'Face Off' Recap: 'Keep One Eye Open'

All photos courtesy Syfy.

Last week, we saw the end of Robert and his magical menagerie's run and we're all sadder for it, but Walter and Rob are peaking. Will the guys cruise to victory? We're in the home stretch now with only five remaining so, everyone ready? Let's do this.

Welcome to the apothecary! Oh, I hope they have a bezoar. Melissa's excited at least. Their challenge is to delve into Greek mythology, specifically the Cyclops. Each will pick an eye that will inspire their Cyclops. Oh yeah, and this is a focus challenge so, you know, focus on the face. We'll give you a little help though - really, really tall models. And a step stool.

Yvonne - Satan's blacksmith. She's never done a Cyclops before so drink.
Rob - Electric Blue with aquatic pupil. He forged Poseidon's trident.
Mel - human eyeball. She's going with a human/dog hybrid and this just won't end well.
Melissa - Lizard Snake Monster Warrior. She has no real theme but is basing the sculpt on an eyelash viper. No theme, except for BADASS that is.
Walter - Pinky/Purple eye.  You know what goes really well with conjunctivitis? Wrinkles.

Rob takes the focus of the focus challenge to heart so decides to sculpt only a face piece but then considers bringing the eye to where the mouth is bringing new meaning to the phrase 'eating with your 'eye'.' Fortunately he realizes that this is a fairly dumb idea and with only five contestants left, it's really not the time to take unnecessary risks and goes back to basics, staying in theme. Mr. Westmore arrives and gives advice which they all appear to follow so yay for personal growth!

Yvonne struggles with anatomy around the eye and Rob steps in to help her with the brow then she turns around and returns the favor when he worries about the symmetry of his facial sculpt. This right here is what makes "Face Off" so fantastic - the unthinking, automatic willingness to help each other out. Mold up y'all!

Day Two
The models here and Mel is not loving her face or sculpture. The paint will have to save it and that's worked out really well for everyone so far this season. Walter's bald cap is not cooperating but Melissa feels really good about her creation; it's all come together so well. Yvonne goes for a devilish red while Rob's palette reminds me of nothing but a reverse Dory. Walter paints the arms purple but not the same shade as the face and so hopes that the judges won't notice. Uh, Walter? Are you new here?

Last Looks
Melissa touches up her makeup but  Mel's is a shiny disaster and Walter's bald cap continues to try to leave early to beat the traffic. Let's take a moment and mourn what might have been if Robert had still been in this thing.

Reveal Stage
The special guest judge is Douglas Smith who played a Cyclops named Tyson in "Percy Jackson: Sea of Storms." He's adorable and now I'm going to have to go back and read the book again.

Melissa - Reptile Warrior. What the Gorn want to be when they grow up.
Yvonne- The love child of Darth Maul and Fezzik of the Brute Squad
Mel  - Mangy Droopy Dog
Walter - Purple. Just....purple.
Rob - For once, the (very, very) yellow worked.

They laughed at Mel's but it wasn't supposed to be funny. Oops. Yvonne's was clean but kind of plain and needed more color break-up. They really like Melissa's and up close the detailing is amazing. Walter's is an unfortunate hot mess and the color combination on Rob's is simply breathtaking.

Top Looks
Rob - The judges really like the color choice and sculpting. He achieved a strong silhouette and forms (drink.)

Melissa - The amount of detail was so impressive and it was a brilliant move to embrace the evolutionary link of reptiles and birds.

Yvonne - The character had good, clean edges but the eye was too small for a cyclopean focus challenge and the color could have had stronger impact.

Bottom looks
Walter  - Kindly put, this was not his best as there was not nearly enough facial detail and the body color was off too much from the face.

Mel - This character had major technical issues and too many competing ideas which drove it into the silly zone.


Mel but TWIST!  The judges used their one-time special save to keep her in the competition.Make it count Mel.

Can we expect a double elimination next week? We'll find out as the Top Five venture into the realm of gaming so make sure to tune into Syfy at 9 p.m. ET on March 23 for 'The Art of Warcraft' and the return of Leroy Jenkins.