Four real-life Ghostbusters who appear in the new movie

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From busting ghosts on TV, to ghostbusting at Comic-Cons, the following list all have a few things in common. The first is that all of them have been inspired by the original "Ghostbusters" films, and now they can all say they were on set as extras to shoot with the highly-anticipated reboot of this popular paranormal franchise. If you believe in the paranormal, you might say these are the ones you can call if there's something strange in your neighborhood.

Brian Cano
Location: Staten Island, NY
Best known from: "Haunted Collector" (Originally on SyFy, now on Destination America)
How I bust ghosts: I don't bust them, but rather, I share their stories when contact is made - often all they want is acknowledgement.
How long have I been…: I've been investigating the paranormal since 2002 (A short, fun Ghostbusters video I did)
Social media info: Website:  Facebook: Brian J. Cano  Twitter: @brianjcano
How do I feel about being in the new movie:  I told Paul Feig this when I saw him on set: "I was ten when the original came out.  It inspired me and today I'm a parapsychologist.  Prepare to inspire a whole new generation with your film."  I gave him my card and invited him to contact me about fact checking and for the word from the actual field.  I'm certain I was not the first to do so…
My favorite piece of equipment: Until a proton pack is invented for real, it would have to be my digital audio recorder.  EVPs have become my specialty

What part did you play in the new movie? In this film, I found myself
in the audience at the "Rock Revenge Fest," where the 'Busters make their first catch. It was a long, but fun, two days on the set. I'm going to have a hard time finding myself in the crowd, since I was put in five different positions, ranging from the balcony to the pit. It'll be like a paranormal, "Where's Waldo?"

How did Ghostbusters impact you? The original "Ghostbusters" inspired me to do what I do today and if you had told me back in 1984 that, not only would I be a parapsychologist investigating life after death when I grew up, but that I'd also be IN a Ghostbusters movie…that 10-year-old kid would have lost his mind! As an adult, I even worked within view of the firehouse used in the original movie and I always maintained, "If they ever do another one, I'm going to be a part of it." Mission accomplished.

At the end of my two days on set, I got a chance to briefly meet the cast and exchange a few words with Paul Feig. At first, I thought it best not to bother him, but when would I have an opportunity like this again? I told him that the first movie inspired me and is a big part of my life. "I am who I am today because of that movie, " I said, "Your movie is going to inspire the next generation. I hope you're prepared for that…" I then gave him my card and told him to feel free to contact me for any insight on actual paranormal investigations or for fact-checking on details to make it ring truer for a community that will be eyeing the film very carefully. He never reached out to me but he was very gracious about it and he seems a very nice man.

Rachel Hoffman
Location: Boston, MA 
How do you bust ghosts?:  I am the lead paranormal investigator for an all female trio is based out of Boston, travelling across America in search of ghosts. We pride ourselves in using new age and old age equipment to seek out proof of the spiritual world.
How long have you been busting ghosts?:
I've been busting ghosts all my life, but I made it official in 2010 when I created an all-female crew to up the game in the paranormal. We bring a totally different approach in a predominantly all male field, which is why the new all-female Ghostbusters is my dream come to life.
Favorite Piece of Equipment: The Ovilus 4, programmed with phonetics, and the English and Spanish dictionary..but that doesn't stop the spirits from coming through in Latin or other old age languages. We are also in tuned with our spiritual side and as a Native American, I have made it a ritual to close every investigation with sage and prayers.
How do you feel about being in the new movie?
It is a huge honor to be a part of this legend because after all I was deeply inspired to be a badass ghostbusters from the moment I saw the first movie. 
Social media: #PXP @ParanormalXpeditions, IG: @RachelHoffman916
Anything else you'd like to add?
We are currently working on a true crime series, "True Crime Paranormal," where we seek out ghosts that have been murdered and try to locate missing people by letting the victims guide us to their resting place.

Tina Storer
Location: Boston, MA
How do you bust ghosts?: My team, Paranormal Xpeditions, likes to use a mixture of new scientific equipment and old age techniques (pendulums, dowsing rods, sage, stones) to bring forth the best paranormal evidence. We love to learn the history of each location and use it to our advantage to really connect with those on the other side. As women, we bring the softness and spirituality back to the investigation. We are able to capture some of the most highly credible paranormal evidence there is out there.
How long have you been busting ghosts?
I've had contact with the other realm my whole life, but I've been "professionally" busting ghosts since Paranormal Xpeditions was formed six years ago in 2010.
Favorite Piece of Equipment: My Pendulum. Nothing makes the hair on the back on my neck stand up more than when I ask a question and get a real response in real time. To know that someone on the other side is communicating with you is an indescribable feeling. My second favorite, and probably the most unusual, is my voice. I like to sing on investigations and we get some amazing responses! I'll sing traditional hymns in chapels, old jazz standards at clubs that once hosted the greats like Billie Holiday, lullabies in nurseries, and our equipment goes crazy! Music is timeless and universal.
Social media info:
Instagram & Twitter: @tinastorer
How do you feel about being in the new movie?
Being in the new movie is like a dream come true! Just to be part of the history that is "Ghostbusters" is truly an honor. How cool is it to be able to say that a real female ghostbuster is in the new female "Ghostbusters?!" I'm so excited to see a group of strong, diverse women kick serious butt and be represented as the leading roles. I can't wait to see that girlpower on the big screen!
Anything else you'd like to add?
When I'm not out busting ghostly activity, I'm out singing with my band, Super Fly, all over Massachusetts and working on recording music, vegan recipes, and makeup tutorials for my social media accounts.

Luna X Mars
Location: New York City
How do you bust ghosts?: Pizza traps for a Class V Full Roaming Vapor.
How long have you been busting ghosts?: 3 years
Favorite Piece of Equipment: My proton pack; It took me 2 years to build. It's my pride and joy! 
Social media info: @lunaxmars on Twitter and Instagram,
How do you feel about being in the new movie?: I think being in a Ghostbusters film is the highest honor I could hope to achieve. Being a part of "Ghostbusters" history is bananas. I'm so excited to share the fun we all had making the movie and I hope people have a good time watching it.
Anything else you'd like to add?: I've been invited to the Hollywood premiere of the film! I'm over the moon to be on the red carpet for the first time ever. It's nerve wracking and mind blowing, all at the same time.