'Face Off' Recap: 'Sinister Showdown Part 1'

All photos courtesy Syfy.

Well y'all, here we are. The finale of Face Off's tenth season. Mel fell just short leaving us with Melissa, Rob, and Walter as this season's three finalists. Before this challenge is done, they'll all be thinking fondly of The Gauntlet. Saddle up and buckle in, it's a two-parter so let's do this.

Field trip! Off to the abandoned oil fields for thrills, chills, and big scares. Producer Jason Blum gives them their marching directions: they will each create two make ups to feature in a horror film based off of one of Jason's short horror stories about a family who moves into a house that contains a portal to hell and unleashes a demon. This is why fixer-uppers are never a good idea. Each finalist will work with a different director who has his own story-board and script and will bring the demon unlucky family member to cinematic life: Bryce McGuire, Ryan Spindell, and John Wynn. It's a lot of work but don't worry, we've brought in some help in the forms of Johnny, Anna, Mel, Yvonne, Kaleb, and Robert.

Team Rob: Kaleb, Anna. Director Bryce. He doesn't know what he wants but is pretty sure it's not goats.

Team Walter: Robert, Mel. Director Ryan. This is the team I'd most like to hang with.

Team Melissa: Johnny, Yvonne. Director John. His vision is a Cylopian demon (see what I did there?) released when the family burns the doll, Mr. Sticks. Are we sure that Robert didn't have a hand in this backstory?

Everyone ready? To the lab!
So much of the success of the challenge depends on the teamwork involved and the finalists being able to relinquish some control to their team yet still pull together cohesive make ups. Melissa winged her Cyclops last time, this time she'll need to plan.

Rob - His team starts on the chest piece, face, and cowl to bulk the demon out. Goat-free so far but he doesn't like his sculpt.

Walter - Ryan wants a typical demon look with no human elements. I'm sure this will come as quite the surprise to the model.

Melissa sculpts fleshy membranes for the eye which is a cool direction. But since this is "Face Off", there has to be a surprise twist...Lois Burwell! Lois is here to help Mr. Westmore with his walk through and she is as adorable as ever.

Day 2
Rob starts over and we all faint from surprise. Johnny volunteered to mold and Melissa was glad to let him do that so she could focus on the problem of nipple sculpting. She's not thrilled with it but getting something in front of  Director John will then provide them with a stronger feel for his vision. Team Rob struggles with the cowl mold but Team Walter is cruising along which we all know that means a major issue is coming.

The cowl mold isn't opening for Rob. Damn you, demon cowl! Melissa molds a vascular system to go over the heart, showing the progression of the possession and Team Walter molds All The Things.

Application Day
Rob's demon cowl has a big rip which cues massive Kermit arms. The models arrive and time to get ready for your close-ups, er, screen-and-lighting tests. Walter's demon is a pumpkin tree and he questions Robert's mad genius of using shrubbery to disguise the rough edges of the chest piece but it looks amazing and he's very happy with the creation.

Last Looks 
Team Melissa is up first. It's the usual scramble to finish but soon enough they are on their way next door to the sound stage for the camera and lighting tests. Director John doesn't like the demon chest piece and the mouth needs goo. Or chocolate syrup. Thanks for ruining dessert for me now, John. The bad news is that there's a lot of resculpting in their future but Melissa wouldn't have made it this far if she wasn't up to the challenge.

Team Walter's up next. They're looking really good and have had a really strong team effort. Under the lights, the demon looks like the love child of Heimdahl and Groot. He looks fantastic on camera but Mr. Westmore points out some minor things in the face that need to be addressed and give the vines some love there guys. The girl's face needs to not be quite so far gone into the possession but all in all, they're in very good shape.

Team Rob is last up. The cowl issues affect the face piece. wasting the team's time fixing it but the end result is pretty cool (and goopy) as Rob is amazing under pressure. Director Bryce loves the look when they come but as the camera test progresses, he asks for changes to the eyes. And hands. And nose. And move the horns around. Oh, can you make the ear hole more 'holey' and have it bring me a cheeseburger while dressed in drag doing the hula? The girl is too extreme so dial it back and you know what? Let's just start again from scratch. But don't worry man, I trust you. The most neurotic artist was paired with the most neurotic director and the one who doesn't end up in the loony bin wins. Meanwhile, Rob prepares for Armageddon and you know what dude? Go ahead and freak out; you've earned it.

Back to the drawing board and super sculpey for Team Melissa and Team Rob. They've got one more chance to pull off their director's vision so come on guys, let's see some magic! Join us next week for the second part of the Season 10 finale, 'Sinister Showdown Part II' at 9 p.m. ET, only on Syfy.