne and Melissa
Winner: Melissa

Spotlight Challenge
The artists either wandered into the best little whorehouse in Agrabah or the Spotlight Challenge theme is genies. Picking a lamp, each will create the mischievous genie that lives in the lamp.

Rob - Primitive tribe vessel with a lot of carvings
Mel - It's large. Like, really, really large.
Melissa - She'd just like to say that she's grateful for the immunity.
Walter - Here there be dragons.
Robert -  Cat eye jewel so naturally a party animal.
Yvonne - Pink elephants on parade.

Mr. Westmore visits and counsels Mel to avoid sculpting an antelope face, rather, incorporate the vessel's pattern so she's naturally distraught. Walter's dragon lady is reading more Hawkgirl/Scarlet Witch than reptilian. Robert got bogged down in literalism again and Mr. Westmore is at a loss. The nose on Rob's is off-kilter as well. Walter recovers first and is off toe the molding room while Rob gets stuck on making his face symmetrical, approaching the real danger of falling behind.

Mel's frustration with her face sculpt is setting in so in Day Two, she focuses on the cowl to emulate the top of the vessel. Robert's getting down with his party animal and Mel's back on the face. Walter's spent too much time sculpting the cowl and runs the risk of not getting it molded and cleaned before time ends for the day. No worries man, Melissa is there to help showing once again that cooperation and teamwork make everyone better.

Application Phase
Walter gets his wish and his cowl comes clean with ears up. Yvonne's genie is an elephant and I clearly missed something. Mel seems to be resigned to her design. Rob's also making ears while Walter is on the metaphorical ledge. The supernatural zoo is taking shape: cats and elephants and dragons, oh my!

Last Looks
Rob needs to finish his paint job, Mel's having application issues, Robert's chin piece is coming off so, you know, business as usual.

Reveal Stage
The special guest judge for the challenge is Bill Corso so cue fangirling.

Mel  - Steampunk genie
Melissa - Shiny Cheetara,
Walter - Turkey Buzzard,
Yvonne - Set tusks to 'stun'.
Rob - Swamp thing with handle ears?
Robert - Party Animal, Valtrex style.

Judges - They're confused by Mel and Melissa's, like Walter's sculptural work, appreciate the clean lines of Yvonne's but are unsure of its appropriateness to the challenge, like Rob's and are dumbstruck by Robert's cat-genie as not only did it miss the mark of the challenge, it didn't even enter the same zip code.

Melissa, Yvonne

Rob - He made solid decisions and spot-on fusion of cultural references in his vessel.

Walter - Bill liked the sculptural detail of the lamp that were highlighted in the make up while appreciated the colors and form.

Mel - The whole thing was wonky as there was really nothing that said 'genie.'

Robert - This was not even close to being a genie from a design perspective even though it was his best sculpting of the season.


Robert - His humor got the best of him and sent him down the wrong path. We will sorely miss your unique perspective on life Robert.

The men have rebounded nicely from their trouncing earlier in the season; can Rob or Walter ride their momentum to the win? Next week the remaining five artists keep an eye on the prize heading towards the finale. The judges save still hasn't been played; will anyone benefit from it? Join us on Syfy for a Cyclops challenge in 'Keep One Eye Open' on March 16 at 9 p.m. ET.