'Face Off' Recap: 'The Art of Warcraft'

All photos courtesy Syfy.

Mel struggled last week with her Cyclops but in a surprise twist, the judges decided to bestow upon her the super-special save, allowing her to remain in the competition. There are no more second chances to be had for anyone now so the artists better be ready to bring it. It's on like Leroy Jenkins. Everyone ready? Let's do this.

Welcome to the World of Warcraft! WooHoo! To the non-surprise of all, there is an upcoming WoW feature film so naturally a tie-in is required. The film will feature humans versus orcs so the five remaining artists will adapt one of other six races to a more badass version suitable for the film: Goblin, Draenei, Pandaren, Tauren, Troll, or Worgen. Walter, Melissa, and Rob just about pass out from sheer gamer joy while Mel looks about ready to cry because war-what? Don't worry Mel, Chris Robinson, the Senior Art Director for 'World of Warcraft' is on hand to dispense some character advice.

Rob - Tauren. A man-bull warrior race.
Mel - Troll. They have magic and voodoo and she has a lot of questions.
Yvonne - Goblin, They're snarky and like explosions.
Walter - Dreanei. Not a zombie, just undead. Um, okay.
Melissa - Worgen. She decides on a wolf/cat/high priest-druid... thing. Sure. We'll go with that.

Mel is slightly overthinking this again and has a million questions about the troll race. Most seem to center on the hair. Melissa is pressed into service as the hand model for the Troll and the Worgen. Rob starts on his cowl but ends up not liking it so he bags it. Literally. Knowing the the 'save' is no longer available has made a real impact on them, causing them to doubt and second-guess every decision. I wonder if Mr. Westmore needs some Pepto Bismol as he's wincing at everything during his walk through. Huh, I guess your hating everything about your sculpt wasn't that far off after all Rob.

Day 2
Walter gets his mold open and gets to work on the tentacles. He's relaxed and having a lot of fun with his Dead Knight Dreanei. Rob does the bouncy happy dance as he's figured out how to make his character work. Mel drops the hands to focus on the cowl and hair and Melissa is completely stressed out as nothing seems to be working this time. Even after figuring out his design, Rob ends up scrapping the cowl which sucks as the silhouette in so important in this character. Yvonne scales down the ears to keep it from going 'cartoony' which is a good call. Walter decides to make a tail because, hey, he's got plenty of time so why not. Coming up quickly in the 'can't catch a break' race, Rob is short the silicone he needs to form his horns.  

The name of the game today is fabrication, issues, and stress. Mel and Walter are both in good places and Rob finally has all of his pieces working but is dangerously short on time. Melissa and Rob were the two most excited about the challenge get had the greatest difficulty. Did familiarity with the game get in the way? It really hurts watching them struggle.

Last Looks
Melissa's on autopilot to just get it done, Yvonne's paint is looking muddy and washed out and it gets worse the more she tries to fix it. Mel's feeling good and Walter gets himself some tail.

Reveal Stage
The special guest judge is Rob Kazinsky who is not only in the new "World of Warcraft" movie, he spent a year of his life playing the game in his underwear. Life goals right there, gamers. Life. Goals.

Yvonne - American tourist goblin
Walter - Freaking. Amazing.
Rob - Ancient minotaur. 
Melissa - Magic wolfcat 
Mel - Punk troll

Rob  - Per Glenn et al, it was flawless and perfect but Rob disagreed, pointing out that it looks like a sad bipedal cow.

Mel - Even having never played the game, she showed genuine integrity, a great profile and the mohawk was spot on for the race.

Walter - They were all completely bowled over by the amazing amount of work he accomplished. Absolutely perfect Dead Knight. 

Yvonne - There was no vibrancy; it came off like a plastic, pea-green Halloween mask. It lacked the ugliness and wittiness the race is known for.

Melissa- There was too much blockiness in the face and it just felt unfinished. Glenn in particular was disappointed at the output this stage of competition. Rob disagreed, saying that it was a full character straight from the game.

Walter - He displayed impressive harmony in his character and made all the right decisions.

Yvonne - She just fell short of the mark this time

The Final Four is set: Walter, Rob, Mel, and Melissa. Rest up guys because on Wednesday, March 30 you're playing for a spot in the finale with 'Skull Island: Reign of Kong' at 9 p.m. ET only on Syfy.