Amy Winehouse’s father says he is visited by late singer’s ghost

The ghost of Amy Winehouse still visits her dad, more than six years after her death, according to an interview he gave with The Sun.

In the interview, Mitch Winehouse said she visits, and sits on his bed in Kent, England:

"There are lots of strange happenings," he said. "Her spirit comes and sits on the end of my bed. She just sits there and it looks just like her with her beautiful face and she looks at me. I say to her, ‘Are you all right?’ because I get ­nervous with her being there."

"But it is comforting in a way to know she is here and around me," he added.

The father of the "Rehab" singer/songwriter, who died in 2011, also said a blackbird that resembles his daughter's tattoo visits him.

"The week after she died I was at my ­sister’s house and we heard this thud and a blackbird that looked identical to Amy’s tattoo flew into the glass ... We went and picked it up and put it up on a perch. It happened at night, when birds don’t fly, but it came back and sat on my foot."

"I do now see blackbirds all the time. And you think, ‘Oh, it’s only a bird,’ but it’s her, I’m sure of it."

Mitch Winehouse started the Amy Winehouse Foundation to offer help to those struggling with drug and alcohol issues after the performer died of alcohol poisoning at age 27.

The talented singer is also unfortunately part of the so-called "27 Club" of musicians who died in their prime, at 27, that includes Robert Johnson, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain

-Aaron Sagers